School Newsletter – 23 November 2021

Term 4, Week 6

Upcoming Events

Road Patrol trainingTue, 23 Nov
Yr 7/8 Trip - Mission Bay BeachWed, 24 Nov
Hillary Fun DayWed, 1 Dec
Student Leader Fun DayThu, 2 Dec
Kiri - Fun DayTue, 7 Dec
Year 7&8 Trip to DevonportWed, 8 Dec
Cowley - Fun DayFri, 10 Dec
Year 6 - Tiritiri Matangi TripFri, 10 Dec
Certificate AssemblyMon, 13 Dec
Reports go HomeWed, 15 Dec
Sports Assembly (Cups)Wed, 15 Dec
Final AssemblyThu, 16 Dec
School finishes 12pmThu, 16 Dec

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

You will have heard that the Prime Minister announced that Auckland will remain in the current setting for the meantime. We were informed that New Zealand will move to the traffic light system of Covid protection commencing on Friday 3rd December. Auckland will have a red traffic light setting on this day. 

In the red light setting, all schools are open. However at this time there is no information regarding any changes to the current settings for schools in this setting. We will update you as information becomes available.

Staff departing

At this time of the year we are preparing to staff the school for 2022. Thank you for informing us about your intentions as this helps us accurately prepare for the start of the year. Unfortunately we also have some teachers returning home or moving location; 

  • Clara De Sousa after 3 years at Kohimarama School in Kiri Team, is returning home to Canada. Clara has been a wonderful member of staff and a great teacher with our five year old students as they start school. She is a knowledgeable teacher whom we will all miss. 
  • Rachel Leahy after only a short time at Kohimarama School, Rachel is leaving New Zealand to return to Ireland. Even in the short time that she has been with us, she has made fantastic relationships with students and staff. Again, we will miss the smile and the accent that brightens up our days. 
  • Senka Tighe joined us in Term 1 of this year to teach our Year 7&8 students in Room 18. As a new teacher she demonstrated that she is a learner and keen to understand the learning process. She formed good relationships with our older students and cared for them during this difficult first year of teaching. Senka is going to teach on the North Shore where she and her family live.

SchoolTalk reporting at end of year 2021

A reminder that you will see a change in the format of the end of year reports (see below).  The reporting progress at the end of 2021 will continue to focus on the New Zealand Curriculum levels.

While COVID has interrupted our ‘at school learning’, teachers continue to work each day with their classes and hold a professional judgement of where a student is achieving against the NZ Curriculum for every piece of work they do. Teachers use a variety of measures to ascertain progress, this includes responses students may make during discussions, one on one conferencing or small group work activities and progressions. They compare this against any testing results to provide a consistent academic position for that student.  This is a very robust way of placing students appropriately.

The progressions do not form the OTJ (Overall Teacher Judgement) position.  The end of year reports will move from a line graph to a bar graph that will specifically show where your child sits in relation to their year group and the level within the New Zealand Curriculum. Progressions are still informing the students next steps and next year’s teacher about what has been covered. 

Please see the examples below. These will be explained further on the school website. 

Summary of the sources and rationale for the end of year report. 

The End of year report 

  • Due to the nature of the school year it is not realistic that teachers will have covered all the progressions therefore the progress graph will not give an accurate representation of where a student is sitting within the NZC.
  • Teacher’s OTJ will be used to provide more of an accurate picture of where a student is sitting within the curriculum.
  • There will be an OTJ bar for Reading, Writing, Maths curriculum areas.
  • Learner Dispositions, Teacher Comment, Student reflection (Yr4-8), Participation, will all remain the same.

The Progress Graph will be replaced by the OTJ Bar Graph

Example of a report format (model)

As we near the end of the year, I would like to take this opportunity to communicate with you some of the plans for our final weeks at school for 2021 as well as the start of 2022.


All assemblies will be held as online events this year.  The details will be made available for viewing by classes and families on the specified day. All assemblies are scheduled for the morning session. The online assemblies are;

  • Certificate Assembly Monday 13th December
  • Sports Assembly Wednesday 15th December
  • Final Assembly Thursday 16th December

Last Day of School 2021

School will finish for the year on Thursday 16th December at 12pm.

School opens in 2022

The school office will open after Auckland Anniversary weekend on Tuesday 1st February. 

School will reopen for all students on Thursday 3rd February 2022. 

The Kohimarama Way – Respect

Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity.  Respect is valuing ourselves and others.  We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy.  When we are respectful we treat others as we want to be treated.  Respect includes honoring the rules of our family or school, which make life more orderly and peaceful.  It is knowing that every man, woman and child deserves respect, including you.


Can Appeal for City Mission – next week

We are again supporting the Auckland City Mission Can Appeal.  Next week Monday 28th November to Friday 3rd December we are asking students to bring in one or two cans of food to their classroom.  Food that is most helpful is:  vegetables, fruit, soup, baked beans, spaghetti, fish, meat, or pasta sauce.  Thanking you in anticipation for helping out families who need support this time of year.

End of Year Assemblies 2021

Due to Covid, unfortunately, we will not be able to hold our end-of-year assemblies face to face.  Our students definitely deserve to be acknowledged for their achievements and so we will be doing this online. Details of how to access these will be given closer to the Assemblies.The dates for our online Assemblies are:Monday 13th December – Certificate Assembly (thank you to all our students who have supported our school in Leadership roles)Wednesday 15th December – Sports Assembly (trophies and medals for students who have achieved in sports and school events that have gone ahead in 2021)Thursday 16th December – Final prize-giving Assembly (Class certificates, trophies for those who have excelled academically, in sport and with their attitude towards learning)

School Crossing

Always use the pedestrian crossing around the school as it is the safest way for your child to get to school. Please reinforce the road safety messages to your children.

Junior Kids Lit Competition

On Tuesday eight Kohimarama children competed in the Junior Kids Lit Competition.  In Terms 3 and 4 they studied 13 set texts, written by NZ authors. Weekly study sessions were held where the children discussed the books, their characters and themes. The competition was held online this year due to restrictions and we are very pleased to announce that our year 5 team placed 2nd and our year 6 team placed 5th – a great achievement. Thanks to Mrs Crow and Tania Sievwright for preparing the children for competition and congratulations to all the children involved; Zoe M, Madeline M, Theo P, Mikayla E, Lucas O, Liz Z, Lara K and Isy O.