School Newsletter – 8 February 2022

Term 1, Week 2

Upcoming Events

Road Patrol TrainingWed, 9 Feb
AssemblyFri, 18 Feb
AssemblyFri, 4 Mar
PTA MeetingMon, 7 Mar

A Message from the Principal

Dear parents and caregivers

I hope that you enjoyed the long Waitangi weekend with family and friends. 

Our school focus continues to be setting up our students for a successful year. Our staff are very much enjoying having students back at school and are busily setting up the positive relationships with each of them that will contribute to their success in 2022.

For the staff and I the Kohimarama Way leads us towards the desired outcomes for students at the beginning of this year and especially for their wellbeing. 

This means that; 

  • Students have a sense of belonging and connection to school, to family, to friends and the community 
  • Students experience achievement and success 
  • Students are resilient, have the capacity to bounce back 
  • Students are socially and emotionally competent, are socially aware, have good relationship skills, are self-confident, are able to lead, self manage and are responsible decision-makers
  • Students are physically active and lead healthy lifestyles 
  • Students are nurtured and cared for by teachers at school, have adults to turn to who grow their potential, celebrate their successes, discuss options and work through problems 
  • Students feel safe and secure at school, relationships are valued and expectations are clear
  • Students are included, involved, engaged, invited to participate and make positive contributions 

In order to support our students, particularly during the pandemic, the Board of Trustees agreed to having counselling available in 2021. While this was very successful for those students who were involved, it was short lived due to lockdowns

We are pleased to announce that we can now continue to offer counselling in 2022 and this will become available next week. Further information regarding our process and access to counselling will follow later this week. 

Please remember to highlight the Kohimarama Way with your children over the next few weeks. The staff have developed childrens speak around the Vision DICE 

  • DREAM Think Big! Imagine what you can do!
  • INSPIRE Being an enthusiastic learner with confidence and motivation to challenge and believe in myself
  • CREATE To use our imagination to show our learning in a new way
  • EMPOWER I take risks and arel confident in my choices

As we continue in our Red setting I want to thank all those parents who have set up good routines of dropping students off at the gate after 8.30am each morning. Your support for our risk mitigation is appreciated. At this setting we have had to postpone;

Meet and Greet the Teacher

This would normally be scheduled for early in Term 1.  However, because we are in the Red Setting we are unable to go ahead with this regular gathering event.

You can expect to receive a call from your child’s teacher over the next three weeks.  They will take the opportunity to introduce themselves and provide a little feedback on the start to the year, listen to any specific comments that you might have to assist the teacher and answer any questions you may have.

Once the setting changes we will review the option of bringing the community together.

Updated Contact Details

Please email if you have had any change to your address or contact details for your child/ren.  This includes updating contact details of those people who collect your child from school, including nannies.  It is important that we have up to date addresses, email addresses and mobile phone numbers at all times.

Paul Engles

Tumuaki I Principal

The Kohimarama Way – Compassion

What is Compassion?

Compassion is having kind feelings toward someone who is hurt or troubled.  It is caring deeply and wanting to help, even if you don’t know them.  It is being kind and forgiving to someone who has hurt you.  It is seeing someone in the playground who is alone and talking to them, making them feel welcome.


Kohimarama School Bands

Due to us being in Red Light our Beginner, Intermediate and Ensemble bands will not be going ahead.  We will also not be holding Band Sign Up night as advertised this week.  As soon as we are in Orange Light we will make Band a priority to get going.

Road Patrollers – thank you

Thank you to our Road Patrollers who are keeping us all safe as we cross the roads on the pedestrian crossings.  You make crossing our roads a breeze, and safe. 

Parent Help Needed – Pedestrian Crossings

We need your help, if you are vaccinated and can give us 35 minutes in the morning we need you.  We are looking for parents to supervise our Road Patrollers on Kohimarama Road and Rawhitiroa Road.  It would mean you meet the Road Patrollers at 8.25am and stay with them until 8.55am.  Please contact Meegan as soon as you are able.

Term Dates and School Calendar

  • Term 1: Thursday 3rd February – Thursday 14th April
  • Term 2: Monday 2nd May – Friday 8th July
  • Term 3: Monday 25th July – Friday 30 September
  • Term 4: Monday 17th October – Thursday 15 December

Public Holidays and Teachers Only days

  • Good Friday — Friday 15 April 2022
  • Easter Monday — Monday 18 April 2022
  • ANZAC Day — Monday 25 April 2022
  • Queen’s Birthday — Monday 6 June 2022
  • Matariki — Friday 24 June 2022
  • Labour Day — Monday 24 October 2022
  • Teacher Only Day — Tuesday 25 October 2022


Payments are to be made via Kindo, however if you are unable to do this please respond directly to the eTAP message regarding activity, steam and in some cases technology. We are now able to make contactless payment by eftpos. Please provide your credit card number, expiry date and csv number and the amount to be deducted.