Parent Communication

We communicate with parents through a variety of channels and tools.


Email is our main form of communication. It is used for:

  • class-based notices from teachers
  • links to school newsletters
  • additional school notices
  • one-on-one contact from teachers


The website is the main place to access:

  • the school calendar
  • regular newsletters which contain weekly school news, achievements and upcoming dates. These are posted on the website and the link is emailed out each week.
  • a wide range of reference material for parents, including a A to Z guide, maps, staff lists, after-school activities, and policies.

Flexibuzz Mobile App

The app is the main place to access:

  • reminders on school events
  • view of the school calendar customised to your year level

Follow these download instructions.


SchoolTalk is a tool to share the real-time-learning of our students with parents, the teacher and the student. Find out more about SchoolTalk.

Class Blogs

These are used to share snippets of work created by the children and link to teaching resources. Teachers will communicate the links to the Class Blogs.


Booking Interviews

We use the tool for booking time slots for the Student Achievement discussions twice a year. The event code, which is needed to gain access to the bookings, is published in the school newsletter in the month before the discussions.

Online Stationery Orders

We set up stationery lists each year at the MySchool tool from OfficeMax. The stationery packs are pre-loaded, good value and have been priced a discounted rate. You can pay your activity fees and school donations at the same time. Information on how to order is published in the school newsletter at the end of each year.