School Newsletter – 28 June 2022

Term 2, Week 9

Upcoming Events

BS NetballWed, 29 Jun
Assembly - Kiri & CowleyFri, 1 Jul
Student Fundraiser - One Can, Two Can and Wear a hatFri, 1 Jul
PTA MeetingTue, 5 Jul
Toi Wearable ArtsWed, 6 Jul
Reports to go homeFri, 8 Jul
Assembly - Hillary & SnellFri, 8 Jul
International Language week at KohimaramaMon, 25 JulFri, 29 Jul
Learning ConversationsWed, 27 JulThu, 28 Jul

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

I do hope that you enjoyed the Matariki holiday weekend. It seemed to be an occasion when families came together, enjoyed each other’s company, celebrated and shared food at the start of the Maori New Year Calendar.

Our Hikoi to Kohimarama Beach on Wednesday 22 June was attended by many staff, students and parents. The morning was delightful with little breeze and clear skies. Students sang Waiata and welcomed the Matariki stars. Once we completed this we returned to school for a shared breakfast. Altogether a wonderful community time. Thank you Miss Cadzow for your planning and coordination. 

Teacher Only Day (TOD) – Thursday 23rd June

Kohimarama School staff had a wonderful day of learning with our Community of Learning schools on Thursday. We were fortunate to have very good speakers who engaged with and challenged our teachers to reflect, consider and plan how we can work together to explore Te Tiriti O Waitangi, New Zealand Histories Curriculum and to associate this with places and stories from our local context.

Using our learnings from our TOD we will better be able to deliver the NZ Histories curriculum within a Kohimarama community context. You will know that already this year we have undertaken a unit of work on migration which forms a component of our required teaching in NZ History. 

Book in early for Learner Conversations 

As previously indicated, these will be held on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th of July. Please book early to avoid missing the times that work best for your family. 

You can book your Learner Conversation as follows:

Click to make a booking and enter the School Event Code:  htk3k  

Then follow the instructions.  You will get a confirmation email to indicate your booking has been made successfully.

Reminder, each booking is 15 minutes long.  Please leave a gap between meeting bookings for your children to allow you to move between the classrooms if you have students in multiple levels of the school.

Please also note that school finishes for students at 1pm on Wednesday 27th July.  Please make arrangements for your children at this time.

Thank you for your support of our protocols to manage COVID, influenza and colds from spreading across the school. It is most important that we remain home if we are sick. This is an important tool in reducing the spread of disease. Sanitising and hand washing continue to be a requirement for our students and staff often during the day. Spraying of surfaces regularly also assists us in keeping our surfaces clean. 

Your support with these protocols is much appreciated. Our school staff have been impacted by COVID, colds and Influenza during the term. We have managed to limit the spread using the measures above and to keep all our classes operating.  

Relieving teacher budgets

You will have heard the media discussing the high use of relieving teacher budgets across schools, especially in the Auckland region. I can tell you that due to illnesses including COVID, influenza and colds we have used 88% of our relief budget. This is less than most schools. However considering that we are only now entering the cooler Winter season  we will most likely exceed the government’s allocation in the operating budget this year. 

The Kohimarama Way – Reliability

Reliability depends on us doing what we said we would do and not what we meant to do. The often-heard phrase, “Oh sorry, it was such a hectic week” isn’t really helpful to the person who was relying on your assistance or time. Remembering what we offered to do and not over-promising go hand in hand.  It is okay to say “No” at the beginning, not halfway through when others are now depending on you turning up.


One Can, Two Can and Wear a hat Friday 1st July – this week

A reminder this Friday we are supporting the Auckland City Mission with students bringing to school one or two cans of food – if we all support this, we can ensure some families have enough.  We are also combining this with the Come Cool to School Day and wearing a hat – House points for the smallest, biggest and most creative in each class.  Students still wear school uniform.

School Bands

It is with great excitement I can share that our school bands will begin again in Term 3.  Susanna Howes, our Band Director is working behind the scenes at the moment to get everything organised for us to begin.  We will be having a Band Sign Up evening for students and parents to attend as well as an opportunity during the school day for students to hear about what Band offers and answer any questions they may have.

July Roll Returns

Twice a year, all schools in New Zealand are required to furnish to the Ministry of Education a return detailing all students enrolled at their schools. This return determines our funding and staffing for the remainder of the school year. If your child is going to be absent or late for any reason on Friday 1st July the office will require a letter or email from a parent/guardian justifying the student’s absence from school. This correspondence is to be provided to the school office, at, no later than Monday 4th July by 11am. Thank you in advance.

SchooI Board Parent Election 2022

Nomination round

Our school will be undertaking a parent election for 5 School Board vacancies. This process will start with the issuing of nomination papers to our caregiver community by Friday 15th July 2022.

We have employed CES to undertake the election process on our behalf. This year with legislative change, our nomination form and full instruction on how to place your nomination into our own School’s Election website will be emailed to you if we have your email address in our database or you will receive it by post if we don’t have your email in our database.

Nomination papers will also be available at the school office. The school will send those on to CES for processing upon receipt from candidates. 

Nominations close on Wednesday 3rd August at 12 noon. Election day is Wednesday 7th September.

Welcome to the Library!

This week our librarians prepared a new challenging scavenger hunt in the library.  Put your thinking hats on and come for the big search of the Owl during the big break.  Have fun and earn House points.


If you can’t find the book in the school library how about you try to find it in our new eBook collection? Driving in the car is boring?  How about you listen to the new Audiobook from Kohimarama new online collection?

This week is the last week for the book reviews online.  The guide of how to write a good book review is available online.  Top 10 reviews will get the prize!

Sport News

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Loss 1-4. POD Harry
  • Year 5 Kinas
    Win 3-2. POD Scarlett & Alex
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles
    Win 5-4. POD Allie 
Netball Results
  • Year 8 Flames
    Win 14-12 POD Sienna G

Community Notices