School Newsletter – 20 September 2022

Term 3, Week 9

Upcoming Events

Auckland Champion of Champions GymnasticsWed, 21 Sep
EPRO8 Yr7/8 Semi-FinalsWed, 21 Sep
Cowley Team Exploration DayWed, 21 SepThu, 22 Sep
Paul - Principals ASL MeetingWed, 21 Sep, 9:00am
EPRO8 Yr5 Semi-FinalsThu, 22 Sep
Year 6 - MotatFri, 23 Sep
Life Education - Cowley TeamMon, 26 SepFri, 30 Sep
Public Holiday - Queen Elizabeth II Memorial ServiceMon, 26 Sep
BS HockeyThu, 29 Sep
BoT MeetingMon, 17 Oct
Kiri - Swimming LessonsMon, 17 OctFri, 21 Oct

A Message from Hillary Team

Our learning over this term:

The new Passion Projects provocation for Hillary team is an exciting new opportunity for everyone, as there are multiple options of what you could spend your time doing. A great aspect is that you can change what you’re doing halfway through the lesson. During Inquiry this term our team learned about the migration of the Polynesians to New Zealand. At the end of our inquiry topic there was a collection of different ways we shared and presented our findings (dioramas, 3D models, posters, slides, Scratch, comic strips) and everyone had something to be proud of. During Māori language week we created koru art which is the sign of creativity in Māori. This term we also went on a school trip to the Te Tuhi art gallery where we got to paint our own art piece. There were many different types of art there from abstract to 3D. It was an amazing trip!

Overall, term 3 for Hillary team has been exciting with many learning opportunities.

By Liam C and Teagan H

The Kohimarama Way – Honesty

Honesty saves everyone’s time.  Regardless of how old or young you are, what job you have, or whether it is with family, colleagues or friends honesty ensures we all know where we are in the relationship, and what the boundaries are. 


School Librarian Needed

Our fabulous librarian Barbara is off to pastures new. We thank her sincerely for all she has done to make our library the place to be at Kohimarama School.

This means we are now looking for someone to replace Barbara. If you are interested in finding out more about what the job entails please contact

Classes for 2023 – how you can help

Please email Meegan Hill or Debbie Ellery if you have information that will support us in ensuring the best placement for your child/ren in 2023.  As you will no doubt understand  a number of complex issues go into making up classes, and an important factor is historical information you have that we need to know.

Kohimarama School Bands

Apologies for the hope we engendered earlier this year when we said that Bands would be recommencing this year. Unfortunately, circumstances have arisen that eliminate this as a possibility for 2023. 

Public Holiday on Monday 26th September

There will be no school on Monday 26th September. New Zealand will mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II with a State Memorial Service and one-off public holiday.

Student Leavers

We are currently working on class numbers for 2023. If you know your child will not be attending Kohimarama School next year please ensure you complete the Google form. This form needs to be completed by Friday 23rd September. We thank you in advance.

Health Survey – We asked, We listened, So far we have actioned…

Last year we surveyed our parent community regarding the Health Curriculum as it is delivered in Kohimarama School. Some feedback that came to the fore was the desire for the Year 5 girls to receive some education around pubertal changes as well as the Year 6 – 8 girls. As a result we have enabled the Year 5 Girls to take part in a session with the Year 6 girls this week. This is completely optional for the Year 5 girls and the parents have already been given the opportunity to opt their daughters in. A large number of girls will be taking part this week as a result.

Welcome to the Library

There is never an identical day in the school library.  Last week we reviewed all there is about Roald Dahl.  The game of Kahoot! demonstrated the deep knowledge of his stories by our students.  It was a good team effort to answer all the tricky questions, and Bella P. came out as an individual winner.  While doing colouring students were guessing the characters’ names and the books’ titles they are from.  Then kids were retelling the stories and it was so much fun!

This week we continue to run the chess tournament between the most competitive students in the Kohimarama school.  If you want to join in, just come into the library on the big break and have a go.

Also we will listen to the Story Online programme.  Digital stories can teach students the value of emotional rhetoric and feelings, allowing them to explore new ways of acting or thinking differently. These stories can evoke emotional responses in students and encourage them to pursue topics that they’re passionate about. It is another way to open kids’ hearts to books and to the art of reading.

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Kiri Team and Cowley Team:

  • Room 9 – Charlie P, Mia-Rose K
  • Room 10 – Chetna W, Amy D
  • Room 11 – Tangaroa S
  • Room 12 – Adele B, Scarlett F
  • Room 14 – Grayson G, Hugo T
  • Room 15 – Helena LH, Madison A
  • Room 18 – Zakary C
  • Room 19 – Matias TR, Liz Z
  • Room 20 – Alice G, Theani T, Isabel O
  • Room 21 – Madeline D
  • Room 22 – Daniel A, Esther C
  • Room 23 – Joshua P, Zoe M, Bella P
Caught Being Good  –  “Greenies”

Thank you to those of our students who are ‘doing the right thing’ in our playgrounds.  You are an example of how best to use the limited space we have in a positive way.  Our fortunate winners this week are:

  • George         Rm 12          for Respect         Atkin
  • Fred              Rm 12          for Respect        Colenso

Sports Notices

A small team of Isabel O & Henry T went to the Auckland AIMS Cross country championships at Muriwai.

Schools from all over the greater Auckland & Counties regions were present, and the fields in each race were sizable. It was a demanding 3km course for the Yr 7s, including beach and sand dune sections, and plenty of head winds.

Our little team performed well with Isabel placing 21st in the Yr 7 Girls, and Henry coming 8th in the Yr 7 Boys` race.

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Win 7-2 & Win 4-2 POD Spencer and Dario
  • Year 5 Kinas
    Loss 2-3. POD Whole Team
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles
    Loss 5-12. POD Mia Rose

Community Notices