School Newsletter – 25 May 2021

Term 2, Week 4 — School news

Upcoming Events

Quiz-a-thon DayWed, 2 Jun
Eastern Zones - Y7/8 Boys FootballThu, 3 Jun
AssemblyFri, 4 Jun
Greats and GransFri, 4 Jun
PTA MeetingTue, 8 Jun
Photolife (class and individual photos)Wed, 9 Jun
Bay Suburbs - FootballWed, 9 Jun
Hillary Team - StardomeThu, 10 Jun
Year 7/8 Doc Edge Film FestivalFri, 11 Jun
School DiscoFri, 11 Jun
Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) parent info evening @ 6.30pmTue, 15 Jun
AssemblyFri, 18 Jun
Trivia NightFri, 18 Jun
BOT MeetingMon, 21 Jun
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the Full Calendar List.

A Message from Snell Team

Our amazing Year 6 camp at Lakewood Lodge was filled with excitement and fun activities. We had 4 days of unique challenges to complete, including Survivor and the Iron Person challenge. One of the most popular activities was ziplining over the lake! We raced across the lake at high speeds, into the safe arms of our parent helper or teacher. Some students got stuck in the middle of the lake and had to be pulled across by the instructor. It was so much fun! 

Another cool experience at camp was feeding the farm animals. We all thought that their names were so funny. There was Woody the cow, Betty the goat, Cookies and Cream the sheep, Mr Trousers, Pinecone and Kevin the chickens. Kevin the rooster woke us all up at 5am! Once a day, 2 or 3 groups went around with the instructors feeding the animals. During this time we learnt that animals need a lot of attention and specific care in order to stay healthy and well.

Most of us looked forward to the night time activities as we loved playing with our torches. The Burma Trail was thrilling as we scared each other during the walk. Being blindfolded made everything sound louder and scarier than normal. The instructors also taught us a new version of spotlight and lots of us hid really well. On the last night we participated in a Camp Concert. Each group performed a skit or song. Even the parents and teachers had a funny act, called the “invisible bench”. Camp was an incredible, inspirational, team-building and educational experience. We now look forward to next year’s camp!

A special thank you to Miss Cadzow, Mrs Naicker, Miss Varney for all the work they put into planning such a fun week and all the help and support they gave us over the week. We would also like to say a big thank you to all the incredible parent helpers who gave up their time to come with us and supported us through all the challenges.

Written by Lucas, Liz and Olivia

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The Kohimarama Way – Compassion

We know we are being successful showing compassion when we notice when someone is hurt or needs a friend, imagine how they must be feeling, take time to show that we care, ask how they are and listen patiently, forgive others when they make mistakes, and do some service to help a person or an animal in need.


Teacher – Room 19

Mrs Monique Browne will be leaving  Kohimarama School at the end of Term 2 as she has been successful in securing a Deputy Principal position at Pakuranga Heights School.
We wish Monique all the very best for this new senior management position and thank her for the contributions she has made here at Kohimarama School. As a valued member of our team she will be greatly missed by our staff and our students. We are currently recruiting for an experienced teacher to take over the teaching in Room 19 and will inform the community once this position has been filled.

School Disc  –  Winter Wonderland theme

Years 0 to 4      5.00pm to 6.00pm
Years 5 to 8      6.30pm to 8.00pm
DJ Dave is very excited and looking forward to being at our Disco on Friday11th June.  Students are encouraged to dress along the Winter Wonderland theme, however, everyone is welcome, you don’t need to dress up.  A reminder our school Disco is for students currently at Kohimarama School. Tickets are available only on Kindo (no cash sales) $5 and this includes a drink and snack on the night.
Ticket sales open today and close at midnight 9 June 2021 – no extensions.

Friday 4th June Greats and Grans

This event asks our students to invite their special older family members or friends to come along to school to see them at work in the classroom.  Our guests are invited to visit the school from 9am onwards.  Students   will be available to direct visitors to the correct classroom.  At 10.30am morning tea will be in the hall for all of our Greats and Grans.

Tuesday 8th June School Photograph

To celebrate our Centennial Year we are  going to take a photo of the whole school.  This will be done on Tuesday 8th June in the morning. Please make sure your child is at school on time and in their Kohimarama School uniform for this exciting event which will become part of our records of our 100th year within the Kohimarama School Community.

Updating Address and contact details

Please inform the school immediately if you have had a change of address or contact details.  It is important that we hold current contact details for your child/ren.

Kids Lit Competition

On Friday May 21st, two Kohimarama teams attended the 2021 Kids Lit competition hosted by quizmaster Wayne Mills.
The children did superbly, facing ten rounds of questions in categories including navigation, bird characters, insects, magic and manga.
From 55 teams, our year 8’s placed 15th and our year 7’s placed 25th.

Parent Help Needed for Road Patrol – Wednesday morning

We need a parent to support our students crossing Kohimarama Road safely on Wednesday mornings, please.  Are you able to give us 30 minutes on a Wednesday morning before school to supervise our Road Patrollers?  If so please contact Meegan   Thank you.

Tax Gift

Individuals can now opt in to donating their tax credit to the school by registering with TaxGift here:

How does this work?

Most individuals are able to claim a tax credit for donations in New Zealand. This includes a tax credit of 33.3% on the annual Kohimarama School donation which is currently set at $495 per child. In most instances TaxGift will be able to obtain a tax credit of $165 which is then donated, less a fee of 10%, back to the school on behalf of the individual. This additional donation is eligible for a further tax credit (not otherwise available to an individual) which is then donated again and again back to the school until the donation value drops below the minimum $5 threshold set by the IRD. The net effect is that an initial donation of $495 can result in a total of $701 (when the donated tax credits are added) received by the school.

To make this happen TaxGift needs to act as your tax agent for Kohimarama School donations only. Please note once you have signed up you will not be able to claim the Kohimarama School donation tax credit for yourself. You can opt out of TaxGift at any time by emailing

PCT Police Competency Test Challenge 2021

Congratulations to our 4 students who competed in this challenge on Monday 10th May.  The results are through and the Kohimarama Team of Aimee, Asher, Simi, and Zach placed 6th.  This was only 9 points behind 3rd place, so a very close competition.

Sick Children

If your child has any sign of cold symptoms or sore tummies please keep them home.


If your child is away due to sickness please ensure you make contact before 9.30am. This can be done by phone (930-9826), email ( or by filling in the website absence form. Please include your childs name and class and the reason for their absence ie. tummy bug. This needs to be done each day they are away.

If your child is absent because of a holiday, please apply for leave by emailing ( You will need to include the dates you will be away, your childs name and class and the reason for their absence ie. holiday

Throughout the years student contributions have been published in newsletters, magazines and other publications.  Art has been showcased in Art Galleries and on the covers of our magazines,  Year Books and Production Programmes.
Please see following details of an art competition for our Centenary Celebrations.

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

    • Room 1 – Nils J, Elsie C
    • Room 2 – Clara R, Max S
    • Room 4 – Wren L
    • Room 5 – Bhuvan C
    • Room 6 – Xanthe H
    • Room 7 – Olivia O
    • Room 8 – Sammy M, Nathan W
    • Room 9 – Blair C, Emily C
    • Room 10 – Jayden L, Matilda C
    • Room 11 – Joshua C, Lily O
    • Room 12 – Savannah C, Felix A
    • Room 13 – Bella P, Demi C
    • Room 14 – Ben C, Jessica C
    • Room 15 – Alex S, Jenson P
    • Room 16 – Billy L
    • Room 17 – Sam H, Joshua O
    • Room 18 – Natasha D, Aiden P
    • Room 19 – Reuben WW, Theo B
    • Room 20 – Olivia W
    • Room 21 – n/a camp
    • Room 22 – n/a camp
    • Room 23 – n/a camp
    • Room 25 – Thomas K
    • Room 26 – Emma S

Walking School Bus

Scarlett B, Emma S, Cara SP, Maddie E

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Congratulations and thank you to all our students who are doing the ‘right thing’ in the playground during break times.  This weeks winners are::
Lachie                 Rm 4                    for Commitment              Atkin
Sasha                 Rm 1                    for Commitment              Atikin
Natalie                Rm 16                  for Reliability                   Selwyn

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results

Year 3/4 Sharks
Loss 1-2
POD Scarlett F
Year 3/4 Kinas
Loss 0-7
POD Violet H
Year 5 Kekenos
Loss 1-5
POD Claudia B
Year 5 Blue Bottles
Loss 0-12
POD Lily Mc
Year 6 Ninjas
Win 4-0
POD: Jack T

Netball Results

Year 4 Fantails
Win 5-2
POD: Juliet Q
Year 4 Rockets
Loss 11-7
POD: Georgia P

Hockey Results

Year 5 Kool Sticks
Win 7-4
POD: Angus

Basketball Results

Year 6 Suns
POD: Lucas O