School Newsletter – 22 November 2022

Term 4, Week 6

Upcoming Events

Year 5 CampWed, 23 NovThu, 24 Nov
EZ AthleticsThu, 24 Nov
Yr4 SleepoverThu, 24 NovFri, 25 Nov
Kohimaramas got Talent - DanceMon, 28 Nov
ImmunisationsMon, 28 Nov
Year 5 Road Patrol TrainingTue, 29 Nov
Hillary Team - Mary PoppinsWed, 30 Nov
Year 7/8 - Mary PoppinsWed, 30 Nov
Year 6 Butterfly CreekWed, 30 Nov
Assembly - Kiri & Cowley (11.30)Thu, 1 Dec
Year 8 Graduation FormalThu, 1 Dec
Book DayFri, 2 Dec
Cowley Celebration dayMon, 5 Dec
Year 7/8 Fun dayMon, 5 Dec
Yr 7/8 Immunisations - Catch UpsTue, 6 Dec
Selwyn 2023 student testingTue, 6 Dec
Hillary Celebration Day - Parnell BathsWed, 7 Dec
Student Leader DayWed, 7 Dec
Yr 5 - Auckland RugbyThu, 8 DecFri, 9 Dec
Year 6 - Swimming SafetyThu, 8 DecFri, 9 Dec
Assembly - Hillary & Snell (2pm)Fri, 9 Dec
Kiri Team - Zoo TripFri, 9 Dec
Sports AssemblyMon, 12 Dec
BoT MeetingMon, 12 Dec
Certificate AssemblyWed, 14 Dec
Final AssemblyThu, 15 Dec

A Message from the Principal

Dear parents and caregivers

In my first newsletter in term 2 this year I reported on the results of our standardised/normed assessments, the Progress and Achievement Test (PAT). 

PATs are multiple-choice tests designed to help teachers determine achievement levels. We use the Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary, and Listening Comprehension tests. The test results help teachers decide what kinds of teaching materials are needed and which methods or programmes are most suitable for their students. PATs are also important because they identify the progress a student is making..

This year the students who received a stanine 8 or 9 in 2021 were assigned a test one year ahead of their Year Group.  This was advised by NZCER PAT administrators as best practice.  Students who received an 8 or 9 stanine last year had made very few errors in their test.  By giving them the test, a year level ahead, the teacher is more readily able to identify their next learning steps.

Importantly at this time of the year we are able to see the accelerated progress that our students have made during this year. Further, because these are standardised/normed across New Zealand it compares our students against their peers. 

PAT: Mathematics covers number knowledge, number strategies, algebra, geometry and measurement, and statistics. PAT:Mathematics is for Years 4 to 10

The two graphs below show the positive shift to the right meaning that our cohort of students from Year 4- 8 including our very able have accelerated progress and achieved highly. These results rank at the very top end of achievement in the country.

The working towards groups show a positive shift out of that category and into working within.  

The students moving out of or into working within show the following positive shifts The whole school showed +16% shift into or out of the middle band.

The students in the working above band have also increased.  Across the school we have a +18% shift within this band.

Key;  Below = Stanine 1-3, Within = Stanie 4-6, Above = Stainine 7-9

Whole school Mathematics Stanines for Term One 2022

Whole School Mathematics Stanine for Term Three 2022

PAT:Reading Comprehension assesses how well Year 4 to 10 students understand the text they are reading. Each test is organised around several extended pieces of writing which include stories, poems, reports and explanations.

Again, the two comparative graphs show a movement to the right indicating progress in reading comprehension. The year 4-8 cohort have improved from an overall 89% in term 1 to 92% in term 3.This means that our learners are achieving highly in reading compared to NZ students.  

Whole school Stanines for Term One 2022

Whole school Stanines for Term Three 2022

PAT:Reading Vocabulary assesses Year 4 to 8 students’ ability to understand the words they read. Each question is based around a keyword that is embedded in a short sentence. Students are asked to choose a synonym that best represents the meaning of this word from a list of five possible alternatives.

The shift is again a positive move to the right where in particular students have moved from the achieving within to achieving above. And from 94% in term 1 to 96% in term 3. 

Whole school Stanines for Term One 2022    

Whole school Stanines for Term Three 2022

PAT:Listening Comprehension measures Year 3 to 10 students’ ability to understand spoken material. Students listen to a passage and then answer questions. It helps teachers detect children with poor listening skills and is also useful in identifying those children whose listening comprehension performance is significantly different from their ability to comprehend written material.

There is another considerable shift to the right where in term 1 the Year 4-8 Cohort scored 86% and in Term 3 this has improved to 91%

Key;  Below = Stanine 1-3, Within = Stanie 4-6, Above = Stainine 7-9

Whole school Stanines for Term One 2022

Whole school Stanines for Term Three 2022

Overall we are pleased to see the continued, accelerated academic  achievement levels across the school. Our results compare very well against other schools across New Zealand in our local cluster of schools. 

The school has been purposefully and deliberately focusing on the learning and in particular ‘what cannot be left to chance’ We have monitored learners, addressed needs and ensured improvement.

A big thank you goes to our teaching staff ably supported by our Learner Assistants.

The Kohimarama Way – Respect

“Take care of your reputation it’s your most valuable asset.”  Annonymous.  “There is a longing among all people to have a sense of purpose and worth.  To satisfy that common longing in all of us we must respect each other.”  Chief Dan George.


Children Arriving Early to School

Please note children should not arrive at school before 8.30am unless they have a planned sports training.

Road Patrol Training for Year 5 students

Constable Gordon and I will be training our Year 5 students next Tuesday 29th November, starting at 9.00 am.  If any Year 5 students did not receive a newsletter please call in at the school office.  Permission slips must be in by this Friday 25th November.

Junior Kids Lit

Today 8 of our students attended the Junior Kids Lit competition at St Mary’s School in Ellerslie. 
They had spent the last term reading 13 set books, all by New Zealand authors, and were ready for the quiz.
Against 21 other local schools, our year 5 team (Freddie, Madeleine, Abigail and Freya) came 5th and our year 6 team (Madeline, Mikayla, Theo and Zoe) came 6th.
A great achievement and lots of fun had. Plus they received two books for the school library; Starbird and The Ghost of Gosswater. 

Remuera Mathex

On Tuesday November 15, Kohimarama School fielded a Year 5 team and a Year 6 team at  Remuera Mathex at St Kentigerns in Orakei.

While the questions didn’t go our way, it was a fun filled and exciting evening, and great to participate again in an event that had not been able to proceed in recent times.

Jake S, Mikayla E, Audrey P, Harrison V

Jeffrey D, Isaac W, Fletcher D, Ariel L

Kohimarama’s Got Talent 2022

Wow!  Talent, talent and more talent from our students this week as we held the Singing, Comedy and Magic sections of our Kohimarama’s Got Talent 2022 this week.  Congratulations to all who took part, giving it a go and putting yourselves out there, you are all awesome!

Singing Section


  • 1st = Acacia and Liv
  •          Lucia
  • 3rd – Scarlett 


  • 1st -Poppy, Ella A, Ben, Estee, James, Max, Noah, Isabell, Ella C, Emma and Clara
  • 2nd – Xanthe 
  • 3rd – Hansey 

Comedy Section

  • 1st – Ava
  • 2nd – Pedro and Sam L
  • 3rd – Samuel H

Magic Section

  • 1st – Madison Armstrong
  • 2nd – Baz 
  • 3rd – Ella A

Highly Commended

  • Finnegan 
  • Jacob N and Harry B

Our Dance section will be held on Monday 28th November, so still time to keep practising.

New Flippaball players for 2023

We will be looking to recruit new flippa ball players for next year especially current year 2 and year 3 players.   Games are played on Sundays at the Sacred Heart pool.

If any students would like to have a go at Flippa ball before next year they are welcome to come to either of the last two practices on Thursday 24th Nov 24 and Thursday 8th Dec at the Swimtastic Pool on Merton Road at 7.15am to 8.15am.

Any questions please email

Homestay Families Needed

Our school will be expecting visiting students from Korea arriving 9th January and departing 25th February 2023.  

To facilitate these students we are looking for homestay families to host them.  

Although they arrive before the start of Term One, these students will attend school each weekday in January 2023.

Host’s will be paid $300 per student, per week – usually placing two students per home.  

Students can share a room but must have their own bed.  

If you would like more information or an application pack, please contact Debbie from Student-Care NZ Limited on or 09 390 7838 Mobile 027 285 7838

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Kiri Team and Cowley Team:

  • Room 1 – Sora S
  • Room 2 – Anna H
  • Room 3 – Betania R, Jack R, Noah D
  • Room 4 – Oliver T, Reid B, Charlie L
  • Room 5 – Oke S, James Z
  • Room 7 – Charlie T
  • Room 6 – Tommy G
  • Room 8 – Kylo H
  • Room 16 – Isabelle B
  • Room 17 – Saksham G
  • Room 25 – Tymofii B, Nathan W
  • Room 26 – Louis G
  • Room 27 – Archer K
Caught Being Good  –  “Greenies”

Rain, rain and more rain – yet still our students are playing fairly and being careful of each other.  Thank you to you all, especially:

  • Anna             Rm 2             for commitment           Selwyn
  • Alex              Rm 6             for respect                   Colenso
  • James           Rm 16           for respect                  Patteson

Sports News

Touch Rugby

Term 4 is touch rugby time and we are fielding 15 teams on Wednesday afternoons at Madills Farm, across Years 3-8, with current students, an ex student, a teacher and parents fulfilling the coaching roles.

We have also participated in the inter school tournaments recently, with three teams from our Year 7/8 hub attending the Eastern Zones tournament on November 8, and four teams from Years 5&6 competed at the Bay Suburbs event on November 15. Both events were at Madills Farm, and it was great to see so many parents supporting our players.

Both days were action packed and very busy. The Year 5 boys team took out third place in their competition.


We held our school athletics meeting at Glover Park on November 2, for our Year 4 – 8 learners, and completed our high jump and shot put competitions at school over the last 2 weeks. Our placegetters were:

Results Table for Athletics 2022

100mY4GSaskia CAgnes CHarriet W
Y4BNate LFrederic GOscar R
Y5GJuliet QTeagan HGrace P
Y5BFreddie RJohn GGrayson G
Y6GEllie HEsther CMikayla E
Y6BPaolo ZJenson PLochie S
Y7GLalita ZJuella GIsabel O
Y7BHarrison ACallum PJoseph C
Y8GNina RAura HMaddie M
Y8BLeon LTheo G-MZach G 
200mY4GSaskia CAgnes CImogen W
Y4BViggo HFrederic GNate L, Louis P
Y5GJuliet QMadison ASophia W
Y5BSam LHugo TOliver B
Y6GAllie SEllie HAlexa J
Y6BPaolo ZHarrison VTheo P
Y7GIsabel OTheani TLara K
Y7BHarrison AHenry TCallum P
Y8GNina RImogen CSamantha D
Y8BLeon LZach GTheo G-M
400mY4GAgnes CSaskia CImogen W
Y4BTheo RJoshua ONate L
Y5GTeagan HSophia WMadison A
Y5BSam LHugo TPedro T-R
Y6GBella PEllie HKayly P
Y6BPaolo ZHarley STheo P
Y7GIsabel OLiz ZJuella G
Y7BJacob RHenry Harry H
Y8GNina RMaddie MImogen C
Y8BLeon LWilliam RCasper H
Y5GJuliet QMadison AAbigail J
Y5BHugo TJohn GNico G
Y6GBella PEllie HEsther C
Y6BNicolas PArno STheo P
Y7GIsabel ORachel TLiv d S
Y7BHenry TJacob RHarry H
Y8GNina RImogen CMaddie M
Y8BLeon LIsaac RTheo G- M
Y7GLiz ZRachel TLara K
Y7BHenry Kroum LHarrison A
Y8GNina RImogen CMaddie M
Y8BTheo G-MWilliam RCasper H
Long JumpY4GAgnes CHattie WImogen W
Y4BFrederic GSpencer KTheo R
Y5GTeagan HViolet HAshlee J
Y5BJohn GSamuel LArthur G-M
Y6GAllie SEsther CBella P
Y6BPaolo ZHarley STheo P
Y7GIsabel OLiz ZLara K, Theani  T
Y7BLucas OLincoln CCallum P
Y8GSamantha DAlyssa RMaja B
Y8BLeon LZach GWilliam R
Y5GBella HViolet HTeagan H
Y5BJohn GFreddie RPedro T-R
Y6GEsther CAllie SEllie H
Y6BPaolo ZKirill LTheo P
Y7GIsabel OLiz ZLara K
Y7BKroum L, Henry TJoseph C
Y8GSamantha DImogen CAlyssa R
Y8BLeon LZak CIsaac R
Softball ThrowY4GSaskia CIvy HJessica M
Y4BFranklin OGeorge CTheo R
Shot putY5GBlair CBella HEstella D
Y5BHarry HIsaac WPedro T-R
Y6GStephanie GMikayla EGeorgia B
Y6BPaolo ZTheo PBlake S
Y7GJuella GLara KLiz Zheng
Y7BLucas OHenry ZJacob R
Y8GSummer PSamantha DImogen C
Y8BLeon LIsaac RMax A
DiscusY5GMadison AAdele LScarlett F
Y5BFreddie RHarry HEmile S
Y6GAllie SDemi CEllie H
Y6BPaolo ZHarley SBlake S
Y7GIsabel OLalita ZLara K
Y7BBasile LHarrison ALincoln C
Y8GSummer Alyssa RSamantha D
Y8BLeon LIsacc RWilliam R

Bay Suburbs Athletics

On Monday November 21, Kohimarama School was represented at the Bay Suburbs Athletics Day at Glover Park in Glendowie by a squad of Year 5&6 athletes. Many thanks to the parents who supported our participation by providing transport, and helping run events.

Our place getters were:

High Jump

  • Year 5 Boys. 2nd. Freddie R

Shot Put

  • Year 5 Girls. 3rd. Blair C


  • Year 5 Girls. 2nd. Teagan H


  • Year 6 Girls. 3rd. Allie S


  • Year 6 Girls. 3rd. Ellie H
  • Year 6 Boys. 3rd. Paolo Z


  • Year 6 Girls. 3rd. Bella P

4x100m Relay

  • Year 6 Girls. 2nd. Ellie H, Allie S, Esther C and Mikayla E.
  • Year 6 Boys. 3rd. Paolo Z, Jenson P, Lochie S & Harrison V.

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Win 9-4. POD Theo R
  • Year 5 Kinas
    Win 8-3. POD Blair
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles
    Win 9-0. POD Theo P