Our Values – The Kohimarama Way

The Kohimarama Way is a set of values and dispositions that we believe encapsulates what it means to be 21st century learners and citizens.

What are they?

Our Learners are:

  • Collaborative – mahi tahi
  • Self-Motivated – toitoimanawa
  • Reflective – Pono
  • Creative – Auahatanga
  • Curious – mahira
  • Effective Communicators – Kiakorero

Our Citizens are:

  • Honest – matatika
  • Respectful – Whakaute
  • Friendly – hoahoa
  • Committed – manawanui
  • Compassionate – aroha
  • Reliable – totika

Why is it important?

Our children are growing up in a constantly changing world where they will encounter different types of jobs, technologies and world challenges. The Kohimarama Way underpins how we’re preparing them to succeed in this world by teaching them new ways of learning and working together to to solve problems. It supports our desire to develop positive habits and character in our children.

Ultimately, The Kohimarama Way is helping us achieve our purpose to instil a passion for life-long learning, and for making positive contributions to society.

How do we bring it to life?

The Kohimarama Way is also incorporated in teacher planning, which means the concepts are actively practiced as part of everyday learning.  Each class learns for example: What is Honesty? What does it look like? How do we practice it? What are the signs of success that show we have understood the concept?

Additionally, during break times teachers are looking for pupils who are showingThe Kohimarama Way in practical situations and awarding “Caught being good” certificates.

We’re really encouraged by the way our students have embraced The Kohimarama Way and the positive impact it is having on their progress as 21st century learners and citizens.