Alex in Music Land

Come and support our school production! It’s is packed full of music, dancing and laughs, written and performed by the talented kids of Kohimarama School.


Tickets are $5 each and on sale through the Online Shop. Tickets purchased after Thursday, 20 September can be picked up from the hall entrance at the beginning of the performance. There are 230 seats available per performance so don’t miss out! There are instructions on how to use the Online Shop, otherwise, go straight there!

Go to the Online Shop

In the Online Shop, it will be simplest to purchase all your tickets against one child, rather than splitting across multiple children (it saves time on deliveries).

It is possible for guests, such as Grandparents, to create accounts and pay through the Online Shop should they want to. They just need to link the payment to a child and a classroom.

Tuck Shop

There will be snacks sold from the Hall window before each of the performances (there is no intermission). Cash only.

Performance Times

There are two casts of children performing across the six shows. Teachers will be letting you know which Cast your child is in.

Monday 24 September, 1pm Cast A
Monday 24 September, 6pm Cast B Sold out
Tuesday 25 September, 1pm Cast B
Tuesday 25 September, 6pm Cast A Sold out
Wednesday 26 September, 6pm Cast B Sold out
Thursday 26 September, 6pm Cast A Sold out

Can you help?

If you have any expertise in this field whether it be in costume, lighting, sound or other please let Juliette McKelvey ( or Debbie ( know and they will look for ways that they can tap into your expertise or desire to take.