School Newsletter – 29 March 2022

Term 1, Week 9

Upcoming Events

Kiri Road SafetyTue, 29 Mar
Kiri Road SafetyWed, 30 Mar
Yr 7/8 SurfingFri, 1 Apr
AssemblyFri, 1 Apr
PTA MeetingMon, 4 Apr
Sunglass ThursdayThu, 7 Apr
Y7/8 SurfingFri, 8 Apr
AssemblyThu, 14 Apr
Good FridayFri, 15 Apr

A Message from Snell Team


As part of our curriculum in Year 7 and 8, we need to do 2 languages, these are Te Reo Māori and Spanish. We also need to complete learning about the digital technology curriculum. To fit everything all in, we do a rotation in our Hub  every Monday, Tuesday and Friday. They are all interesting and fun in their own way, in Spanish we are learning different words and greetings, In Te Reo Maori we have been developing our Pepeha and in Digital tech we have been doing digital escape rooms to learn detail problem solving skills.

Te Reo Māori – In Māori we have been creating our Pepehas and learning how to deliver a mihi and whakatauki. We learnt how to write our own Pepeha by doing the research on our families. Miss Cadzow did a Tino Pai job ( Very good Job ) teaching us how to write and create our very own Pepeha nad pronounce all the kupu correctly.  Our goal is to be able to learn them off by heart and be able to present them whenever we need to. This rotation made it fun to learn another language, and being beneficial at the same time was a bonus!

Spanish – For Spanish we have already learnt about introductions to say “Hello” and “Good morning” in Spanish, we are also able to introduce ourselves and greet people in spanish. We have just finished learning about food and are able to say what food we like, listing food  and also understand masculine and feminine words better. At the moment we are learning about countries, places and travel. It has been awesome learning from Mr Holmes who is a fluent Spanish speaker. Overall, Spanish has been a fun subject and interesting to learn about the culture and new words.

Digital technology – In our digital technology lessons we have been solving digital escape rooms in small groups.  We have been doing these escape rooms on a variety of subjects such as tessellations, the zoo, dinosaurs, space and animals. We have all been having  fun when we go to Mr Viggo and learn lots of cool facts about the different subjects. We are looking forward to next term where we will begin exploring coding with robots!. Overall we think digital tech is a great way to extend your knowledge about the world and enhance your problem-solving skills.

We have been really enjoying doing them and learned a lot from them. Everyday we look forward to starting the lessons and really appreciate them.

By Scarlett, Alyssa, Siena & Freja

The Kohimarama Way – Compassion

Compassion towards others is important, as everyone is walking their own difficult path. If you walked a mile in their shoes, you would have a new appreciation for all they do to get through a day – that you didn’t even know about.


Assessment Snapshot Meetings –  Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th April

The last 18 months, with schools being in and out of lockdowns, formal assessment was not able to be completed as we would typically want or you would normally expect. Our goal, in this first term of 2022, is to have an Assessment Snapshot meeting to give you up to date information on your child and their next steps in learning. As you are aware assessment informs the next steps for learning and sharing this with you will maximise the learning opportunities over the remainder of this year. 

The Snapshot meetings will be on site due to the recent change to the RED setting by the government. When coming on site we ask that you follow the current school protocols and wear a mask at all times. We will have sanitiser available for you to use on entry and exit from the classroom.  

The Snapshot meeting schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 12th April – school will finish for students as follows:

Kiri and Cowley Teams :  12.50pm

Hillary and Snell Teams :  1.00pm

Discussions will start promptly at 1.45pm

NB. As we are currently separating our teams out across the school during entry, exit and play, we are unable to supervise students for the afternoon, please make arrangements for your child/ren on Tuesday afternoon 

Wednesday 13th April – school will finish as usual for students.

Discussions will start promptly at 3.30pm

To make your appointment, the booking portal will open on Friday 1st April at 10am and close on Thursday 7th April at 3pm.

You can book your Assessment Snapshot meeting as follows:

Click on to make a booking and enter the School Event Code:  k74yn

Then follow the instructions. You will get a confirmation email to indicate your booking has been made successfully.

Each booking is 15 minutes long.  To ensure the smooth running of the meetings for everyone, please ensure that you arrive in time for your booked appointment.  The end of the discussion will be indicated by the school bell. We ask you to move promptly out of the class after the bell rings and  before the next family enters. 

Please leave a gap between Meeting bookings for your children to allow you to move between the classrooms.

Wacky Hair Day Fundraiser for Nurnobi 

Thank you for your generosity, together we raised $783 for Nurnobi our World Vision teenager.  There were some amazing hair dos, thank you for the time and effort you put into supporting your child/ren, they looked fabulous. Nurnobi likes to eat cake, smell the date molasses’s sweet fragrance, and enjoys the cooling wind on his face.  He also likes to see the river as all the boats are on it in his country of Bangladesh.  Great job Student Council for putting this all together, we hope you enjoy the photos.

Welcome to the Library!

We are busy reading and discovering new worlds and new languages.  There are 23 different languages spoken in Kohimarama school today.  To support the diversity of the Kohimarama community we are creating an International Language corner.  We do have books in Polish, Spanish and Russian and are working to enrich the collection.  If you do have children’s book or books you would like to share with Kohimarama library it would be very much appreciated.  You could drop the books at the office or in the library.  Thank you and Happy reading.

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Loss 3-4 POD Spencer
  • Year 5 Kinas
    Loss 0-9 POD Emily
  • Year 6 Blue Bottles
    Win 7-2. POD Mia Rose 

Community Notices