Stationery Lists 2023

For Year 1-8 Stationery, you have two options:

  1. Order online through OfficeMax – The stationery packs are good value and have been priced a discounted rate. The year group lists are all pre-loaded. Delivery is free for orders over $60.
  2. Purchase at a retail store of your choice.  Year level list are below;

Kiri Team – Year 0

Kiri Team – Year 1

Cowley Team – Year 2

Cowley Team – Year 3

Hillary Team – Year 4

Hillary Team – Year 5

Snell Team – Year 6

Snell Team – Year 7

Snell Team – Year 8

More info about OfficeMax Purchasing

  • Shop your way – online, freephone 0800 724 440 or at your local OfficeMax store.
  • Free Delivery for orders over $60. Choose delivery to home or work at a time that suits you.
  • Multiple payment options – internet banking, credit card and cash at your local OfficeMax store.
For the 2023 year, the school donations and compulsory Activity & STEAM fees will be paid via KINDO the Online Shop.