Centennial Cookbook

Be part of our Kohimarama School Cookbook and submit a recipe!

In commemoration of Kohimarama School’s Centennial, we’re creating a ‘collector’s edition’ fundraising cookbook to celebrate 100 years of Kohimarama School and our community. We invite you to share your original, family favourite recipe!

Please provide your ORIGINAL recipe using the online form below:

What we need …

  1. Recipe name – you can be a bit creative here!
  2. From who & association to School – teacher, student, past student etc
  3. Introduction – please tell us a bit about your recipe. Where did it come from?
    When do you normally serve it? Why do you and your family love it? Anything special or interesting about it (eg. it was something your Nana from Germany always served at Christmas).
  4. Number of serves – all recipes need to serve 4, 6 or 8. Please be sure the number of serves you have given is accurate.
  5. Ingredients – list every ingredient included in the order that it appears in the recipe with a measure/weight. Include terms such as ‘crushed’, ‘finely chopped, ‘grated’ to accurately describe how an ingredient should be measured
  6. Method – Please number the steps and ensure all ingredients are accounted for in the method (and vice versa).
  7. Tips, cook’s notes or variations – please offer any hints or further information that might help the reader, eg. where to find specialty ingredients, alternative ingredients that can be used.
  8. Image – please also include an image of your recipe (purely for visual purposes only, this is not the image that will be used in the recipe book!)

Some helpful hints …

  • Cooking temperatures and times – please provide in degrees Celsius (e.g. 180°C) and specify whether fan-bake/forced or bake only.
  • Tin sizes – please specify tin sizes for baking (eg. 20cm round tin or 20cm x 30cm tin), and give dish sizes for baked dishes eg. large lidded casserole dish, 20cm x 30cm lasagne dish
  • Weights/volumes
    • We would prefer that cup and spoon measures are used.
    • For large measures (4 cups and over) or solid ingredients, use weights,
      e.g. 1kg flour; 1.75kg apples; 250g butter or cheese.
    • Weights are fine for cans eg 400g can chopped tomatoes.
    • Do not use grams for small measures, eg. 1 teaspoon cinnamon rather than 5g
    • For large volumes (4 cups or more) use litres, e.g. 1.25 litres chicken stock.
    • For volumes less than 1/8 cup or 50ml use tablespoons/teaspoons.

    Submit a recipe