Annual Plan

Unpacking Annual Plan for 2023


Strategic Goal:- Enable our Learners to Thrive

Statements of Variance report to the board in mathematics and literacy and summary to the community -( PAT’s OTJ’s)


(What are we going to do that is new this year)


Broad approaches - staffing / IT / programmes


Specific steps for eg new programmes - The Code 


Who is responsible

Timing and Costs

When happening - how long and any budget requirement 

Measures of Success

What are we using 

to assess success

Lift academic performance throughout the year

Hub Pedagogy 

Student Engagement and value added +1 

Student confidence

Facilitators from MOE/CoL

Rich Learning Opportunities

Staff planning and assessment to accelerate learning

Continuous assessment for learning 

Team planning and moderation.

Teachers, Team Leaders, SLT

Year long work 

Termly plans

Use of SchoolTalk

Use of standardised testing tools

Success is measured in Improved PAT and OTJ over the year.

Success is measured in Improved PAT and OTJ s comparable lift from year to year.

Introduce and use ‘

‘the code’

Upskill staff in understanding of the code to support structured literacy 

Develop resources


Inform community

Use baseline data to ascertain improvements student learning 

To improve teachers confidence in using ‘the Code’

Use the spelling time to engage students in learning ‘the code’

Teachers to give baseline test 

Regular morning (needs based/ individual) PD meetings provided for teachers in using and teaching ‘the code’ 

Whole staff TOD PD and staff meeting/s to inform teaching and using the code

Observations of ‘the code’ implementation in the classroom 

Led by  

Hilary and Anna

Full year 

In house supports working within budget constraints 

Complete post assessment to identify success of the programme

In class observations and professional growth discussions will ascertain the confidence of teachers in using  the code

Integrate the problem based learning approach in mathematics to the classroom programmes

Upskill staff in understanding of problem based learning  to support mathematics

Use baseline data  in PAT’s and OTJ’s to ascertain improvements in student learning 

Develop resources


Inform community

Whole staff TOD PD and staff meeting/s to inform teaching and integrating problem based learning 

Observations of ‘problem based integration  in the classroom 

Utilise MOE accredited facilitator, Lucie Cheesemen for specific individual teacher and year group needs


Mathematics Team

Lucie Cheeseman 

Full Year 

50 hours (paid for by MOE) for Lucie Cheeseman to support the school in mathematics

Relievers -$ 7,000 for teacher release

Year 6 - 8 complete EasTTle pre and post 

In class observations and professional growth discussions will ascertain the confidence of teachers in integrating problem based learning approach

Lucie Cheeseman’s reports

Align Kohimarama  local curriculum to reflect the Refreshed NZ Curriculum  

Outside consultants will be engaged to provide staff development in understanding and using the refreshed curriculum

The leadership team to review the local curriculum

Social Science Team to work with Roween (MOE facilitator)

The social science team disseminate their learning to the staff in their teams

Mathematics - Lucie will work with individual teachers and the teachers in the different year groups

Literacy Sheena Cameron will work with staff on a TOD in writing 

The curriculum teams will continually align our local curriculum document with their work on the refreshed curriculum


Curriculum teams


50 hours (paid for by the MOE) Roween Higgie support for Social Science

Lucie Cheeseman (as above) support for Mathematics

5 hours Sheena Cameron  (paid for by the MOE) support for literacy

The local curriculum will be updated to reflect the new national curriculum in mathematics, literacy and Social Sciences

Long term planning will reflect the three tier structure of Understand, Know and Do

Reports from MOE faciitators

Strategic Goal -  Build a positive and connected School Community  

Develop a  marketing Plan to Attract International Students to Kohimarama School

Meet yearly budget

Employ an agent for recruitment and make connection with agents- May 

Establish Policies and guidelines for an international student programme

Communicate with the Community and staff why we are doing this and how it will work.

Develop links with agents

Maintain Code signatory status

Complete the required documentation and put on the website under International Students and in the Shared Drive

Develop marketing resources:- 

Video to promote the school



Develop materials to support teachers

Hilary and Meegan to work with one person from each team to develop this resource

Update the website





Updating the website

Employment of May 

Marketing materials

Increased International student enrolments

Systems and documentation are in place 

Code status reviewed annually and approved

Resource for teachers used with International students

Marketing materials are completed 

The website is up to date and reflects the International student programme and markets our school accurately

Budget is achieved.

Strategic Goal - Develop a Great Learning Environment 

Develop a detailed property plan for the growth of the school

Gather evidence to support preferred school option 

Meet with the ministry to get an understanding of the life expectancy of rooms 11 - 15 

John and Mark to complete a Condition report for removing rooms 11 - 15

Option selection criteria completed for consideration 

Board meetings for option selection 


John and Mark 


Option selection criteria completed 

Condition report completed

Option selected with evidence to support that selections 

Engage positively with the MOE and other key property stakeholders

Ensure all stakeholders are well informed of the school’s preferred option and of the evidence to support that option 

Include the following people in communications: 

All Board members

Melissa Batten, Desiree, David Boss, guy from Wellington 

Shareena Deny


Present the condition report to the MOE to support school selected option