School Newsletter – 20 October 2020

Term 4, Week 2 — School news

Upcoming Events

Cowley Trip - Auckland ZooTue, 20 Oct
Junior Kids Lit CompetitionThu, 22 Oct
Teacher Only DayTue, 27 Oct
Bay Suburbs - Basketball GirlsThu, 29 Oct
Year 4 SleepoverThu, 29 Oct
Photolife - team, new entrant photosThu, 29 Oct
Year 7/8 MathexThu, 29 Oct
Bay Suburbs - Basketball BoysFri, 30 Oct
Junior Assembly 10.15am (Kiri and Cowley)Fri, 30 Oct
Senior Assembly 9.15am (Hillary and Snell)Fri, 30 Oct
Cheerleading - NZ NationalsSun, 1 Nov
Year 5 Camp Parent Evening - Rm14 6.30pmWed, 4 Nov
Band Sign Up (in Snell Team) - 6.30pmMon, 9 Nov
Cowley Team - Hands on CreaturesTue, 10 NovWed, 11 Nov
Athletics DayThu, 12 Nov
Junior Assembly 10.15am (Kiri and Cowley)Fri, 13 Nov
Year 7/8 EPRO 8 Semi FinalFri, 13 Nov
Senior Assembly 9.15am (Hillary and Snell)Fri, 13 Nov
Bay Suburbs - AthleticsTue, 17 Nov
Yr7/8 Whitewater RaftingTue, 17 Nov
Cowley Exploration DayWed, 18 Nov
Year 8 ImmunisationsWed, 18 Nov
Eastern Zones - AthleticsThu, 19 Nov
Student FundraiserFri, 20 Nov
Year 5/6 EPRO 8 Semi FinalsFri, 20 Nov
Yr 5 CampMon, 23 NovTue, 24 Nov
BoT MeetingMon, 23 Nov
Junior Assembly 10.15am (Kiri and Cowley)Thu, 26 Nov
Senior Assembly 9.15am (Hillary and Snell)Thu, 26 Nov
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the Full Calendar List.

A Message from Snell team

Last week 85 Year 7 and 8 students along with 9 parents and 3 teachers spent an exciting week at Camp Adair in the Hunua Ranges. Despite some very wet and cold weather the students were enthusiastic about all activities and took on all the challenges with a smile and a positive attitude. For many students, the most challenging activity was the Leap of Faith where they were required to climb a 13 meter pole, stand up straight on the top and leap out to hit a ball suspended in the air. Completing this activity required determination, strength and focus. Other challenges included the giant’s ladder, where students had to work in pairs to help each other climb the ladder, abseiling, high beam and of course an exceptionally muddy confidence course! Complementing all these activities was the field camp experience, here students learnt the secrets of fire building and stretcher making. They were also able to sleep out overnight in Camp Adair’s brand new tents and many possums were spotted! We had many comments from the instructors about the resilience, behaviour and attitude of our students and were incredibly proud of the challenges they all took on over the week. We would also like to take this opportunity to give a sincere thank you to the 9 parents and 3 teachers who spent the week with us and who ensured all the students had an amazing week.

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Brain Busters TV Show

Monday night I come home from camp back in my own bed for an early morning wake up on Tuesday. My Dad drives me to the airport, where awaiting me are a whole lot more kids than I expected. When our parents leave the 14 of us trek over to security and get on the plane. After we land in Christchurch we shuttle down to the Whitebait Media Studio. As we arrive we find out our groups and get outfit checked and make up put on us. Then we wait, able to watch a movie, draw, play a board game or go on our own personal device. I really enjoyed the day. There were snacks readily available all day with special breaks for lunch and dinner. If you couldn’t guess I was lucky enough to go on TV. It was an awesome experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone because of all the cameras; but it is an experience that I would 100% recommend to anyone who wanted to try it.

Trixie Rogers Room 18

The Kohimarama Way – Honesty

Honesty is important because it builds trust.  When people lie or cover up mistakes, others can’t trust them.  When people aren’t honest with themselves, they pretend that something doesn’t matter when it does or they exaggerate to impress others.  When you are honest with yourself, you accept yourself as you are.  When you are honest, others can believe you.


Labour Day & Teacher Only Day

Monday 26th October is Labour Day & on Tuesday 27th October is a Teacher Only Day. There will be no school on both days.

School Assembly Changes for Term 4

Due to the increase in school roll size, we are now required to split our school assemblies into two. Therefore our Senior School Assemblies (Snell and Hillary) will be held at 9.15am on Fridays fortnightly and Junior Assemblies (Cowley and Kiri) will be held at 10.15am on the same fortnight. These are also listed on the school calendar.

Photolife – Thursday 29th October

Photolife will be visiting to take team, group, new student and sibling photos.
Please complete a form from the office if you wish to have a sibling photo taken. Note – as sibling photos have been rescheduled we do have a number of forms completed earlier in the year.

Looking for Communications Expert

We are looking for someone who has a passion and expertise in communications to assist the school with some specific projects.
If you are interested in supporting the school in this way please email the Principal –

School Roll 2021

Thank you to all those families who have confirmed they will at Kohimarama School in 2021.  Our roll continues to grow  throughout the school, especially with our New Entrants and our Year 7 and 8.
If your plans change please advise the school as this assists with our 2021 planning.

School Disco – Friday 30th October

Ticket sales outside the Hall 8.30 am in the mornings and at 3.00pm in the afternoons.
Junior Disco Year 0-4 at 5.00 to 6.00pm
Senior Disco Years 5-8 at 6.30 to 8.00pm
Looking forward to lots of dancing and fun

Remuera Zone Rehu Tai Festival – Years 5 and 6 Speech Competition

Congratulations to our three students who represented Kohimarama School so well at this inter school competition last Friday.  There were a total of 23 schools involved in this competition and three separate types of speeches.
Sophia L-M represented us for Persuasive Speech
Hunter D represented us for Flash Talk
Scarlett W represented us for Spoken Word
Major congratulations to Hunter who came second in his Flash Talk category – incredibly well done.

In 2021, Kohimarama School will be celebrating 100 years and along with our current school community we’re searching for all past students, staff, friends and associates of our school so we can keep everybody informed with news and updates of our celebration plans!If you still keep in contact with parents, students and teachers that have since left Kohimarama School, please let them know they can register on our Centennial mailing list at

2021 Class Placement Requests

This is the time of the year when the Senior Management Team are looking at our roll numbers and staffing needs and the preparation of classes for 2021.  The process of placing children in classes is based on a range of information we have related to each child’s academic needs, achievements and social relationships.  It is a complex process to create the right balance in each class and meet the best interests of all our children, one that we take very seriously. We invite you to provide us with any request for the placement of your child for 2021.  You can email We will consider all such requests although we are unable to guarantee that we can accommodate them.  Please provide all requests before midday, Friday 23rd October.

Senior Kids Lit Quiz hosted by Quiz Master Wayne Mills

On Friday 16th October, our year 7/8 students, Aidan P, Enya N, Lachlan M, Margo R, Reuben WW, Theo B, Thomas F and Trixie R competed at the Senior Kids Lit Quiz hosted by Quiz Master Wayne Mills.
Huge congratulations go to the year 8 team who placed second.  An amazing achievement.

EPRO8  Science/ Technology competition

During Term 3, some students in years 5-8 competed in the EPRO8  Science/ Technology competition.  Teams of 4 were given 2 days in school to construct a mechanical animal using  EPRO8 equipment purchased by the school.
Congratulations go to The EPRO9ers year 8 team who built an Armadillo (Thomas F, Trixie R, Sofia MR and Margo R) and to The Archeologists year 5 team who built an Anteater (Mia J, Flynn T, Coco P and Ethan P) who have progressed to the semi-finals being held in November.

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

    • Room 1 – Jay H
    • Room 2 – Zachary M
    • Room 3 – Paz A
    • Room 4 – Meila A, Naomi C
    • Room 5 – Maddy E
    • Room 6 – Theo M, Dash B
    • Room 7 – Kira U
    • Room 8 – Anjay H,Sofia A
    • Room 9 – Mia M, Fletcher D, Emily S
    • Room 10 – Annabel B, Ollie B
    • Room 11 – Sam D, Mia-Rose K
    • Room 12 – Georgia B, Alexa J
    • Room 13 – Cathy L, Lara D, Luke W
    • Room 14 – Conrad C,Zac C, Atilla H
    • Room 15 – Ethan P, Jenna R, Felipe C
    • Room 16 – Nicholas P, Kaley P
    • Room 17 – Joshua C, Audrey P, Flora SO
    • Room 18 – Camp
    • Room 19 – Camp
    • Room 20 – Camp
    • Room 21 – Skye M
    • Room 22 – Scarlett W, Hunter D
    • Room 23 – Alexander C, Camryn W, Amelia B
    • Room 24 – Grayson C, Alex H

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Congratulations to our students who were caught doing the right thing in the playground last week, our, fortunate winners are:
Ryan            Rm 10            for Honesty                  Selwyn
Leila             Rm 14            for Respect                  Atkin
Summer       Rm 21            for Reliability                Colenso

Latest Sports Update

Good luck to the summer netball teams who start competition this week. There are a number of outstanding netball dresses from the winter season please return to the box in the office.


Kohimarama School Athletics will be held on November 12th at Glover Park. Any parents who would like to help on the day please email Sonia-Jane

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results

Year 3/4 Blue Bottles
Draw 1-1
POD Indie C
Year 3/4 Kinas
Win 2-9
POD: Scarlett F
Year 5/6 Jellyfish
Draw 2-0
POD: Alexander C

Basketball Results

Win 17-12
POD: Sam Duder

Community Notices