Google Accounts and Chromebooks


School Issued Google Accounts

Kohimarama Domain Google Accounts

  • are issued for students to complete school related work only
  • are not to be used for personal web browsing, personal emails or streaming media not set by a teacher
  • are always protected by the school designed filtering policies
  • are the only accounts to be used at school. Students should not be on personal accounts while at school

Personal Accounts for Students

If you choose to set up a personal google account for your child to browse non school related content we  highly recommend using Google Family Link. By default Family Link accounts have the highest level of filtering on all aspects. 

They also allow parents to:

  • view the activity on the account
  • Manage apps
  • Set screen time limits
  • Lock the account

For more information on Family Link go to

Setting up your child's chromebook


Parent Account as Owner

Ideally, the owner or administrator account for the device should be a parent account that your child does not have the password for. This allows you to select the settings on the device. We recommend:

  • Turning off guest access
  • Ensuring only the administrator can add accounts

Student Kohimarama Account

The account for students to log on to at school or at home when they are completing any school related tasks.

If you have added Family Link to you childs chromebook, you will need to add your childs school account to the chromebook. Your childs teacher is able to assist you with the school email and password. If you require assistance please email Myana

Studenty Personal Account (Optional)

If you would like your child to be able to use their device for non-school related activities they will need a personal account to do this from - this is where we recommend using a Family Link Google Account. Students are not allowed to log onto this account while at school.

Kohimarama and Family Zone

We have partnered with Family Zone to allow us confidence in what students are accessing at school and at home. All Kohimarama accounts are both filtered and monitored by Family Zone at all times.

Need more support?

For assistance with your childs school account email Myana