Sushi Wednesdays

Do you ever feel like a break from making school lunch boxes? Do your kids ever ask for something more exciting than sandwiches? Well now we have an answer!

What is it?

Pre-order your child’s sushi from the School Lunch menu at by the end of the day on Tuesday and fresh sushi will be delivered to school for your child’s lunch on Wednesday morning.

The sushi will be delivered to each classroom ready for the beginning of break.

10% of the retail price goes directly back to the school.

How to order on Rice Runner

Set up an Account (you only have to do this once)

Account Details
  1. Create new account at
Add a Default Address
  1. On the following My Account screen, click ‘View Addresses’
  2. On the Your Address screen enter:
    • Your Name
    • Company: Kohimarama School
    • Address: 112 Kohimarama Rd
    • Post Code: 1071
    • Tick ‘Set as default’ address

Order the Sushi

  1. From the menu bar select: Order Now > School Lunch
  2. Select item to order for lunch
  3. Enter your child’s Name, School and Class and ‘Add to cart’
  4. Enter 1071 in the post code box
  5. Select the Wednesday delivery date: e.g. Wed 21 February and then click the time.
  6. Click ‘Check Out’

Confirm Delivery Address and Pay

  1. Click the New address dropdown triangle and select ‘112 Kohimarama Rd’
  2. Click ‘Continue to delivery method’
  3. Click ‘Continue to payment method’
  4. Enter credit card details
  5. Click ‘Complete order’