School Newsletter – 17 August 2021

Term 3, Week 4

A Message from Snell Team

STEAM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)

In terms 2 and 3 Snell team (Year 6, 7 and 8) have been working on STEAM Fair, everyone has been working really hard to complete their boards by the deadline. 

There are two types of STEAM fair projects you could choose from Science or Technology. At the beginning we all started by writing down the big problems we found in the world, and then narrowed them down to smaller first world problems. If the teacher classified your problem as an experiment, then you would be in the science class, and if they classified your problem as a tool or object that needed to be invented you would be in the Technology class. 

Last night (Monday) we had the presentation night where we displayed our STEAM Fair boards and had lots of parents and whanau come though and look. 

This time was also where the teachers marked our work. We came back to school on Tuesday to different certificates for the categories that our STEAM Fair boards were excellent in. 

The top few projects from the year 7 and 8’s will now be taken forward and entered into the NIWA Auckland Science Fair. 

The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

How we know we are successfully practicing Friendliness, when you… like yourself and realise you have a lot to offer.  Smile and greet someone you don’t know.  Get to know someone and let them get to know you.  Show an interest in others.  Show caring when a friend needs you. Are friendly to people who look and act differently.


Daffodil Day  –  Student Fundraiser $2

Friday 27th August we are asking students to participate by wearing daffodil colours i.e. yellow, orange and/or green and bringing $2.  Alternatively, they may wear mufti of their choice and bring $2.  We will be raising money for the Cancer Society of New Zealand.  they are an organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone in New Zealand.  Thank you to Imogen C who designed and created the poster for this event.


Many thanks to those people who are available to assist on Saturday 11th September.We will be in contact soon to confirm duties on the day.If anyone else is available to assist with the many tasks on the day please email


Our event is well advertised in the area, but we still have a couple of spare billboards.  If you have a fence that is visible to passing traffic and would be happy to pop a billboard on it for the next few weeks, please email or call into the office to collect a board.


Continue to encourage everyone attending to register their attendance on Saturday 11th September.

Certificates & Awards

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

  • Room 1 – Phoebe V
  • Room 2 – Emma B
  • Room 3 – Milly C, Eunsoo L
  • Room 4 – James Y
  • Room 5 – Alex I
  • Room 6 – Carla PG
  • Room 7 – Naiya P
  • Room 8 – Aria S, Maddy E
  • Room 9 – Samantha P
  • Room 10 – Isabella R, Jeffrey D
  • Room 11 – Willa D
  • Room 12 – Esmay O, Forest A
  • Room 13 – Carl S
  • Room 14 – Isabella B
  • Room 15 – Audrey P, James G
  • Room 16 – Saskia C, Dario L
  • Room 17 – Ethan AH
  • Room 18 – Georgia M
  • Room 19 – Oliver S, Siena G
  • Room 20 – Icey S, Zoe S, Mya F
  • Room 21 – Danielle P, Ben L
  • Room 22 – Henry T
  • Room 23 – Emmett F, Harry E
  • Room 25 – Huxley W
  • Room 26 – Nate L
Caught Being Good

Congratulations to all who were caught doing the right thing in the playground over the last 2 weeks.  We have been able to hand out 25 free passes to Gravity, thanks to Gravity NZ Trampoline Park.  The voucher expires on 1.6.2023 so plenty of time to redeem it. Our three fortunate winners were:

  • Jack B             Rm 2             for Compassion            Selwyn
  • Sava               Rm 8              for Respect                   Atkin
  • Kroum           Rm 21           for Commitment          Colenso

Sports News

Cross-country Results

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
Year 8 GirlsEmma NAdina PAmy C
Year 8 BoysJohnathin SZachary BOli S
Year 7 GirlsSiena GNina RMaddie M
Year 7 BoysHunter DLeon LIsaac R
Year 6 GirlsEden MIsabel OLiz Z
Year 6 BoysXavier HHarry HOliver T
Year 5 GirlsBella PEsther CStephanie G
Year 5 BoysCharlie GHarley SJames G
Year 4 GirlsMadison AJuliet QEva S
Year 4 BoysHugo THarry HRory W
Year 3 GirlsAgnes CFelicity LAlexandra V
Year 3 BoysJoshua OViggo HTheo R
Year 2 GirlsLilian T and Estelle LAmbra K
Year 2 BoysWillem WAdrian JTheo H
Year 1GirlsChloe GAnna ZAurelia L
Year 1 BoysNayan JAlex B-JAlexander I
Year 0 GirlsAva CIris HIsla A
Year 0 BoysMax PMaxim MLuke W

Sport Results

Flippa Ball Results
  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Draw 3-3. POD Jasper M 
  • Year 3/4 Kinas
    Win 5-0. POD Theo R 
  • Year 5 Kekenos
    Loss 2-4. POD Jenson
  • Year 5 Blue Bottles
    Loss 3-6. POD Theo R 
  • Year 6 Ninjas
    Win 6-0. POD: Danielle P
Netball Results
  • Year 5 Pukekos
    Win 6-4. POD Alex
Hockey Results
  • Year 5 Kool Sticks
    Win 6-0. POD Ethan F
Basketball Results
  • Year 6 Celtics
    Win 19-7. POD Jenna R

Community Notices