School Newsletter – 24 May 2022

Term 2, Week 4

Upcoming Events

ImmunisationsWed, 25 May
EZ Girls FootballWed, 25 May
Pink Tshirt DayFri, 27 May
Assembly - Hillary & SnellFri, 27 May
Hillary Swimming LessonsMon, 30 MayThu, 2 Jun
Year 6,7,8 Attitude PresentationMon, 30 May
Year 6,7,8 Attitude PresentationTue, 31 May
Assembly - Kiri & CowleyFri, 3 Jun
Yr7/8 Boys Football Development DayFri, 3 Jun
Grandparents DayFri, 3 Jun
Queen's BirthdayMon, 6 Jun
PTA MeetingTue, 7 Jun
Photolife Class/PortraitsWed, 8 Jun
BS FootballThu, 9 Jun
Assembly - Hillary & SnellFri, 10 Jun
Assembly - Kiri & CowleyFri, 17 Jun
Matariki WeekMon, 20 Jun
BoT MeetingMon, 20 Jun
Matariki Welcome/BreakfastWed, 22 Jun
Matariki QuizathonWed, 22 Jun

A Message from the Deputy Principals

National Young Leaders Day 2022

We were very fortunate to offer our Year 7 and 8 Student Leaders the opportunity of attending National Young Leaders Day (NYLD) last Thursday.  We took 50 students and met with over 1,000 students from around Auckland to listen and learn. Thank you to the many parents who offered transport to and from the event, we could not have attended without your support.  

This day was about Resilience and we listened to a line-up of Leaders in our community and country sharing their personal journeys and lessons they have learned.  

  • William Pike – legs buried when Mt Ruapehu erupted, now living with an artificial leg.
  • Georgia Lines – a singer-songwriter who started her career just when Covid hit.
  • Georgia Latu – at age 12 started her company, ‘Potiki Poi’ – the only NZ company that produces poi. 
  • Sam Johnson – When the Christchurch earthquakes occurred he organised the ‘Student Volunteer Army’ to support their community.  He is now the CEO of this organisation and supports internationally. One year ago he suffered a head injury which means he still needs a regular afternoon sleep.
  • Dave Letele – boxer and Dancing with the Stars competitor.  He grew up with his Dad the president of one of the NZ gangs now he is instrumental in supporting those in need in his community.

It was an inspirational day and some student leaders have shared their key takeout of the day:

  • Lincoln – “Surround yourself with good people.”
  • Liam – “Don’t quit.”
  • Rachael – “Always volunteer.”
  • Liz – “It doesn’t matter how old or how many skills you have to be a volunteer.”
  • Hugh – “Build your team and project.”
  • Maddie M – “Even without a right leg, William still continues to do all the things he loved before his accident e.g. hiking and swimming.”
  • Olivia C – “I was very inspired by Sam Johnson and now I want to be a volunteer and help people.”
  • Isabel O – “I was inspired by Sam J. because he did something that others needed not himself, and that he kept doing it!”
  • Nina – “You can start at any age.”
  • Jessie – “Sam inspired me to help people more and it also makes you happier!”
  • Sam – “To start young.”
  • Zach – “To never give up.”
  • Max H – “To never give up.”
  • Olivia – “Have healthy habits.”
  • Ziggy – “How he kept going after his head injury.”
  • Kroum – “To believe in yourself.”
  • Ava – “Georgia Lines inspired me to give it a go.”
  • Imogen – “The thing inspiring me was the fact that people our age started businesses and I learned about leadership and about TEAM work.”
  • Farrah – “The thing that inspired me the most is that no matter how rough the eruption was on his legs, William still got into bush-walking again.”
  • Mya – “I found that all the speakers had something hard and none of them gave up.”
  • Harry H – “To help others and to help your community.  Never give up on your dreams.”
  • Lucas – “I learned that with enough work and determination you can accomplish anything.”
The Kohimarama Way – Reliability

How we know we are being successful is we will be making promises that we can keep, treating our agreements seriously, planning ahead, doing our best, finishing on time and finding other ways if an obstacle occurs.


Please note these dates for your diary in June:

  • Friday 3rd June – Grandparents Day.  Grandparents and special older friends are invited to visit your grandchild’s classroom in the morning followed by morning tea in the hall.  Watch the newsletter for further details.
  • Monday 6th June – Public Holiday – Queen’s Birthday
  • Wednesday 8th June – Photolife Individual and Class Photos.  Note that teams and sibling photos will be taken later in the year.
  • Thursday 23rd June – Teacher Only Day.  School is closed for all students while staff join with our local Community of learning schools to explore NZ Histries curriculum, Treaty of Waitangi influences and local Iwi stories to support the teaching on NZ History.
  • Friday 24th June – Public Holiday – Matariki – new public holiday for 2022

Updating Secure Wifi Access

On Friday the school will be updating our secure wifi access. This means all students with a BYOD will need to have their chromebooks onsite on Friday for updating. Please ensure the chromebooks are fully charged.

Learner Assistant/Teacher Aide

We are currently looking for a Learner Assistant/Teacher Aide – for immediate start to join our team here at Kohimarama School. Please let friends and family know of this opportunity to work school hours and terms. For more information please email

Pink Shirt Day –  Pink anything day this Friday

This Friday 27th May we are recognising that bullying is not okay anytime, anywhere – especially at our school.  We are asking students and teachers to participate by wearing anything or all pink on Friday.  Please don’t go out and buy pink ‘things’, check out your cupboards and rummage in the dress up box.  Students will be wearing mufti (no uniform) and anything pink they have.  There is no monetary cost, but please talk about this with your child/ren, thank you.

Grandparents Morning  –  Friday 3rd June

We are very excited that we are able to hold our annual Grandparents’ morning in 2022.  We are looking forward to welcoming back all Grandparents who are able to come and see what their grandchildren get up to here at Kohimarama. If for some reason a child’s grandparent/s is unable to attend, please know your child is welcome to invite an adult family friend in their stead. We strongly recommend that all Grandparents wear a mask for their health and the health of our students and staff.  Below is the outline of our morning programme, can’t wait to see you all:

  1. Grandparents are welcome from 8.55 am to 10.30 am.  They will be welcomed at our school gate by some of our School Leaders and shown to their grandchild’s class.  Please make sure your child’s grandparent knows which class/es they are going to.  Grandparents are invited to share in the learning, don’t panic, teachers are not giving them a test, the work will be inclusive for all.
  2. 10.30 am – 11.00 am morning tea will be provided for grandparents in the hall.  This is an opportunity to enjoy a cuppa, some morning tea yummies and talk with others of similar age and interests.  Students are not part of this, due to our hall size.
  3. 11.00 am – Grandparents make their way home.

Wrapper Free Lunches

We encourage our learners to bring lunches that ideally have no disposable wrappers. Recyclable food wrappers and containers are recommended. Bonus house points are offered each Friday for those who have wrapper free lunches, and we hope that other days can also be wrapper free.

Welcome to the Library!

Winter is knocking at our doors.  To keep students warm and happy this week we will do Yoga in the library!  Please come in during the big break and join amazing teachers to practice your Down dog or a Cat pose.  No experience is necessary and if you fancy, bring your yoga mat to school.  Will see all Kohimarama Yogis this week at 1.10pm in the library.

Australian Library and Information Association are organising a National Simultaneous Story Reading event.  All students are welcome to the library on Wednesday, the 25th of May at big break 1.10pm to listen to the wonderful story.  The book Family Tree by Josh Pyke and illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh is a heartfelt celebration of family, community and seasons of life to cherish and to share.

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students from Kiri Team and Cowley Team:

  • Room 1 – Iris H
  • Room 2 – Cormac R
  • Room 4 – Finnegan D
  • Room 5 – Amelia L, Mia T
  • Room 6 – Leo M
  • Room 8 – Ollie M
  • Room 16 – Ben B
  • Room 17 – Remy C
  • Room 25 – Zachary H
  • Room 26 – Estelle L
  • Room 27 – Georgia H
Caught Being Good  –  “Greenies”

How fortunate are we being able to play outside at break times, the rain has made a visit but not enough to ruin our week.  Congratulations and thank you to all our students who are doing the ‘right thing’ in the playground – you are awesome.  Special congratulations this week to:  

  • Addison           Rm 5           for Reliability           Patteson
  • Claudia            Rm 8           for Reliability           Patteson

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Win 4-1. POD Zara
  • Year 5 Kinas
    Win 5-2. POD Bella
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles
    Loss 1-3. POD Mia Rose 

Community Notices