A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers

I hope that you have all had a wonderful time over Easter with your family and friends. 

Today the teaching staff of the school have been participating in one of the two Teacher Only Days gifted to us by the Ministry of Education. We focused on;

The National Education Learning Priorities (NELP) objectives, namely;

Objective 1: Learners at the centre – Learners with their whānau are at the centre of education

Objective 2: Barrier-free access – Great education opportunities and outcomes are within reach for every learner

Objective 3: Quality teaching and leadership – Quality teaching and leadership make the difference for learners and their whānau

Objective 4: Future of learning and work – Learning that is relevant to the lives of New Zealanders today and throughout their lives

Objective 5: World-class inclusive public education – New Zealand education is trusted and sustainable

With these big ideas in mind the New Zealand Curriculum refresh occurred. 


Te Mātaiaho, the refreshed framework for the New Zealand Curriculum, is a curriculum designed for all ākonga to ensure their sense of belonging and ability to flourish through high-quality learning experiences.

Today we have begun work on making connections with our Kohimarama Way and learning process to make sense of the NZC. We worked on the teaching staff understanding Te Mataiaho, the refreshed NZC and where this fits within the legislative education landscape i.e its staged introduction across the next 3 years.

As many of you are aware, our work over the last 3-4 years has focused on elements such as Learner Agency, Learner Design, Rich Learning Opportunities, Hub pedagogy etc. and while these are perhaps individual pieces of work they are a part of the Kohimarama School, Local Curriculum. So we explored the many dimensions of this as well.

The summary of the changes in a nutshell looks like;

School Fencing Project

The two pillars at the entrance on Kohimarama Road will be completed by Wednesday. This entrance will be available to families to use when entering the school on the first day of the term..

Rawhitiroa Road entry will remain blocked for a number of weeks. Most likely completion will be by Week 5.

Students who are in Kiri Team can enter the school via the small gate close to the dental clinic.

The rest of the teams, Cowley, Hillary and Snell,can enter through the ramp and cross the tennis courts or directly via Kohimarama Road.

Update – Deputy Principal (DP) Appointment

We have had seven good applicants for the DP position. The Boards appointment committee are working through the process with a view to making an appointment by week 3 of this term.