From Early Childhood Education (ECE) to Kohimarama School

  • Prior to a child’s fifth birthday they complete two school visits.  First visit is  8.55 - 11.00 and second 11.30 - 1.00pm.  They are accompanied by one of their parents so both child and parent understand and see Kiri Team in action
  • Deputy Principal and Team Leader of Kiri Team hold Parent Information session during child’s second visit to talk more in depth about learning in the first year of a student’s education
  • When applicable the Deputy Principal visits the child in situ at their ECE to gather more information to ensure the transition is a positive experience.  This may involved outside agencies ie. MOE
  • Student Ambassadors visit to eECE with the DP to meet new students coming into our school

Transitions from year to year 

  • Teachers meet to discuss the following year’s class placement and any considerations that need to be implemented to support students’ learning
  • On the second to last day of the year, students spend time in their next years classroom with their fellow classmates and teachers (where possible) 
  • Each student leaves with an A5 introduction to their next year's teacher  
  • For specific students a social story and more class visits are arranged to ensure a positive transition

Transition from year 8 to year 9 with our in zone college ‘Selwyn’

  • Students go up to the college on a weekly basis in support of their technology programme. This means that they are experiencing the environment and the way in which teachers interact with students across two years. This supports the students in feeling more comfortable about their transition
  • The Deputy Principal  meets with the SENCO and the Dean of  year 9 at the Selwyn College and discusses the students with them in regard to academic ability and any special considerations 
  • Teacher focus on the soft skills to support students in being more independent on a regular basis