SchoolTalk Achievement Reports

SchoolTalk is a tool to share the real-time-learning of our students with parents, the teacher and the student

We are nearly ready to share your child’s end of year achievement and progress report with you. On Friday 2nd July, you will receive an email from SchoolTalk with your child’s end of year report. 

You can expect to see how your child is achieving against our school progressions in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and our Learner Dispositions which are linked to the New Zealand Curriculum. There will be a general comment about your child written by the teacher. School participation will continue to be included at the bottom of our reports for those students who have participated in extracurricular activities. 

Each report shows you how your child is achieving against each of the New Zealand Curriculum expectations of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. You will see on the right hand side of the report your child’s next learning steps. Some of these intentions also include resources for you to support your child at home.

Note: Students who have started at Kohimarama School on or after 3rd May 2021 will not receive a SchoolTalk report, we will report on these students’ learning at the learning conversation meetings in Week 10.

Important: It is important that we have your most up to date email address. If your email has recently changed, please email to advise us of your new email address.

How to read your child’s end of year achievement report?

Reading, Writing and Maths Reporting

Each report shows you how your child is achieving against each of the areas of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. Your child’s achievement is shown on the graph below. A child working within the mint green band is working at the expected curriculum level for their year level. Where a child has moved into the mid green band, this indicates that the child is working a full curriculum year above their current year level, the dark green indicates two full curriculum years ahead. Similarly, a child who is in the light yellow band is working a curriculum year behind their current year level and a child in the darker yellow band is working two curriculum years behind their current year level.


The Line Graph – shows you your child’s progress over the years they have been at Kohimarama School.

Next Steps – your child’s next steps for learning are detailed in the right hand column of the snapshot. For the midyear report there will be three next steps for each curriculum area. If viewing your child’s snapshot on a mobile or smaller device the next steps will display under the achievement bars. When viewing the report from within SchoolTalk you are able to click on the next step to view resources you can use at home to support your child.

Graduate Profile Reporting

The Spider Chart – our End of Year reports will show how your child is progressing in each of the Kohimarama School Learner Dispositions, using a spider chart. The key beneath the charts indicates whether your child is working towards, working within, or working above the Kohimarama School expectations. To clarify, the line in the middle of the light green section indicates a student who is working as expected for a child their age within that area of the Learning Dispositions.

SchoolTalk progressions

Once you are logged into SchoolTalk you can find out further detail on your child’s achievement, progress and next steps by clicking on the progression button in the left hand sidebar.

  • Green Highlighting – Your child has achieved the learning intention
  • Yellow Highlighting – This is a current next learning step for your child
  • Blue Highlighting – Your child has submitted evidence of achieving the learning intention.

Need Help? – Questions and Answers

What do I do if I have forgotten my SchoolTalk login and want to access my child’s progressions?
By clicking on this link it will take you to the SchoolTalk login page. Click on the ‘forgot password’ link and follow the instructions.

What if I don’t have a login for SchoolTalk?
If you require a login for SchoolTalk, please email

Will I receive an end of year achievement report if I haven’t registered in SchoolTalk?
You will receive your child’s end of year report whether you have registered for SchoolTalk or not.

What should I do if I haven’t received a report of my child’s progress?
If you have not received an end of year report by the end of the day on Monday 14th December please email

How do I help my child at home with their next steps?
Login to SchoolTalk, you can then access the resources and support your child with their next steps at home if you would like. SchoolTalk has a growing number of resources (currently around 2800) that are linked to each learning intention and can be used by learners and parents at school and home. Some learning intentions don’t have resources, this is continually being added to.

Where do I go if I have concerns or questions about my child’s report?
If you have concerns or questions regarding your child’s end of year achievement report please talk to your child’s teacher. 

I don’t know what the sidebar buttons do in SchoolTalk?
If you click on the ? in the side bar you will access a series of help videos that teach you the functionality of SchoolTalk.

Can I print my child’s report?
The end of year report has been designed so it can be printed if you would like a hard copy. You will receive the report as a PDF document so it can also easily be shared digitally with grandparents and other significant people in your family.

Why SchoolTalk?

  • To develop agency in children to know where they are and what their next learning step is.
  • To provide real time information for parents about what your child is learning and what their next steps are.
  • To provide resources to support learners to advance their learning at school and home.
  • To create efficiency for teachers to analyse gaps and design learning to meet different groups of children’s needs.