School Newsletter – 13 December 2022

Term 4, Week 9

Upcoming Events

Certificate AssemblyWed, 14 Dec
Final AssemblyThu, 15 Dec

A Message from the Principal

As we approach the end of the school year I’ll pick up on the mid year report that was produced against our schools strategic direction. In the mid year summary we looked at how we were progressing and in this report we will see how we have finished the year under our four strategic areas.

Strategic Goal One

Enable our Learners to Thrive

  • Continue to improve in academic achievement across the school
  • Develop our local curriculum with enough flexibility to respond to change, meet individual needs and grow well rounded students.
  • Adapt and get value from new learning tools and approaches Including best-practice e-learning
  • Support the well-being of students

Summary for 2022

  • Our achievement results have continued to rise over the last six months with the following data from PAT testing; Mathematics 96% of Years 4- 8 students at and above, Comprehension 92% At and Above, Vocabulary 96% At and Above. 100% of our Year 8 students are At and Above in preparation for their entry into secondary school. These very good results compare favourably with both private and state schools around us. A wonderful result for our students and teachers. 
  • We have used a variety of experts in mathematics and language and have had these as a focus for our professional learning and development. This work supports the increase in our results. 
  • The NZ Curriculum Refresh is underway again and we are focusing on the NZ Histories modules of Social Science. The unit of work on migration was an opportunity to trial a component of this curriculum with staff and students. 
  • Our work on the Learner Agency continues to embed. Students have a sense of “agency” when they feel in control of things that happen around them; when they feel they can influence events. This is an important sense for learners to develop. They need to be active participants in their learning. 
  • Student Wellbeing continues to be at the centre of what we do. Our school counsellors have supported students to navigate changes and post COVID difficulties. Staff know their students and engage them in their learning.

Strategic Goal Two

Build a positive and connected school community

  • Grow meaningful communication and engagement between school and families
  • Grow relationships with feeder Early Childhood Centres and Secondary Schools for mutual benefit
  • Invest time in the leadership and governance of the school. 
  • Explore opportunities for growing and sustaining school finances.

Summary for 2022

  • We have reviewed our use of the website, email and ETap communications and are looking to move towards a School App that allows for easy communication with the community. 
  • The Kahui Ako, Community of Learning, has developed resources for use across our local schools. We have worked together on Maths transitions between our school and secondary education particularly in Algebra. We have seen measured improvements which have supported the Year 8s 100% at and above results above.
  • The CoL and schools have further developed connections with ECE in order to continue to make the transition to school positive and supported. Our use of Discovery learning was shared with the local ECEs who were suitably impressed.
  • We have inducted the new Board for the school and are looking to ensure that we utilise suitable training opportunities. 
  • Financial support from our community continues to allow us to provide a high level of service to the students. Learner Assistants with teachers are set at a level to ensure that class numbers remain in the mid 20s in the majority of the school. 

Strategic Goal Three

Attract, retain and grow fantastic staff

  • Support our teachers and staff with targeted professional development
  • Support teachers’ and staff work life balance
  • Regularly seek feedback and input from teachers and staff

Summary for 2022

  • Our Professional Development for 2023 is focused on the NZ History modules , Mathematics and Literacy. 
  • Suitable facilitators are in place to work with staff.
  • We have joined ten schools in the Remuera Principals cluster to workshop and focus on the Mathementaic curriculum refresh in 2023.
  • We are continuing to work with  the CoL schools to monitor achievement, develop learning tools and focus on pedagogy (the science of teaching).
  • Working with MOE on the schools Master Plan for future developments. 

Strategic Goal Four

Develop a great learning environment

  • Develop a detailed property plan for the growth of the school
  • Understand and engage positively with the MOE and other key property stakeholders
  • Positively manage the transition to a larger school with teachers, staff students and community
  • Do a great job of change management for learning environments and pedagogy

Summary for 2022

  • Advocating strongly with the Ministry of education for Kohimarama School to have the building resources for future roll and learning environment.
  • Worked with teachers to ensure students that our focus on learning was having positive outcomes for students. 

I want to acknowledge our staff, who go over and above for students in our school. The care and respect that they give our students is evident in the relationships that have been forged throughout the year. Thank you for the big efforts to ensure that our Kohimarama students finish strongly against the nNew Zealand Curriculum and are ready for their next learning journey. You can all be very proud of the outcomes for our learners. 

I want to acknowledge parents for your support of the school. We are a learning community where we all take a role in the development of each of our students. Thank you for the many ways you contribute to our school. 

Important Message

I want to acknowledge the PTA. This group of parents are involved in running a number of community events. They meet a few times a term and receive detailed reports from the Senior Leadership Team of the school and from the Board. This is a great way of receiving accurate information about the school. The PTA is made up of a small group of parents who aim to build the school community and fundraise for resources for our school.  The resources provided include sports equipment, classroom furniture and library books.  

The current chairs have confirmed the calendar and identified ‘event leads’ for almost every event at this point.  They are aiming for the Chair role to be one of coordinating these event leads instead of actually managing each event.

In 2023 our valuable PTA is looking for a new chairperson or two co-chairs to lead the PTA and continue this valued service to our children and school community. 

If you are interested or have any questions please contact the current PTA chairs, Lizzie and Julie at or


Jaymie Ford has been a great member of our teaching team for the last 4 years, teaching Years 0 and 1 for 3 years and Year 3 for one year.  Jaymie has been a valuable member of the Kiri and Cowley teams and she will be greatly missed.  We wish her well in her return to Canada and upcoming wedding.

Joshila Bhana has been at Kohimarama in a Learning Assistant role for the past 4 years.  She has been a valuable member of the team in supporting children around the school.  We wish Joshila well in her new journey.

Amanda Martinez has been teaching our Year 0’s this year in Room 7.  She has been a valuable member of Kiri Team and ensured that our new entrants had a positive transition to our school, settling in well, making friends and getting used to primary school.  We wish Amanda well as she pursues her career in counselling.

Sophie Crowhen has only been at Kohimarama for a short time as a Learning Assistant.  She has been a reliable and dependable member of the Snell Team and she will be greatly missed.  During Sophie’s time here, she has decided to change her career path and further her education towards a teaching degree.  We wish Sophie well in her new journey.

Nikki Badger and Sarah Allen have been a superb support in our Snell Y6 teaching team for term 4.   We thank them for their hard work and efforts.

Rebecca Wilson has been associated with our school as a parent and as a learning assistant. She has used her skills as a trained teacher to ensure that the students always get the support they need when they need it.  Rebecca has been flexible in the work she has done, in particular over the last two years and she has never shied away from a task.  She is a kind, caring person and is considered a friend to many of us here at Kohimarama. We wish Rebecca well as she takes a new pathway in the next year.

The Kohimarama Way – Respect

“I must respect the opinions of others even if I disagree with them.”  Herbert H Lehman.  “Respecting someone indicates the quality of your personality.”  Mohammad Sakhi.

If you have a question for Senior Management feel free to email them at


Final School Assembly – Important notice

We are so looking forward to being able to celebrate our students face-to-face in 2022, with you at our Final School Assembly. This is a reminder that this is a school day and all our students are expected to be there.  Students need to go straight to the Sacred Heart College Auditorium to meet with their teachers at 10.10 am, not to school as usual.  From there the roll will be taken and classes will be ushered into the auditorium in preparation for our assembly starting at 10.30 am.  Kiri Team students will sit with their own parents in the Auditorium. 

The Assembly will conclude at 12 noon when we invite our Year 8 students and families to meet in the Auditorium’s foyer for light refreshments and a final farewell from staff.

If your child/ren are in Kapa Haka, they need to be at the Sacred Heart College Auditorium at 9.15 am for a sound check.  Please come directly inside and meet with Miss Cadzow by the stage.

Thank you to the parents who are supporting our classes, by sitting with them, this is much appreciated.

  • What:  Final Assembly                                          
  • When:  Thursday 15th December
  • Time: 10.10 am roll check with their teacher outside the auditorium (inside foyer if wet)
  • Start: 10.30 am
  • Finish: 12 noon

Thank you to our School Librarians

A heartfelt thank you to our student school Librarians who have worked tirelessly since Barbara left.  They have been responsible, reliable and all-round super students ensuring that our school Library can function during big breaks with the support of a variety of staff who gave up their time to supervise.  What a fabulous school we have here.  

Student Leaders – Thank you

Thank you to all our student leaders for 2022.  You have made such positive contributions to our school by modelling the Kohimarama Way, taking on responsibilities and coming up with fabulous ideas for us to follow through with.  You have shown leadership with us, please continue this skill and attribute next year two.  Be proud of yourselves, because we are very proud of you.

Student Leader Fun Day supervisors – Thank you

Thank you to all the adults who came on our fantastic trip to Rainbow’s End last Wednesday to support our Student Leaders for the day.  You were so  much fun and ensured that all our students got onto as many rides as possible whilst being kept safe.  We really appreciate support, thank you.

School Reports & Class Placements Letters

This year class placement letters will be emailed out to parents/caregivers. School Reports will also be emailed as per usual.

Office 2023 – Reopens

The office will reopen from Wednesday 25th January 2023 9am-2pm.

School Stationery

School Stationery information has been emailed out to families. Officemax is open and ready to help you with your stationery needs. If you prefer to purchase elsewhere, stationery lists are available here.


Please ensure your child starts the year in correct Kohimarama School uniform. The Uniform Centre is located at 169 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023.


We need all our school library books returned to school.  Please have a hunt around your house and see how many you can find – the more you find the more House Points.  You may receive an overdue letter in the next few days, please activate it by emailing if you have returned it or it has been lost.  Thank you for your support.

Homestay Families Needed

Our school will be expecting visiting students from Korea arriving 9th January and departing 25th February 2023.  

To facilitate these students we are looking for homestay families to host them.  

Although they arrive before the start of Term One, these students will attend school each weekday in January 2023.

Host’s will be paid $300 per student, per week – usually placing two students per home.  

Students can share a room but must have their own bed.  

If you would like more information or an application pack, please contact Debbie from Student-Care NZ Limited on or 09 390 7838 Mobile 027 285 7838

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Hillary Team and Snell Team:

  • Room 9 – Harry B, Nate L
  • Room 10 – Ethan A, Jonathan M
  • Room 11 – Natalie R, Noah F
  • Room 12 – Alexandra V, Bill L
  • Room 14 – Jeffrey D, Georgia P, Blair C, Lydia B
  • Room 15 – Ryan C, Jackson H
  • Room 18 – Max H
  • Room 19 – Siena G
  • Room 20 – Max A, Harry H, Leo T
  • Room 21 – N/A
  • Room 22 – N/A
  • Room 23 – N/A

Sport Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks – Playoff for 1st/2nd
    Win 3-1 Result – 1st POD Michelle, Zara, Harry
  • Year 5 Kinas – Playoff for 1st/2nd
    Loss 6-2 Result – 2nd POD Whole team
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles – Playoff for 3rd/4th
    Win 6-1 Result – 3rd POD Allie