School Newsletter – 10 August 2021

Term 3, Week 3

Upcoming Events

Health Curriculum Survey goes outTue, 10 Aug
Band Showcase eveningTue, 10 Aug
Snell STEAM FairMon, 16 Aug
BOT MeetingMon, 16 Aug

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

I attended the New Zealand principals federation Conference early last week. More than 700 attendees from across New Zealand spent three days working on areas such as; the New Zealand History Curriculum, Mathematics learning in primary schools, schooling of the future including The New Zealand Curriculum refresh which  is currently underway. The workshops were engaging and provided opportunities for sharing perspectives. 

I shared a number of pertinent resources with the Leadership Team at school. This helps us to position the school’s growth and development in the pedagogy of learning. 

Cross Country Update

It is unfortunate that the weather has been both too cold, and too wet for us to complete our Cross Country at Madills Farm. Thank you for your understanding. 

Please see below for the planned schedule for Wednesday 11th August.

Additional Classrooms – update

As we have advised, we continue to wait for details from the MOE of when these additional classrooms will be on site. The school has continued to be proactive in dealing with the delivery, timing and fitout. Unfortunately the Ministry of Education cogs continue to grind slowly. All requests to the school for plans and sign off have been completed as soon as practicable. We are hopeful that work will begin this term with occupation as soon as possible after completion.

Initially we wanted these rooms to be located at the back of the school. However the type and design of these rooms meant that this was not possible. Given that the rooms are to be on site for four (4) years, the classrooms will be located by the top courts, along the Kohimarama Road boundary.  The aim is to cause minimal impact on the usage of the courts and surrounds for this period of time.

Hall Update

Those of you who have visited the hall will have seen the Autex panels that have been installed.  These have made a big difference to our ability to use this space. The acoustics are a little better and the opportunity to have students learning or posters on the wall is made much easier. 

The front of the hall behind the stage is currently being prepared for our Kohimarama Way – Pohutukawa tree. This will take a number of weeks to complete as it will, like the first one in the office, be hand painted by staff.

You may also have seen the work being done outside the hall kitchen.  These changes are designed to extend the use of the kitchen and to develop an outdoor learning environment. This work is progressing quickly and I hope that it will be completed within the next few weeks.


Our classrooms are busy preparing art and activities for the Centennial.  Around the school we continue to tidy up and finalise projects in preparation for the exciting activities and celebrations in September.  A large number of past staff and students have been in touch, sharing their stories and photographs of their time here at Kohimarama School.  Excitement is building as we are now only weeks away from celebrating 100 years.  

The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

Friendliness begins with liking yourself and believing you have something to share with others.  Be kind to people you don’t know.  You can be friendly just by walking down the hall, looking into people’s faces, and smiling.  They will probably smile back.  Show your friends you are glad to see them, by asking how their day is going and sharing your news with them.


Band Showcase – Tonight – Tuesday 10th August @ 6.30pm – come along

An opportunity for our three bands to showcase what they have learnt so far this year with a live audience in the hall.  If you are able to attend we welcome you in supporting our students.  The Showcase begins at 6.30 pm with Band students being asked to be at school in full school uniform at 6.05 pm.  Intermediate and Ensemble students to meet in the Performing Arts room and the Beginner band to meet in Rooms 25 and 26 (library).

Wearable Arts

These past two terms a group of Snell Students have been very privileged to be able to compete in the Toi, World of Wearable art competition.

It was a really cool experience for everybody who participated in making the garments.

This was the first time Kohimarama was able to compete and perform. We were able to win some awards on the night. 

In order to make our garments we had to design and brainstorm in our groups that we chose. Then the materials gathering stage came and we had to collect all of our materials and start making the garments. 

All the teams put so much effort into every detail of the beautiful art pieces that they turned out to be.

The Aotea Theatre was the venue for our amazing day and night. We spent our time in our green room where all the Designers and Models were for the wearable arts section. The Designers helped the Models get ready for the pictures taken for judging. This was a professional photo shoot – how cool?

After watching some of the ShowQuest rehearsals it was Pizza Dinner time. 

The Toi part of the show was right at the end. The models did an amazing job. So neat that they we were able to walk out on that big stage in front of such a huge crowd!

In conclusion this was such an awesome show to be able to be part of and it is so cool to be able to have these beautiful art pieces to look back on. Congratulations to all of the teams who participated.

Judging happened nationally with awards in each category and some overall winners. 

Kohimarama did not place nationally, however we did pick up many awards on the night!

Excellent in Construction and finishing 

  • Papatuanuku (Farrah B, Alessa I, Audrey, Zach B)
  • Peacock of a kind (Belle G, Danielle P, Jenna R, Florence H)
  • Spider Demon (Mya F, Tilly E, Alice G)
  • Flowers and Butterflies(Alyssa R, Emma B, Scarlet W, Maja B, Freja E)

Best innovative use of materials 

  • Metal Mage (Isabel O, Jasmina , Lina N)
  • Macaroon Angel (Nicole L, Ava G, Catalina H)

Excellent Storytelling

  • New Zealand Birds (Orli V, Adina P, Laila R, Isabella F)
  • Dark angel vs. good angel (Cathy L, Rachael T, Alexandra D)
  • 21st Addition (Enya N, Odessa B)

Outstanding Stage Presence

  • Peacock of a kind  (Belle G, Danielle P, Jenna R, Florence H)

These outstanding garments will be on display as part of the Art Gallery coming up later this term. 

Written by Scarlett Williams and Miss Cadzow. 

Photolife – Sibling Photos

Photolife will be visiting on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th August. At this time they will be taking photos of Room 3, netball, basketball and other teams as well as House Captains, Road Patrollers etc. They will also be taking sibling photos. If you would like a sibling photo to be taken of your children please complete a form from the office. Sibling Photos will be taken on the Tuesday.

Student Fundraiser – Cancer Society Daffodil Day – Friday 27th August

Friday 27th August we are raising funds for the New Zealand Cancer Society.  They are dedicated to reducing the incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone in New Zealand.  We are asking students who wish to participate to wear daffodil colours i.e. green, yellow and orange and bring $2.  If students prefer they can come in ordinary mufti.

Updating Contact Information

It is important that we have up to date contact details and addresses for all students at all time. If you have had any changes could you please email the office so that your child’s records can be updated.

Enrolments for 2022

We are asking all families with younger siblings or know of friends or neighbours with children due to start school in 2022 to complete a pre-enrolment notification via the school website. This really helps us as we start our forward planning.

As well as fabulous food trucks to feed the family on Saturday 11th September, we will have some great games and activities to keep everyone busy.

One of these involves old crockery. This can be chipped, cracked and no longer wanted. It could also be those ugly plates and coffee mugs at the back of the cupboard.

Please drop off your old crockery donations to the box in the office. The more we have, the more fun everyone can have.

Remember to visit our website to register your attendance:

Sports News


We will look to complete our cross-country event on Wednesday 11th August, using the street courses that we have been training on. All races will commence and conclude on the school grounds. Our timetable follows, but actual start times may vary due to weather conditions.

Order of races:

  • 9.00am Snell Team
  • Year 7/8 Boys
  • Year 7/8 Girls
  • Year 6 Boys
  • Year 6 Girls
  • 10.00am Hillary Team
  • Year 5 Boys
  • Year 5 Girls
  • Year 4 Boys
  • Year 4 Girls
  • 12.00pm Cowley Team
  • Year 3 Boys
  • Year 3 Girls
  • Year 2 Boys
  • Year 2 Girls
  • 12.30pm Kiri Team
  • Year 1 Boys
  • Year 1 Girls
  • Year 0 Boys
  • Year 0 Girls

Sport Results

Hockey Results

Kohi Year 5 Kool Sticks
Win 7-3 PoD Ethan and Harrison

Basketball Results

Year 6 Celtics
Loss 16-26 PoD Jade S

Flippa Ball Results

  • Year 3/4 Sharks
    Loss 0-2 PoD Freya C
  • Year 3/4 Kinas
     Loss 0-3 PoD Scarlett F
  • Year 5 Kekenos
    Loss 0-10 PoD Harrison V
  • Year 5 Blue Bottles
    Win 10-1 PoD Allie S
  • Year 6 Ninjas
    Win 6-1 PoD Indie C

Community Notices