School Newsletter – 11 May 2021

Term 2, Week 2 — School news

Upcoming Events

Year 6 Water Safety @ Panmure PoolsMon, 10 MayTue, 11 May
Yrs6-8 Writers Festival - Aotea CentreTue, 11 May
Swimming SportsFri, 14 May
Working BeeSun, 16 May
Year 6 CampTue, 18 MayFri, 21 May
Senior Kids Lit CompetitionFri, 21 May
AssemblyFri, 21 May
BOT MeetingMon, 24 May
Quiz-a-thon DayWed, 2 Jun
Eastern Zones - Y7/8 Boys FootballThu, 3 Jun
AssemblyFri, 4 Jun
Greats and GransFri, 4 Jun
PTA MeetingTue, 8 Jun
Photolife (class and individual photos)Wed, 9 Jun
Bay Suburbs - FootballWed, 9 Jun
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the Full Calendar List.

A Message from Kiri Team

Tēnā koe from Kiri. 

We have had an enjoyable start to Term 2 down in Kiri. We have been exploring geometric patterns and learning about Romero Britto’s stunning art pieces. This term we will use this learning to make our own artwork. Keep your eyes peeled, as our bright, colourful paintings will be on display later this year.

Discovery Learning has gotten off to a fantastic start this year. We were lucky enough to have Ann Langis from Longworth Education/Ann Langis Play come in to support and enhance our Discovery Learning time — feeling inspired to continue on our play journey!

Thanks to some new and exciting materials in our rotation, hut building has become a huge hit! We are out every morning stacking, arranging, balancing and constructing incredible huts and forts. Take a look at our hard work.

Nga Mihi,
Kiri Team

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The Kohimarama Way – Compassion

Why Practise it?
When people feel hurt or in trouble, they often feel alone.  Feeling alone can make things even worse.  Without compassion the world is a hard and lonely place.  Being compassionate helps us to feel less alone.  Compassion helps us to be understanding of others and ourselves.


Parent Help Needed for Road Patrol – Wednesday morning

We need a parent to support our students crossing Kohimarama Road safely on Wednesday mornings, please.  Are you able to give us 30 minutes on a Wednesday morning before school to supervise our Road Patrollers?  If so please contact Meegan   Thank you.

Sick Children

If your child has any sign of cold symptoms or sore tummies please keep them home.


If your child is away due to sickness please ensure you make contact before 9.30am. This can be done by phone (930-9826), email ( or by filling in the website absence form. Please include your childs name and class and the reason for their absence ie. tummy bug. This needs to be done each day they are away.

If your child is absent because of a holiday, please apply for leave by emailing ( You will need to include the dates you will be away, your childs name and class and the reason for their absence ie. holiday

Bluelight PCT Challenge

Congratulations to Asher, Amy, Simi, and Zachary who represented us brilliantly at the Year 7 and 8 Police PCT Challenge on Monday.  They were very fortunate to take part in the physical and mental aspects of the qualification process to become a Police Officer – our students did a simulation of this.  Students were involved in the squeeze test, jumping as high as they could, push-ups, fitness course that involved pushing a trailer, jumping through a window, over a fence and a wall, along a balance beam, dragging a bodyweight, and crawling under low hurdles.  Then they had to ‘solve a crime’, each had a different role and together through listening, teamwork and ‘sheer determination’  the blindfolded policeperson had to listen to instructions from the Dispatcher, who was being given written instructions from the Call centre, who was receiving information from the witness!  Thank you to Elise who supported our students with transport and to the Police for the challenge that gave our students a peek into what being a Police Officer entails.

On Friday students and staff were involved in ceremonies to raise the special flag representing our Centennial Year.  Ask your child to show you the flag and tell you about the ceremony which included a dedication, karakia and singing of the school song and  a discussion around the significance of the Centennial Year and the singing of the school song.
Each morning students will put up the flag as a reminder to us and the Kohimarama community of the very special year we are celebrating in 2021.
Student Alumni
If you are a parent of a current student and you attended Kohimarama School we would like to hear from you.  Please email and let us know what years you attended.  We also have a number of students who have grandparents who attended Kohimarama School.  Please send us their details.  We would especially like to know if any of these Grandparents will be attending our Greats and Grans day on Friday 4th June.  We would love to hear their stories.

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

    • Room 1 – Estee V, Jenson B
    • Room 2 – Rory G
    • Room 4 – Aiden R, Luka T
    • Room 5 – Ben B
    • Room 6 – Estelle L
    • Room 7 – Adrien F, Lilian T
    • Room 8 – Maddy E
    • Room 9 – Isabella H
    • Room 10 – Stephanie G, Isaac W
    • Room 11 – Jager H, Seerat K
    • Room 12 – Sam D, Annabel R
    • Room 13 – Mikayla E, Jamie C
    • Room 14 – Emma K, Collins C
    • Room 15 – James B, Ashley W
    • Room 16 – Oliver C
    • Room 17 – Ethan A, Thomas O
    • Room 18 – Zak C, Owen M
    • Room 19 – Blake S, Carlos M
    • Room 20 – Prashil K, Isabella FM
    • Room 21 – Jack T, Olivia C
    • Room 22 – Harry A, Cathy L
    • Room 23 – Evelina F, Mia J, Ethan P
    • Room 25 – Victoria E
    • Room 26 – Sofia A

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Thank you to all our students who are doing ‘the right thing’ in the playground, you are awesome.  Our lucky winners for this week are:
Nayan           Rm 2               for Commitment                  Selwyn
Estelle          Rm 6               for Friendliness                    Atkin
Nathaniel      Rm 8               for Reliability                       Colenso

Sports Notices

We warmly invite you to come and support our rescheduled swimming sports, which will be held on Friday May 14 at Sacred Heart’s indoor pool (244 West Tamaki Rd, Glendowie).
Races will run from approximately 9-30am to 1-30pm. Whilst we can not provide accurate details of when specific races will commence, the order of events is provided below as a general guide.


Individual Medley

Year 5/6 Girls  4x25m
Year 5/6 Boys  4x25m
Year 7/8 Girls  4x25m
Year 7/8 Boys 4x25m


Year 5 Girls/Boys 25m
Year 6 Girls/Boys 25m
Year 7/Girls/Boys 50m
Year 7 Girls/Boys 100m
Year 8 Girls/ Boys 100m


Year 5/6 Girls/Boys 25m
Year 7 Girls/Boys 50m
Year 8 Girls/Boys 50m


Year 5/6 Girls/Boys 25m
Year 7 Girls/Boys 50m
Year 8 Girls/Boys 50m


Year 5/6 Girls/Boys 25m
Year 7/8 Girls/Boys 50m

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results

Year 3/4 Sharks
Loss 2-5
POD Blair C
Year 3/4 Kinas
Win 4-3
POD Scarlett F
Year 5 Kekenos
Loss 0-8
POD Jenson
Year 5 Blue Bottles
Draw 2-2
POD Esmay O
Year 6 Ninjas
Win 3-2
POD: Conrad C

Community Notices