School Newsletter – 14 December 2021

Term 4, Week 9

Upcoming Events

Reports go HomeWed, 15 Dec
Sports Assembly (Cups)Wed, 15 Dec
Final AssemblyThu, 16 Dec
School finishes 12pmThu, 16 Dec

A Message from the Principal

Thank you Kohimarama School Learning Community

As we come to the end of a very different year whereby you and the school have had to learn new ways to learn again and pivot to be able to respond to learners’ needs, I want to thank you for your continued efforts to ‘work together’ to support the learning of your children. This is above and beyond for you and that is recognised by the school. I do hope that you have a wonderful family time together to rest and relax.

The school has surveyed a number of areas over this term.

The survey relating to learning (Online).

I would like to thank all those who have made a contribution to the survey and the small number who made additional comments.

In this survey you said …

  1. 80% of you indicated that there was an overall commitment to quality teaching and learning at Kohimarama School.
  2. 78% indicated that there is a good understanding of the Kohimarama Way and how this is linked to students’ learning.
  3. 90% indicated that your children are happy at school.
  4. 94% of you indicated that your children feel safe at school.
  5. 85% indicated that Kohimarama School is supportive of its learners.

The school has also undertaken a survey of teachers and students asking similar questions. The results of all three surveys are helping us to understand the different perspectives and what opportunities can be taken to continue to improve teaching and learning across the school.

As we start 2022 we will be refreshed and looking to accelerate the learning by;

Undertaking our normal formative assessments at the commencement of 2022 to ascertain where students are performing at the beginning of the year. This will be alongside other assessments including observations, dialogic conversation between students and teachers, work samples against benchmarks and curriculum levels etc. 

As part of our curriculum review we will be reinforcing the  ‘must know’ skills in all curriculum areas and especially in reading and mathematics so that these will not be left to chance.

As usual Kohimarama School will ensure positive and connected relationships underpin the learning environment as this is fundamental to a successful year. Our Kohimarama Way is the roadmap for our learning community to ensure that our students are cared for and enabled to be successful learners while at our school. 

Further development in understanding and the use of SchoolTalk as a learning tool for students, parents and staff. The tool provides up to date information about what a child is learning and how they are progressing (progressions).

Again, thank you to parents , students and staff for your contributions to the surveys. 

School Reports and SchoolTalk Information

Following this newsletter you will receive an important letter with information relating to SchoolTalk and your child’s report.  Please take time to read this before you read your child’s report as it will assist with understanding the layout.  School reports will be available to families on Wednesday.

School Uniform – Clarification

I would like to apologise for any confusion regarding the wearing of skorts or shorts for girls in a letter sent regarding uniform for students for 2022 the following clarifies the day to day uniform.

From the start of 2022  students can choose to wear what they feel more comfortable from the current school uniform which is a Skort or Tailored shorts.

The navy blue PE shorts with school initials are worn by all students for physical activity.

Reminder The Board will be undertaking a review of the school uniform in 2022.

2022 – All schools are open.

As you know, Auckland will move to the Orange traffic light on 30th December this year.

Kohimarama School will commence for all students under the traffic light system on Thursday 3rd February. 

This means that all students in all areas of the school will be attending with the appropriate public health measures in place. More information via a COVID Update from the school will be sent to you just prior to commencing the 2022 academic year. 

As I said above, I thank you for your support of Kohimarama School and the way that many of you walked alongside us through some difficult times this year. I would like to acknowledge the Board especially Brad Dunstan, our presiding member, for the support, counsel and  encouragement during the year. I would like to acknowledge our PTA, Lizzie and Julie have been amazing in support of the school community and the staff. I would like to thank the Centenary Committee and Lynda Millward in particular, for their positive approach even when the planned events were stopped due to the pandemic. I look forward to celebrating our belated centenary in March 2022.

Ko nga tapuwae i whakatakotoria e tatou i nga wa o mua ko nga toka kohatu e hikoi ai tatou i tenei ra.

The footsteps that we lay down in the past form the paving stones we walk on today.

Mere Kirihimete marutau hararei

Merry Christmas and a safe holiday.

Paul Engles

Tumuaki I Principal

The Kohimarama Way – Respect

“You can’t force people to respect you, but you can refuse to tolerate their disrespect.””Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”



All assemblies will be held as online events this year.  The details will be made available for viewing by classes and families on the specified day. All assemblies are scheduled for the morning session. The online assemblies still to complete are;

  • Sports Assembly Wednesday 15th December
  • Final Assembly Thursday 16th December

Note for winners of Sports and Final Assembly Cups – These will need to be returned in Term 3 2022. If you are moving overseas please return the trophy to the office before you move.

Absences for the last few days

If you are shooting away early for holidays, please email the office to ensure your child is marked accordingly. The office will need to follow up on any missing children

Reports to go Home

Reports will be available for families on Wednesday 15th December. These will be published in the morning. A separate letter explaining how to read these reports will be sent on Monday 13th December and published on the school website.

Class Placement for 2022

Due to the part time schedule at school, students meeting their new teacher will be slightly different this year. The following schedule has been made;

  1. On Tuesday 14th December all teachers come to school for the last 30 minutes of the day to meet their 2022 class from Kiri or Hillary Team
  2. On Wednesday 15th December all teachers come to school for the last 30 minutes of the day to meet their 2022 class from Cowley and Snell Teams

Schedule for this week

Important NoteWe have made a change to the attendance schedule for this week.  This is to allow our Year 8 leaving students to spend a full day and a half together at school before they leave us to head on to College.

The new schedule is:

Monday 13th DecTuesday 14th DecWed 15th DecThursday 16th Dec – school finishes at 12 noon.
Kiri (Y0/1)Hillary(Y4/5)KiriHillaryCowley (Y2/3)Snell (Y6/7/8)CowleySnell

Term Dates and School Calendar

2022 term dates including Public Holidays are available on the school website to assist you with your planning .The calendar is also updated regularly with all school Teacher Only Days and school related events.

School Centennial

After the disruption to the plans for this year, we are pleased to announce the new dates for 2022 where we can celebrate 101 years as Kohimarama School. These three separate events will enable us to manage the requirements of the traffic light framework.  Mark these dates in your calendar.

Friday 25 March – School celebrations including an assembly and centennial tree planting

Saturday 26 March – Alumni morning tea and classroom visits

Saturday 26 March – Gala Dinner & Auction

Kindo – Leaving Kohimarama School?

If your family is moving to another school that does not use ezlunch or myKindo for school payments, you need to close your account.

If you’re not sure about the new school, log in to your account, go to ‘My Details‘ and click on the list of schools, scrolling to find your new school. Note that one family account can manage students at multiple schools.

If your new school is NOT on the list, use the ‘close account’ button on that screen.
You can choose to donate your balance to school (where available) or have it paid out to your nominated bank account. 

SchoolTalk – Leaving Kohimarama School

If your child is leaving Kohimarama School, please ensure you have downloaded all their school reports. As of the New Year reports will be unavailable for those students who have left.

Last Day of School 2021

School will finish for the year on Thursday 16th December at 12pm.

School opens in 2022

The school office will open after Auckland Anniversary weekend on Tuesday 1st February. 

School will reopen for all students on Thursday 3rd February 2022. 

Band 2022 – Year 4 to 8 students

Yes, we will be having Band next year.  Early in the Term we will gather our existing Band members together and begin again as well as hold a Band Sign Up evening for new students who may be interested in joining.  Our three bands consist of brass and woodwind instruments, you don’t need to have played before, but you need to commit to practising your instrument regularly.  It is a great opportunity to learn a new skill.

EPRO8 Competition

This year 44 children from years 5-8 took part in the EPRO8 Science, Technology & Engineering programme.  Due to lockdown the interschool competition was unable to go ahead however we held a Kohimarama School challenge instead. Congratulations to our first place winners: Year 5: Beyond Newton.  Zoe M, Tiffany T, Hamish B and Mattias E.  This team built the London Eye which turned on an axle and included carriages. Year 6: Einstein’s Children.  Coco P, Eden M, Isabel O and Liz Z. They built the Cinderella Tower at Disneyland. It featured the famous hotel room which rotated and moving drawbridge. Year 7/8: Coming up with names is hard.  Enya N, Alessa I-M, Theo B and Carlos M. Their design was the Skyline Gondola with moving track and carriage.

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 – N/A
  • Room 2 – Victoria B,  Abigail N
  • Room 3 – Tessa F, Mila S, Iris H
  • Room 4 – Stella R
  • Room 5 – Baz D, Remy C, Cleo D
  • Room 6 – Olivia R, Sofia P, Meila A, Naomi C, Ajay P, Adrian J
  • Room 7 – Benjamin M, Eva R-C, Willem WNatalie Q, Aria Z
  • Room 8 – Sophie G, Robbie C, Casey F, Tymofii B, Carlos P
  • Room 9 – Zoe M, Alisha W, Ollie S, Jazlyn L, Flora SO
  • Room 10 – Leon U, Isabella R, Mila B
  • Room 11 – Ethan F, Scarlett B, Millie P
  • Room 12 – Theo P, Forest A, Felix A, Ben E, Logan M, Seb M
  • Room 13 – Emily M, Nico G, Juliet Q, Zac C, Bella P, Tiffany T, Esther C
  • Room 14 – Varvara B, Mia M, Jayden J, Henry N
  • Room 15 – Kirill L, Helena L-H
  • Room 16 – Liam B, Agnes C, Bella C
  • Room 17 – Ollie R, Hayden C
  • Room 18 – Joao Vitor DWL, Ella R, Max H
  • Room 19 – Alexander C, Asher Z, Finn D, Riley E, Isaac R
  • Room 20 – Luke B, Annabelle W, Henry M, Sam D, Beau S, Leo T, Taylor F, Alyssa R
  • Room 21 – Austin R, Kroum L, Leila M, Lucas O, Ashton J, Florence H
  • Room 22 – Luke W, Adrian T, Jacob H
  • Room 23 – Conrad C, Callum P, Lalita Z
  • Room 24 – Tallulah M, Havana C, Anna S, Audrey K, Cormac R, Sylvia R, Alfie J, Elliotte D
  • Room 25 – Charlotte B, Amy D, Isabel G, Cara S-P
  • Room 26 – Imogen P, Ivy H, Tangaroa S, Giavanna M, Ted T

Community Notices

Conscious Kids Holiday Programmes