School Newsletter – 7 June 2022

Term 2, Week 6

Upcoming Events

PTA MeetingTue, 7 Jun
Photolife Class/PortraitsWed, 8 Jun
BS FootballThu, 9 Jun
Assembly - Hillary & SnellFri, 10 Jun
Assembly - Kiri & CowleyFri, 17 Jun
Matariki WeekMon, 20 Jun
BoT MeetingMon, 20 Jun
Matariki Welcome/BreakfastWed, 22 Jun
Matariki QuizathonWed, 22 Jun
Teacher Only Day - CoL PDThu, 23 Jun
Matariki - Public HolidayFri, 24 Jun
BS NetballWed, 29 Jun
Assembly - Kiri & CowleyFri, 1 Jul
Student Fundraiser - One Can, Two Can and Wear a hatFri, 1 Jul
PTA MeetingTue, 5 Jul
Toi Wearable ArtsWed, 6 Jul

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

I do hope that you enjoyed the long weekend and took time for family and friends.

Grandparents Morning
We were fortunate to have great weather on Friday in order to welcome our students’ grandparents into the school and the classes. There were certainly a big number who attended and I suppose this was in part due to the cancellations of this popular event in the last two years.

Nevertheless students and teachers looked forward to spending the morning sharing some of the learning and introducing grandparents to their friends. A lot of different activities and also ample opportunity for grandparents to mix and mingle at the morning tea ably organised by Janine in the office with the help of the PTA. Thank you.

Our students were so excited to invite grandparents into their learning and to show and share their mornings work. As the photos here demonstrate.

School Staffing and COVID

As I indicated in the last newsletter, the school has had a number of staff in the last few weeks who have tested positive for COVID 19 as well as suffering from cold and flu. We have been able to cover these staff using our Plans A&B, as described in last week’s newsletter, to maintain our status of being open for all students. 

We have noticed a downturn in the numbers of students affected by COVID 19 but an upturn in colds and flu. Thank you for keeping the school up to date when students are away from school. Thank you especially for keeping sick students at home.

 We continue to keep our Health protocols in place and strongly recommend the wearing of masks inside and in common areas. This along with the other measures including sanitising hands and washing regularly as well as maintaining surface cleaning and good ventilation provide us with tools that support our efforts during this Winter period.

The Kohimarama Way – Reliability

“It’s okay to say “no”, it’s okay to say “I will think about it”.  It is okay to say, “I will try”.  It is not okay to make promises you cannot keep.” Izzy Odiase.


Please note these dates for your diary in June:

  • Wednesday 8th June – Photolife Individual and Class Photos.  Note that teams and sibling photos will be taken later in the year.
  • Thursday 23rd June – Teacher Only Day.  School is closed for all students while staff join with our local Community of learning schools to explore NZ Histries curriculum, Treaty of Waitangi influences and local Iwi stories to support the teaching on NZ History.
  • Friday 24th June – Public Holiday – Matariki – new public holiday for 2022

SchooI Board Parent Election 2022

Nomination round

Our school will be undertaking a parent election for 5 School Board vacancies. This process will start with the issuing of nomination papers to our caregiver community by Friday 15th July 2022.

We have employed CES to undertake the election process on our behalf. This year with legislative change, our nomination form and full instruction on how to place your nomination into our own School’s Election website will be emailed to you if we have your email address in our database or you will receive it by post if we don’t have your email in our database.

Nomination papers will also be available at the school office. The school will send those on to CES for processing upon receipt from candidates. 

Nominations close on Wednesday 3rd August at 12 noon. Election day is Wednesday 7th September.

Photolife – Tomorrow

Class and individual photos will be taken tomorrow, Wednesday 8th June. Please ensure your child has correct uniform and footwear.

Come Cool to School Day – brightly coloured socks

Thank you to our students and staff who participated in colourful socks last week on Wednesday, just for fun.  You should check out the photos, who knew you could get socks with unicorn horns and fairy wings attached!  Our next day is Friday 1st July when we are wearing hats and bringing a can or two to support the Auckland City Mission food bank – the  more hats and cans the better.

Welcome to the Library!

New Collection of eBooks and Audiobooks are now available at Kohimarama School!

You can download from the App Store the ePlatform by Wheelers to your phone or ipad for future ease of use.

Click on the link below to go directly to our eBooks and Audiobooks. Sign in using your school ID and network password.

eBooks and Audiobooks

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Kiri Team and Cowley Team:

  • Room 1 – JJ H, Eunsoo L
  • Room 2 – Tasman L, Sabrina SC
  • Room 4 – Queenie H
  • Room 5 – Addison H
  • Room 6 – Lachie C
  • Room 8 – Lucy B
  • Room 16 – Noah H
  • Room 17 – Hunter R
  • Room 25 – Elsa A
  • Room 26 – Aria Z
  • Room 27 – Naomi C
Caught Being Good  –  “Greenies”

Congratulations and thank you to all our students who are “doing the right thing in the playground” – you are awesome and make break times so much more enjoyable.  Our winners this week are brother and sister!

  • Olive            Rm 5           for Respect           Atkin
  • Sammy            Rm 26         for Commitment          Atkin

Community Notices