Family Zone – Student and devices over the holiday break

It is no surprise that your childs’ technology use increases during school holidays, with some research showing that it can almost double!

With school holidays just around the corner, Family Zone have compiled some parent resources for you, to assist in managing your children’s school holiday screen time.

Webinar: Managing Screen Time During School Holidays
Make this school holiday period stress free. Click here to register.
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Webinar: Getting Started with the Family Zone Box
Join Nic Embra, Cyber Expert from The Cyber Safety Tech Mum as she helps us manage Gaming Consoles and Smart TVs this school holidays with the Family Zone Box.  Click here to register.
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Blog Post:  Holiday screen-time survival tips.  Most children spend about two hours of leisure time on devices during the school year, that blows out to a grand total of eight hours a day during the holidays. Busy mum and Family Zone cyber expert Dr. Kristy Goodwin gives us her top 10 tips for surviving these holidays. Read more…

Your school holidays screen-time contract: Cyber Experts all agree, creating a plan is key! Before the holidays start, set firm rules around what, when, where and how much screen-time is allowed. Find attached a school holiday screen-time contract your parents can use to help manage these school holidays.