Beach Day Permission – Cowley

Action Required: Complete Permission Form
17 November 2017

At the end of each year the teams at Kohimarama School have a day out to celebrate a successful year. Cowley team have decided to do this with beach picnic at Mission Bay on Thursday, 7 December, where we can celebrate our year with our students families. Therefore each of our students would like to invite their adult family members; Mums, Dads, Caregivers or Grandparents. Unfortunately we are unable to accomodate preschoolers on this trip.

  • When: Thursday, 7 December 2017
  • Complete permission form: by Friday, 25 November
  • Cost: Free (covered by Activity Fee)

What to bring
Beach shorts, t-shirt, comfortable walking shoes, sunhat, sunscreen, togs and towel, water bottle, snack for morning tea, durable bad for carrying own things. No singlets or bikinis are to be worn on this trip.

We would like as many adults to come along and to support with supervision as we require a 1 to 4 ratio in this sort of environment. If you are available to attend and help with supervision, we ask that you would be available for the whole day.

Plan for the Day
The students and adults will walk down to the beach and parents will set up a picnic space for themselves, their child and possibly a buddy. Please bring along anything you would normally take to a beach day out with your family. The Cowley children will be given a battered hotdog and chips for lunch (they will need to bring water and a snack for morning tea. If your child has any special dietary requirements please note it on the permission form. The teachers will set up some games and competitions throughout the day to help entertain and to bring the children and families together.

The Cowley Teachers

Permission Slip

I give my child permission to go on this school trip.

I can help supervise on this trip

Outline condition and medication/dosage the child will be taking on the trip