Teacher Device Protocols

Teachers – Device Protocols at Kohimarama School
Devices are used to support or enhance the students learning as part of a balanced learning programme
● When at school students are to only use their school account
● Teachers need to be able to sight students screens and will discuss with students the reasons for this
● Teachers actively use Hapara to monitor device activity by students
● Teachers ensure that the students Kohimarama email address, including the sending and receiving of emails, is only to be used for school related activities under teacher direction
● Use of headphones are for teacher directed learning activities for specific tasks and assessments
● All apps and extensions must be school approved and will support or enhance student learning
● A balanced curriculum will ensure that students have opportunity to experience a range of activities and modalities for learning
● Every 30 minutes of using devices, students will take a short break Suggested exercises for this break time
● Students to use appropriate search engines for their Year level (eg Kiddle for younger students)
● The school regularly reviews the fire wall security in placeat Kohimarama School
● Students to use devices once the ICT User Agreement has been signed
● Students can bring devices once the BYOD Agreement has been signed
● All audio visual material captured by students is to be directly related to a learning task and may only be published at the direction of a teacher
● Any digital product that involves another students’ image or contribution cannot be shared outside the school environment (students)
● When teachers require photos for educational purposes outside of the school all students should be non-identifiable
● Ensure personally owned devices are operated by the owner