Our live Calendar enables parents and caregivers to plan for key dates and upcoming events at the school. It is being continually updated to give as much notice as possible.

Please note the School Calendar can change on a daily basis due to Covid-19

This calendar includes:
  • Term Dates
  • Teachers Only Days & Public Holidays
  • School Wide Events
  • Class Trips
  • Parents Meetings
  • Year Group Swimming
  • Bays Suburbs & Eastern Zone sports events
  • PTA Events
This calendar doesn’t include:
  • Sports Practices
  • Class events (like Room 4 Library Day)
  • Ice-blocks Fridays
  • Sushi Wednesdays

Dates of Note

Regular Events

  • School Assembly – every 2 weeks (odd weeks of the term)
  • House T-shirt Day – every 2 weeks (even weeks of the term)
  • Wrapper free lunch boxes – every 2 weeks (even weeks of the term)
  • Ice-blocks/Pizza for sale at long break, $2 – every Friday
  • Sushi Wednesdays lunches  – every Wednesday