School Newsletter – 22 March 2023

Term 1, Week 8

Upcoming Events

Open MorningsMon, 20 MarFri, 24 Mar
Room 18 - SailingWed, 22 Mar
Room 20 - SailingThu, 23 Mar
Yr 7/8 ImmunisationsThu, 23 Mar
Yr7/8 Selwyn TechnologyTue, 28 Mar
Learning SnapshotsWed, 29 MarThu, 30 Mar
PTA MeetingMon, 3 Apr
Yr7/8 Selwyn TechnologyTue, 4 Apr
End of TermThu, 6 Apr

A Message from Cowley Team

Cowley Team has had a great start to the year! 

This term we have focused on our Kohimarama Way and how we learn. Both Year 2 and Year 3 have made displays which show how we think we should be as a Year 2 and Year 3 Learners at Kohimarama School

We’ve also revisited ‘the Learning Pit’  – discussing the importance of making mistakes as part of the learning process, and having a ‘Growth Mindset’. The Learning Pit helps us to value challenging learning tasks, and reminds us that we have various ‘Bits and Bobs’ in our classrooms that can help us if something is tricky.

Our topic of Inquiry this term has been the story of Rangitoto. We have looked at one of the Māori legends surrounding it as well as understanding it’s importance to the people of Tāmaki Makaurau. The Year 3’s even retold this story in a recent assembly. We still have much to learn about our special part of Auckland! 


The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

“One thing everyone in the world wants and needs is friendliness.”  William E Holler.  “Real friendship is shown in times of trouble, prosperity is full of friends.”  Euripedes.


School Counsellor

Our school is fortunate to have the services of two counsellors to support our students particularly over times like this when our world is in a state of uncertainty. The counsellors work at school on a Tuesday and have their sessions privately. If you feel that you would like to explore this service please email them on

School Donations

The school relies heavily on our school community to help provide many of the basic activities and resources used to support learning through the year. This is done by paying the school donation.  Thank you to all the families who have already paid the school donation. If you haven’t done so yet and would like to, please follow the Kindo link below.

Music lessons for Students

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Band for 2023, however, for this year we have the following musical opportunities for all students:

Rebecca Erskine
Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri  
Ben Jurisich
Bass, electric, acoustic guitar, drums

Please contact the above teachers directly for bookings and costs.

Learner Snapshots – Week 9, Term 1

These will be held on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th March. Please book now to avoid missing the times that work best for your family. The booking portal will be closing at 3pm on Friday 24th March.

You can book your Learner Snapshot by clicking on this link 

You will receive a confirmation email to indicate your booking has been made successfully.

Reminder, each booking is 15 minutes long.  Please leave a gap between meeting bookings for your children to allow you to move between the classrooms if you have students in multiple levels of the school.

Please also note that school finishes for students at 1pm on Wednesday 29th March.  Please make arrangements for your children at this time.

Teacher Only Day – Monday 24th April

A friendly reminder that Monday 24th April is a Teacher Only Day. School Will return for Term 2 on Wednesday 26th April after Anzac Day.

Homestay Families Needed

Our school will be expecting visiting students from overseas arriving early June 2023 for 3-4 weeks at a time.  

To facilitate these students we are looking for homestay families to host them.  

Hosts will be paid a minimum of $300 per person, per week.  Students are placed two per home and can share a room but must have their own bed.  

If you would like more information or an application pack, please contact Debbie from Student-Care NZ Limited on or 09 390 7838 Mobile 027 285 7838

Children’s Asthma Study

Certificates & Awards

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Kiri Team and Cowley Team:

  • Room 1 – Indigo E
  • Room 2 – Daniel M
  • Room 3 – Avni J
  • Room 4 – Alexia R
  • Room 6 – Zoë G
  • Room 8 – Henry T, Cara V
  • Room 17 – Ruben M
  • Room 25 – Clara R
  • Room 26 – Lachie C, Eric B
  • Room 27 – Alexander P, Yang S

Caught Being Good –  ‘Greenies’

Thank you again to all our students for ‘doing the right thing’ in the playground, your friendliness towards each other makes for lots of fun break times.  Congratulations to:

  • Alasdair              Rm 1          for Reliability           Atkin
  • Amani                Rm 1          for Reliability          Atkin
  • Maddox              Rm 1         for Respect             Atkin

PTA News


The PTA’s first major Fundraising event of 2023 is here with our Famous places in New Zealand Quizathon!

Get your family and friends signed up to sponsor you.

The Quizathon will take place in class on Wednesday March 29.  Sponsor sheets and money are then due by Wednesday April 5.

Sport Notices

Swimming Events 2023

Thursday March 9. Kohimarama School Swimming Sports

We held the Kohimarama School Swimming Sports at Sacred Heart’s indoor pool for our Year 5-8 learners, with over 200 swimmers participating. Based on the results a team of eight swimmers progressed to the Eastern Zones event, and 16 swimmers represented us at the Bay Suburbs event. Placegetters across these events will be awarded certificates at an assembly in the near future. Many thanks to the parents who supported these events by acting as timekeepers and providing transport.

Medley 4x25m1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Year 5 GirlsOrlaith SVictoria EAllie V
Year 5 BoysOllie CBill LCharlie P
Year 6 GirlsMadison A
Year 6 BoysJeffrey DLiam CNico G
Year 7 GirlsBella PAlexa J
Year 7 BoysAsher P
Year 8 GirlsLalita ZLiz ZLara K
Year 8 BoysCallum PHenry T
Freestyle1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Year 5 Girls 25mSaskia CAllie VIvy H
Year 5 Boys 25mSpencer KFranklin OOllie C
Year 6 Girls 25mMadison AMia- Rose KMatilda C
Year 6 Boys 25mSam L, Freddie RJeffrey D
Year 7 Girls 50mBella PTayla PLily C
Year 7 Boys 50mTimofey IAsher POliver S
Year 8 Girls 50mLalita ZLara KIsabel O
Year 8 Boys 50mJacob RCallum PLucas O
Year 7 Girls 100mBella PEmily CLouisa W
Year 7 Boys 100mTimofey IAsher PKirill L
Year 8 Girls 100mLara KLiz Z
Year 8 Boys 100mCallum PHenry THarry H
Backstroke1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Year 5 Girls 25mSaskia CAllie VVictoria E
Year 5 Boys 25mSpencer KOllie CTheo R
Year 6 Girls 25mMadison AMatilda CAlegra Z
Year 6 Boys 25mFreddie RHarry HJeffrey D
Year 7 Girls 50mBella PAlexa JVarvara B
Year 7 Boys 50mTimofey IAsher PKirill L
Year 8 Girls 50mLalita ZLiz ZLara K
Year 8 Boys 50mJacob RCallum PLucas O
Breaststroke1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Year 5 Girls 25mOrlaith SIvy HVictoria E
Year 5 Boys 25mOllie CBill LFrederic G
Year 6 Girls 25mMadison AMatilda CAdele L
Year 6 Boys 25mFreddie RJeffrey DHugo T
Year 7 Girls 50mBella PAlexa JEmily C
Year 7 Boys 50mKirill LAsher PTimofey I
Year 8 Girls 50mLiz ZJuella GLalita Z
Year 8 Boys 50mJacob RBaz LCallum P
Butterfly1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Year 5 Girls 25mAllie VImogen PRosie B
Year 5 Boys 25mOllie CJosh OBill L
Year 6 Girls 25mMadison AMatilda CAbigail J
Year 6 Boys 25mFreddie RJeffrey DLiam C
Year 7 Girls 50mBella PAlexa JEmily C
Year 7 Boys 50mAsher P
Year 8 Girls 50mLiz ZLiv D
Year 8 Boys 50mJacob RCallum PMatias T

Thursday March 16. Eastern Zones (Yr 7/8) Swimming Sports at Sacred Heart

In a super competitive environment, Lalita Z made the final in the Yr 8 Girls 50m Freestyle, and Liz Z made the finals in the Yr 8 Girls 50m Backstroke, and 50m Breaststroke.

Friday March 17. Bay Suburbs (Yr 5/6) Swimming Sports at Sacred Heart

Franklin O won the Yr 5 Boys 25m Freestyle, with Spencer K coming in third.

Ollie C won the Yr 5 Boys 25m Breaststroke, and Bill L was third place in this event. Ollie C was also third in the Open Boys 4x25m Individual Medley.

The Yr 5 Boys team won their 4x25m Freestyle relay. The team was Franklin O, Spencer K, Ollie C and Bill L.

The Yr 6 Boys team were third in their 4x25m Freestyle relay, and third in the Open Medley relay. This team was Freddie R, Sam L, Harry H and Jeffrey D.

Top Schools Multi-sports.

On Sunday March 19, Kohimarama School attended the Top Schools Multi-sports Competition at Churchill Park School. This event has been organised by the Rotary Club of East Auckland for a number of decades, and promotes friendly competition in a fun environment.

Our Year 4 team who competed in Division 1, took out top honours across the events, which were Slippery Slide, Wobbly Wheels, Ski Run, Newspaper Run, Husky Run, Wet Sponge Fun and the Gumboot Throw. Our team was Aiden R, Oliver F, Sam M, Bodie A, Tymofii B, Jack B, Theo H, Ben E, Poppy M, Olivia O and Sasha M. Special thanks to team manager Tracey A.

Our Year 5 team who represented us in Division 2, were recognised for their fair play, positivity and teamwork. The team was Thomas O, Ollie C, Fred G, Jasper M, Bill L, Josh O, Victoria E, Ava M, Imogen P, Theo R and Charlie P. Special thanks to team manager Tania S.

Sport Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Kinas
    Loss 0-1. POD Zara and Honor 
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Win 1-0. POD Ciara
  • Year 5/6 Blue Bottles
    Win 6-0. POD Dario

Community Notices