How to Enrol

This information is for home zone students. If you are out of zone, please refer to this out of zone information.

Pre-Enrolment (Step 1)

When your child reaches 3 years of age, please pre-enrol your child by providing us with some basic details in the Register your Intent Form below. This helps us with our planning.

If you would like to enrol a Year 2 or above student, please use the form below and an enrolment pack will be emailed to you, alternatively please visit the School Office and collect the forms.

Enrolment Forms (Step 2)

Once you have registered, an enrolment pack will be sent to you by email for you to complete and return 3 months prior to your child turning 5. You can either deliver your enrolment forms to the School Office or email them to

When can my child start School?

Your child can start school on the day they turn 5 years old (they do not have to wait until the start of a new school year). Schooling is compulsory from age 6.

Children are enrolled in the year group appropriate for their age.

For our 5 year olds (New Entrants):

  • Children with birthdays up to the 1st of May will enrol in Year 1 and usually move to Year 2 the following year.
  • Children enrolled from the 1st of May will be enrolled as Year 0.

Careful thought is always given to each child’s need based on social, emotional and educational considerations and the Deputy Principal will consult with parents to determine the best placement for children with birthdays close to this date.