Kohimarama School has a range of operational and policy documents available to view. We will be adding further updated documents, accessible through an external website, in the near future.


Behaviour Management Policy (PDF) (120Kb)
Outline of programmes to promote positive behaviour.

Complaints Policy (PDF) (222Kb)
Guidelines on how to resolve parental complaints about the school’s education or care of their child or otherwise relating to the school or its performance.

Complaints Procedures Process (PDF) (326Kb)
Step by step process on making a complaint

Education Outside the Classroom Policy (PDF) (157Kb)
These are the requirements for trips outside the school grounds.

Health and Safety

Child Protection Policy (PDF) (108Kb)
Guideline on reporting child abuse and neglect

Cyber Safety Policy (PDF) (114Kb)
Guideline for school cyber safety practices to maximise the benefits of these technologies, while at the same time to minimise and manage the risks.

Health & Safety Policy (48Kb)
Guidelines to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for children and employees