School Newsletter – 30 August 2022

Term 3, Week 6

Upcoming Events

Year 7&8 Kids LitWed, 31 Aug
Snell hub open morning for year 4/5 parentsWed, 31 Aug
Random Acts of Kindness DayThu, 1 Sep
Blokes BreakfastFri, 2 Sep
AIMS GamesMon, 5 SepFri, 9 Sep
Yr 3 hub open morning for year 2 parentsWed, 7 Sep
BS BasketballWed, 7 Sep
Come Cool to School Day - Pyjama DayFri, 9 Sep
Auckland Championships-Cross countryTue, 13 Sep
Future Problem Solving ExamThu, 15 Sep
Trivia NightFri, 16 Sep
Auckland Champion of Champions GymnasticsWed, 21 Sep
EPRO8 Yr7/8 Semi-FinalsWed, 21 Sep
Cowley Team Exploration DayWed, 21 SepThu, 22 Sep
Paul - Principals ASL MeetingWed, 21 Sep, 9:00am
EPRO8 Yr5 Semi-FinalsThu, 22 Sep
Year 6 - MotatFri, 23 Sep
Life Education - Cowley TeamMon, 26 SepFri, 30 Sep
Public Holiday - Queen Elizabeth II Memorial ServiceMon, 26 Sep

A Message from the Deputy Principals

Whilst we are not back to ‘normal’ yet, it is great that we can enjoy some of our annual events at Kohimarama once again.  On Friday it was our Starry Night discos, one for our Junior school and a second one for our Senior school.  Students made an effort to come dressed in the theme of either glittery like a star or as a movie star  –  enjoy looking at the photos.  Thank you to the Student Councillors who organised the whole event from ticket and poster designs to decorating the hall so we did have a fabulous Starry Night.  Additionally, they attended the Junior school disco to support our younger students to ensure everyone had a fabulous time dancing.  Thanks also to our teachers who gave up some of their Friday nights to supervise our students, ensuring that everyone had a safe and fun time.  Thank you to Janine who wrote names on tickets, ensuring no one missed out.  Of course, parent support is vital too, encouraging children to attend, organising the costume, drop off and pick ups and remembering to purchase the ticket.  A team effort that takes a lot of organisation – how fortunate are we that we are part of the A-Team:-)   

Our school motto, Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve can be taken from a variety of angles, the one we work with our students on is, that learning involves a vast array of behaviours e.g. collaboration, reliability, self-motivation, respect, friendliness, commitment, compassion, effective communicators – in essence, our Kohimarama Way.  What we are trying to share with our students is that to serve does not mean to be a servant rather through their learning they look for opportunities to grow themselves and have a positive impact on others around them, thereby serving our school and community.

Our Snell Team (Years 6 to 8) are really looking forward to having parents of students from Years 4 and 5 come to visit their Hubs and see how it works.  This will be taking place on Wednesday 31st August.  Parents are invited to meet with Kate Cadzow (Team Leader) and Debbie Ellery (Deputy Principal) at 9.00 am in the school hall so they can hear a little bit about how students learn in these spaces.  After this meeting, parents will be invited to walk through the Hubs.  Whilst teachers will be busy, parents are encouraged to talk with students about their learning. the morning will finish at 11.00 am.  Parents will be able to come and go as their schedule allows.

The following week, Wednesday 7th September we will be opening the Year 3 Hub for our Year 2 and 3 parents, the experience will follow the same format as above

The Kohimarama Way – Honesty

“Honesty is often very hard.  The truth is often painful.  But the freedom it can bring is worth the trying.”  Fred Rogers


This Thursday the 1st of September Kohimarama School will be having it’s very first ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ Day. This national day has been going since 2005 and this year we thought we would jump on board. On the 1st, the whole school will be encouraged to be kind to others without expecting anything in return. Children will be supported in identifying appropriate Random Acts of Kindness and carry these out anonymously. It could be as simple as putting someone’s pencil away or picking up a piece of rubbish in the classroom without being asked. The focus is on a Random Act of Kindness being an act of service for someone else, rather than giving a gift of some kind.  It is hoped that the children will gain a greater sense of wellbeing and selflessness through the positive act of giving and placing others before themselves. We are hoping that a little kindness will go a long way!

Road Patrol – Parent supervisor still required

Are you able to support students at our school, particularly our Road Patrollers in keeping students safe as they cross the roads around us?  We need you from 8.25 to 8.55 am either on Thursday morning or Friday morning.  Please contact Meegan  if you are able to help out, thank you.

Welcome to the Library

Today I would like to acknowledge the amazing continuous project of room 16 and Maree Worth.  This classroom is Kohimarama school’s very own publishing company during 2022.  Students are producing beautifully illustrated mini-books and we have 7 in our library collection by now.  The topics range from Robots and Butterflies to Crosscountry and more.  Great work, room 16 and we are looking forward to the new publications.

This week is dedicated to our Fathers and students are welcome to the library to make a special card for their Best Dad!

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Kiri Team and Cowley Team:

  • Room 1 – Hugo C, Isla A
  • Room 2 – Gabriel Z, Sylvia R
  • Room 3 – Hunter B
  • Room 4 – Charlie P
  • Room 5 – Ruben M
  • Room 6 – Alex I
  • Room 8 – Andy S-C
  • Room 16 – Sebastian M
  • Room 17 – David Z
  • Room 25 – Naiya P, Sofia P
  • Room 26 – Nathaniel J
  • Room 27 – Carla PG, David P
Caught Being Good  –  “Greenies”

Thank you to our students for doing the right thing in the playground and classrooms during wet break times, it sure has been wet.  Congratulations to:

  • Cara          Rm 1             for Reliability            Atkin
  • Zach M      Rm 26           for Reliability            Selwyn

Sports Notices

Cross Country

We held our school cross country at Madill’s Farm on Monday August 22.


1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Year 8 GirlsNina RSiena GMaddie M
Year 8 BoysHunter DTheo G-MLeon L
Year 7 GirlsIsabel OIsabel NRachael T
Year 7 BoysHenry TKroum LJacob R
Year 6 GirlsBella PStephanie GDemi C
Year 6 BoysCharlie GTheo PHarley S
Year 5 GirlsViolet HJuliet QMadison A
Year 5 BoysJohn GHarry HHugo T
Year 4 GirlsAgnes CSaskia CImogen W
Year 4 BoysCharlie PTheo RFred G
Year 3 GirlsEstelle LOlivia OLilian T
Year 3 BoysWillem WDarragh SSammy M
Year 2 GirlsChloe GPhoebe VEstée V
Year 2 BoysAlex IAndy S-CJenson B
Year 1GirlsStella OSabrina S-CAddison H
Year 1 BoysHugo CMax PMaxim M
Year 0 GirlsMarie FJasmine OScarlett E
Year 0 BoysCharlie LCharlie PSebastian V

Bay Suburbs and Eastern Zones Cross Country Results

On Monday August 29, twenty eight Yr 7 & 8 students attended the Eastern Zones Cross country event at Churchill Park, in the morning. Eastern Zones is a grouping of 20 schools.

Then in the afternoon, forty five Yr 4, 5 & 6 runners participated in the Bay Suburbs competition at the same venue. Bay Suburbs is an association of 9 local schools.

We were very fortunate with the weather, and enjoyed some great results.Many thanks to the parents who provided transport and support.


  • Yr 7 Girls.3rd Isabel O
  • Yr 6 Girls.1st Bella P
  • Yr 6 Boys. 2nd Charlie G
  • Yr 6 Boys. 3rd Harley S
  • Yr 4 Girls. 2nd Agnes C
  • Yr 4 Boys. 3rd Charlie P


  • Yr 7 Girls. 3rd
  • Yr 6 Boys.1st
  • Yr 6 Girls. 1st
  • Yr 5 Girls. 3rd
  • Yr 5 Boys. 3rd
  • Yr 4 Girls. 1st
  • Yr 4 Boys. 3rd

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Draw 4-4. POD Olivia
  • Year 5 Kinas
    Win 8-1. POD Scarlett and Maddie
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles
    Loss 0-12. POD Esmay