School Newsletter – 15 March 2023

Term 1, Week 7

Upcoming Events

Cowley Team SwimmingMon, 13 MarThu, 16 Mar
EZ SwimmingThu, 16 Mar
BS SwimmingFri, 17 Mar
Open MorningsMon, 20 MarFri, 24 Mar
Room 19 - SailingTue, 21 Mar
Yr7/8 Selwyn TechnologyTue, 21 Mar
Room 18 - SailingWed, 22 Mar
Room 20 - SailingThu, 23 Mar
Yr 7/8 ImmunisationsThu, 23 Mar
Yr7/8 Selwyn TechnologyTue, 28 Mar
Learning SnapshotsWed, 29 MarThu, 30 Mar
PTA MeetingMon, 3 Apr
Yr7/8 Selwyn TechnologyTue, 4 Apr
End of TermThu, 6 Apr

A Message from the Principal

The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

“Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow, don’t walk behind me I may not lead.  Walk beside me and just be my friend.” Albert Camus. “the friendship that can cease has never been real.” St Jerome. “The best way to have a friend is to be one.” Peggy Jenkins.


Teacher Strike – Thursday 16th March

We would like to thank our parents and community for your patience and support as we support our teachers on this day. School will ONLY be open for supervision for the small number of students who registered to be onsite.

Teacher Only Day – Monday 24th April

A friendly reminder that Monday 24th April is a Teacher Only Day. School Will return for Term 2 on Wednesday 26th April after Anzac Day.

Learner Snapshots – Week 9, Term 1

These will be held on Wednesday 29th and Thursday 30th March. Please book now to avoid missing the times that work best for your family. The booking portal will be closing at 3pm on Friday 24th March.

You can book your Learner Snapshot by clicking on this link 

You will receive a confirmation email to indicate your booking has been made successfully.

Reminder, each booking is 15 minutes long.  Please leave a gap between meeting bookings for your children to allow you to move between the classrooms if you have students in multiple levels of the school.

Please also note that school finishes for students at 1pm on Wednesday 29th March.  Please make arrangements for your children at this time.

Kohimarama School Online Safety Hub

Kohimarama School is working with Linewize to help ensure the online safety of our students. 

This allows us to better monitor and respond to online safety issues for children using school-issued devices or google accounts.  

A big part of the Linewize approach to cyber safety is providing resources for the school community to help ensure children’s online time is productive and safe. Our school’s Online Safety Hub is an excellent source of advice and information for parents.  The site is available at

Through this site, you will also be able to gain access to the Qustodio Parent app. We invite you to join us in further building healthy digital habits and a safe online environment for your child by creating your own Qustodio account to use at home, across two devices, free of charge.

Key features include:

  • Filter and block apps and content that you don’t want your child to see
  • Customise what your child can access during homework hours
  • Balance screen time by setting time limits on devices as well as for specific apps
  • Protect screen-free moments such as mealtimes and bedtimes.

We hope you find these resources beneficial

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Hillary Team and Snell Team:

  • Room 11 – Nathan F, Rosie B
  • Room 12 – Rhys W, Bella M
  • Room 13 – Aurelia T, Theo F
  • Room 14 – David P
  • Room 15 – Viggo H
  • Room 18 – Sam D, Lydia B
  • Room 19 – Ivanna K, Grayson G
  • Room 20 – Ben C, Rachel C
  • Room 21 – Sam A, Cathy L
  • Room 22 – Liv D, Dani E
  • Room 23 – Timofey I, Harry H
Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

With this fabulous sunshine we are all enjoying being outside during break times, thank you to all our students for being respectful of the available space and friendliness in including others.  Our fortunate students this week are:

  • Timofey         Rm 23         for friendliness           Colenso
  • Marko           Rm 23          for friendliness           Patteson
Road Patrollers of the fortnight

Our Road Patrollers keep us safe crossing the roads when we use the pedestrian crossings.  Thank you to them for all the training they have done, and their reliability in turning up each morning and afternoon.  Their commitment is admirable and much appreciated.  Congratulations to: Oscar Rm 18 and Ollie Rm 19 our Road Patrollers of the fortnight.

PTA News

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

PTA Hotcross Buns Collection is today – Wednesday 15 March @ 3 onwards at the Hall Kitchen.

Congratulations to students Mina and Grayson G (Thank you Grandma Christine!) who ordered the most packs. A $50 Voucher is coming your way from Bakers Delight St Heliers!


The PTA’s first major Fundraising event of 2023 is here with our Famous places in New Zealand Quizathon!

The questions and sponsorship sheets are coming home today and you will have two weeks to learn the answers and get your family and friends signed up to sponsor you.

The Quizathon will take place in class on Wednesday March 29.  Sponsor sheets and money are then due by Wednesday April 5.

Sport Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Kinas
    Loss 16-0 & 2-0. POD Sasha
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Win 2-0. POD Emilia & Nils
  • Year 5/6 Blue Bottles
    Win 3-1. POD Leo

Community Notices