School Newsletter – 15 November 2022

Term 4, Week 5

Upcoming Events

Yr 5/6 MathexTue, 15 Nov
BS Touch RugbyTue, 15 Nov
Kohimaramas got Talent - SingingWed, 16 Nov
BoT MeetingThu, 17 Nov
Kohimaramas got Talent - Comedy/MagicThu, 17 Nov
Junior Kids LitFri, 18 Nov
Assembly - Kiri & Cowley (11.30)Fri, 18 Nov
Jolly Holly Christmas Family PicnicSun, 20 Nov
BS AthleticsMon, 21 Nov
Year 5 CampWed, 23 NovThu, 24 Nov
EZ AthleticsThu, 24 Nov
Yr4 SleepoverThu, 24 NovFri, 25 Nov
Kohimaramas got Talent - DanceMon, 28 Nov
ImmunisationsMon, 28 Nov
Year 5 Road Patrol TrainingTue, 29 Nov
Hillary Team - Mary PoppinsWed, 30 Nov
Year 7/8 - Mary PoppinsWed, 30 Nov
Year 6 Butterfly CreekWed, 30 Nov
Assembly - Kiri & Cowley (11.30)Thu, 1 Dec
Year 8 Graduation FormalThu, 1 Dec
Book DayFri, 2 Dec
Cowley Celebration dayMon, 5 Dec
Year 7/8 Fun dayMon, 5 Dec
Yr 7/8 Immunisations - Catch UpsTue, 6 Dec
Selwyn 2023 student testingTue, 6 Dec
Hillary Celebration Day - Parnell BathsWed, 7 Dec
Student Leader DayWed, 7 Dec
Yr 5 - Auckland RugbyThu, 8 DecFri, 9 Dec
Year 6 - Swimming SafetyThu, 8 DecFri, 9 Dec
Assembly - Hillary & Snell (2pm)Fri, 9 Dec

A Message from the Deputy Principals

Kohimarama’s Got Talent 2022

Kohimarama’s Got Talent 2022 has started with a bang!  We have completed the Musical Instrument section and were blown away by the array of performers.  We had whistlers, clickers, pianists, guitarists,  a saxophonist, a violinist and drummers.  A big thank you to the performers who put themselves forward to share their creativity with us, you were brave, talented and awesome.  Here are our place getters and highly commended musicians.  Tomorrow we have the Singing section and on Thursday we have Comedy or Magic.  We wish our performers all the best.

Results from the Musical Instrument Section:

  • 1st = Jessie L and Liz Z
  • 2nd   Natalie Q
  • 3rd    Thomas O
  • Highly Commended:  Gabriel Z, Anna H, Amy D, K Z and Anjay H

Athletics Day

What a fantastic day we had at our recent  athletics day..  All the children demonstrated our Kohimarama way. As with all school wide events our house captains rally the troops and encourage students in cheering for their house.  It was so pleasing to hear students encouraging each other from all houses and showing great sportsmanship. A big thank you to Mr Forbes for all the organisation and to all the teachers and parents who helped to make the whole day successful. We wish all those students selected to represent Kohimarama School at the inter school competition the best of luck.

The Kohimarama Way – Respect

You know you are successfully showing respect when you treat others as you want to be treated.  Speak courteously to everyone.  Take special care of other people’s belongings.  re receptive to the wisdom of elders.  Honour the rules of your family, school and nation and expect respect for your body and your rights.

If you have a question for Senior Management feel free to email them at


New Flippaball players for 2023

We will be looking to recruit new flippaball players for next year especially current year 2 and year 3 players.   Games are played on Sundays at the Sacred Heart pool.

If any students would like to have a go at Flippaball before next year they are welcome to come to either of the last two practices on Thursday 24th Nov 24 and Thursday 8th Dec at the Swimtastic Pool on Merton Road at 7.15am to 8.15am.

Any questions please email

Homestay Families Needed

Our school will be expecting visiting students from Korea arriving 9th January and departing 25th February 2023.  

To facilitate these students we are looking for homestay families to host them.  

Although they arrive before the start of Term One, these students will attend school each weekday in January 2023.

Host’s will be paid $300 per student, per week – usually placing two students per home.  

Students can share a room but must have their own bed.  

If you would like more information or an application pack, please contact Debbie from Student-Care NZ Limited on or 09 390 7838 Mobile 027 285 7838

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Hillary Team and Snell Team:

  • Room 9 – Hayden C, Imogen P, Thomas O
  • Room 10 – Blake J, Franklin O
  • Room 11 – Louis P, Thomas RW
  • Room 12 – Cara SP, Frederic G
  • Room 14 – Grace P, Isaac W, Grayson G, Freddie R
  • Room 15 – Oliver M, James B
  • Room 18 – Liam IM, Ava C, Sienna D
  • Room 19 – Joseph C, Alexander C
  • Room 20 – Sophia U, Casper H
  • Room 21 – Andrew W
  • Room 22 – Charlotte A
  • Room 23 – Madeleine T, Emily C, Timofey I
Caught Being Good  –  “Greenies”

Lots of rain this week, but luckily it didn’t stop our students from playing on the field and courts in a respectful way.  Special congratulations to:

  • Leo            Rm 14       for Commitment            Colenso
  • Josh C       Rm 23       for Reliability                 Patteson

Road Patrollers of the Fortnight:

Louisa W and Angus W.  Thank you for keeping us safe on the roads, you make a positive difference for us all.

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Win 2-1. POD Honor
  • Year 5 Kinas
    Win 7-0. POD Leo
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles
    Win 7-3.