School Newsletter – 7 December 2021

Term 4, Week 8

Upcoming Events

Kiri - Fun DayTue, 7 Dec
Year 7&8 Trip to DevonportWed, 8 Dec
Cowley - Fun DayFri, 10 Dec
Year 6 - Tiritiri Matangi TripFri, 10 Dec
Certificate AssemblyMon, 13 Dec
Reports go HomeWed, 15 Dec
Sports Assembly (Cups)Wed, 15 Dec
Final AssemblyThu, 16 Dec
School finishes 12pmThu, 16 Dec

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

At our last Board meeting for this year, we presented the following data on Numeracy and Literacy. 

Below are the Progress and Achievement Testing (PAT) Box and Whisker graphs showing the Kohimarama School score in the dark colour and the national normed results for the rest of the country. The line across the box shows the mean score for our school and that of the nation. These tests are carried out for Years 4-8 students in our school and across the country.

In Mathematics

Scale Score for Maths – Box and Whisker comparison across years and against the National Norms

Progress Over Time

When we look at the shift from 2020 to 2021 we can see that all of the year groups have made positive shifts.  The year 8 and 5 groups have made the greatest positive shift from their previous year.

Year Group2020Year Group 2021Shift
Yr 440.1Yr 549.7+9.6
Yr 546.8Yr 651.9+5.1
Yr 652.3Yr 757.1+4.8
Yr 753.1Yr 861.6+8.5

In Reading Comprehension

Scale Score for Reading Comprehension – Box and Whisker comparison across years and against the National Norms

Progress Over Time

Comparing students’ results from Year to Year, all have made positive shifts.  This indicates that between 2020 and 2021, results have improved.  The Year groups that improved most significantly are Years 5 and 6 with +8.7 and +8.6 respectively

Year Group2020Year Group2021Shift

It is very pleasing to see that our school continues to achieve well above the national norms and that each year our cohort of students continue to improve year on year.

New Modular Rooms

Our new Learning Hub for Year 3 classes is finally onsite and will take shape over the next few weeks. This area will be occupied from the commencement of the  2022 academic year. The current Year 2 parents have been written to, explaining how this Learning Hub will operate.  

Welcome to our New Staff

Welcome to the following new teachers who will be joining us at Kohimarama School:

Maddison Brown – is joining Hillary Team as a Year 4 Teacher.

She will be known to a number of our students as she has been in our classrooms and online this year for her practicum as a student teacher.

Melanie Prasad – is joining the Snell Team as a Year 6 Teacher.

Melanie has been a teacher at Stonefields School since 2016 teaching a number of different year groups and she has held a number of different leadership roles.

Reuben Holmes – is joining the Snell Team as a Year 7 / 8 Teacher.

After travelling for a number of years including teaching in Peru, Reuben has been teaching a Year 6 class at Victoria Avenue School.

Farewell to Staff

In the previous newsletter we indicated staff leaving at the end of this year. Malina Moore has made the decision not to return to Room 1 in 2022.  We thank Malina for the contribution she has made in her job share position in this classroom along with Nikola Karsten.

Reports to go Home

Reports will be available for families on Wednesday 15th December. These will be published in the morning. A separate letter explaining how to read these reports will be sent on Monday 13th December and published on the school website.

Class Placement for 2022

Due to the part time schedule at school, students meeting their new teacher will be slightly different this year. The following schedule has been made;

  1. On Tuesday 14th December all teachers come to school for the last 30 minutes of the day to meet their 2022 class from Kiri or Hillary Team
  2. On Wednesday 15th December all teachers come to school for the last 30 minutes of the day to meet their 2022 class from Cowley and Snell Teams

Schedule for next week

Important NoteWe have made a change to the attendance schedule for the last week of school.  This is to allow our Year 8 leaving students to spend a full day and a half together at school before they leave us to head on to College.

The new schedule is:

Monday 13th DecTuesday 14th DecWed 15th DecThursday 16th Dec – school finishes at 12 noon.
Kiri (Y0/1)Hillary(Y4/5)KiriHillaryCowley (Y2/3)Snell (Y6/7/8)CowleySnell
The Kohimarama Way – Respect

“Respect is how to treat people, even when no one else is looking.”  “Respect your efforts, respect yourself.  Self-respect leads to self-discipline.  When you have both firmly under your belt, that’s real power.”  Clint Eastwood.  “Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.”  Laurence Stone


Auckland City Mission –  Thank you

Thank you for your generosity, between us all we collected 756 cans of food.  This is an amazing amount of food for people and families in need – thank you so much.

Student Leader Fun Day

Last week we were able to acknowledge and thank the students who take on leadership responsibilities at our school and make it the fabulous place it is.  We had half a day of fun including, a mini Ninja Warrior Course, a Wrecking Ball, a Dunking bucket, an all-out water pistol fight, and tug of war.  Thank you to our Road Patrollers, Student Council, House Captains, Peer Mediators, Ambassadors and Sports Councillors – we are incredibly fortunate to have you as an integral part of our school.


All assemblies will be held as online events this year.  The details will be made available for viewing by classes and families on the specified day. All assemblies are scheduled for the morning session. The online assemblies are;

  • Certificate Assembly Monday 13th December
  • Sports Assembly Wednesday 15th December
  • Final Assembly Thursday 16th December

Kindo – Leaving Kohimarama School?

If your family is moving to another school that does not use ezlunch or myKindo for school payments, you need to close your account.

If you’re not sure about the new school, log in to your account, go to ‘My Details‘ and click on the list of schools, scrolling to find your new school. Note that one family account can manage students at multiple schools.

If your new school is NOT on the list, use the ‘close account’ button on that screen.
You can choose to donate your balance to school (where available) or have it paid out to your nominated bank account. 

Last Day of School 2021

School will finish for the year on Thursday 16th December at 12pm.

School opens in 2022

The school office will open after Auckland Anniversary weekend on Tuesday 1st February. 

School will reopen for all students on Thursday 3rd February 2022. 

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 – Andy S-C, Leo
  • Room 2 – Ava J, Henry M, Sebastian M
  • Room 3 – Hugo C, Logan E, Cara V, Sabrina S-C
  • Room 4 – Marlo P-B, Charlie C
  • Room 5 – Caleb O, Mia D, Claudia C
  • Room 6 – Rian S, Zeke Z, Poppy M
  • Room 7 – Aiden R, Orla J, Archer K
  • Room 8 – Emmett K, Samantha E, Honor R
  • Room 9 – N/A
  • Room 10 – Madeleine T, Jake S
  • Room 11 – Harrison V, Harry H
  • Room 12 – Esmay O
  • Room 13 – Arthur G-M,Cooper A
  • Room 14 – Asher P, Annabel B
  • Room 15 – Andrew W
  • Room 16 – George R, Aurelia T
  • Room 17 – Jacob N, Anjay H, Thomas O
  • Room 18 – Theo G-M, Audrey H, Emma N
  • Room 19 – Amy C, Oli S
  • Room 20 – Mya F, Zoe S, Jerry C, Max A, Casper H
  • Room 21 – Ava G, Liam I-M, Catalina H, Harry H, Zach L, Mattys N
  • Room 22 – Eden M, Zoe M, Joy M, Atilla H, Isabella E, Ben L
  • Room 23 – Indie C, Nicole L, Isabel O, Toby T
  • Room 24 – N/A
  • Room 25 – Deniz E, Franklin O, Aston R, Terrence H
  • Room 26 – Jessica M,  Imogen W, Hannah E

Community Notices