School Counsellor


Kohimarama School has two experienced student counsellors to support our students. The counsellors are sourced through AUT and work with the support of the Deputy Principals. 

Counselling provides;

  • An opportunity for students to talk in confidence about challenges and difficulties or personal concerns.
  • A place to explore aspects of life in a non-judgemental and non-critical atmosphere.
  • A safe place to put into words the thoughts and feelings inside you. To understand these and be able to respond.
  • A framework to help address needs and concerns with the support of a professional counsellor.

Sessions usually last between 20-30 minutes on a Tuesday from 8:55am to 1:00pm. 

Access to a session with a counsellor can be made through;

  1. A student self-referral or teacher referral made on the booking sheet. (The appointments list will be in confidence and only available to the Senior Management Team and the Counsellors)
  2. General contact/appointment through email;

Student – Self-referral

Parent – Referral

The completed referral form will be used to set up an appointment. Our counsellors will call families before commencing any work and families will be asked to sign the referral form.

Kohimarama School will ensure all student information is kept strictly confidential and no personal information relating to students or families is disclosed.