Fees & Donations

The school relies heavily on our community to provide many of the basic activities and resources used to support learning.  While the Ministry of Education pays for all capital expenditure and the salaries of most teaching staff and the Principal, the school depends on the generosity of our community to provide a significant amount annually in locally raised funds, mainly through school donations and PTA fundraising.

The parent donation is reviewed by the Board of Trustees, with the current donation set as $520 per child.  Payments can be made in total or by instalment. Our preferred method of payment is via Kindo or eftpos is available at the school office. Receipts are issued as donations are tax deductible. We are very grateful for your support.

Tax Gift

Kohimarama School has now entered into an agreement with TaxGift. Individuals can now opt in to donating their tax credit to the school by registering with TaxGift here:


How does this work?

Most individuals are able to claim a tax credit for donations in New Zealand. This includes a tax credit of 33.3% on the annual Kohimarama School donation which is currently set at $520 per child. In most instances TaxGift will be able to obtain a tax credit of $165 which is then donated, less a fee of 10%, back to the school on behalf of the individual. This additional donation is eligible for a further tax credit (not otherwise available to an individual) which is then donated again and again back to the school until the donation value drops below the minimum $5 threshold set by the IRD. The net effect is that an initial donation of $520 can result in a total of $701 (when the donated tax credits are added) received by the school.

To make this happen TaxGift needs to act as your tax agent for Kohimarama School donations only. Please note once you have signed up you will not be able to claim the Kohimarama School donation tax credit for yourself. You can opt out of TaxGift at any time by emailing admin@taxgift.co.nz

We are hoping that you will take this opportunity to further support the school through this process. Thank you in advance.