Students are able to take advantage of academic opportunities over and above those offered in class.

Otago Problem Solving

Set up and run by the Mathematics Department of Otago University, this offers our top mathematicians in Years 6-8 the opportunity to pit their individual skills against other students throughout New Zealand in Problem Solving. Over the year the students sit 5 tests and then the best throughout the country, are invited back to sit the Final Challenge. Children are selected for this programme by the staff.


Organised by the Intermediate Maths Association in Auckland, this is an annual event for students in Years 5-8. Our most able mathematicians work in a team of four to answer 20 questions in 30 minutes. It is an incredibly intense and competitive atmosphere where team work and a wide mathematical knowledge are the key to success. Children are selected for this programme by the staff.

ICAS — International Competitions and Assessments for Schools

This is an annual set of exams organised and run by The University of New South Wales, Australia. It is aimed at students in Years 4-8 who are academically able. Exams take the form of multi-choice and cover Science, English and Mathematics. The Writing exam offers students the opportunity to write on a given topic. Students are assessed against all other New Zealand students who sit the exam in their year level. All children will be given the option of sitting one or more of these exams, which there is a charge for.

Gifted and Talented Education (G.a.T.E)

Students in Years 4-8 who are identified as having a talent or gift in a particular area are offered the opportunity to extend their understanding and skills, within the resources available to the school. These sessions are usually in class time and are needs based covering areas such as Writing, Photography, Music, Literature, Debating, Visual Art and Mathematics.