School Newsletter – 11 August 2020

Term 3, Week 4 — School news

Upcoming Events

Art Gallery - Rms 14 & 17Tue, 11 Aug
Kiri Trip - Howick Historical VillageTue, 11 Aug
EZ Basketball GirlsTue, 11 Aug
Howick Historical Village Y2Wed, 12 Aug
EZ Basketball BoysThu, 13 Aug
Howick Historical Village Y3Thu, 13 Aug
Art Gallery - Rms 15 & 16Thu, 13 Aug
School DiscoFri, 14 Aug
Cheerleading - Olympia Cheerbrandz CompetitionSun, 16 Aug
BoT MeetingMon, 21 Sep
Cowley's Olden Day School ExperienceTue, 22 Sep
END TERM 3Fri, 25 Sep
Yr 7/8 Camp AdairMon, 12 OctFri, 16 Oct
START TERM 4Mon, 12 Oct
Year 5/6 Interschool Speech FinalsFri, 16 Oct
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the Full Calendar List.

A Message from Cowley Team

Cowley Team’s thoughts on last week’s School Cross Country Event

Year 2

We ran the Cross Country on Wednesday, it was a beautiful sunny day. When we were running the track we ran on the muddy grass. We tried our best and we didn’t give up. The whole school cheered us on with house chants and encouragement. We were a little bit nervous at the starting line but as soon as I started running, the wind blew on my face, my heart started beating and I felt fantastic. It was great to be outside in the fresh air and to get some exercise. It was also really fun watching other people run and everyone having a good time. 

By Harriet and Agnes (Room 6)

Last Wednesday, the best part of the Cross Country was running our race. We were happy because it was a nice day at Madills Farm and we got to run for our house. Our Grandparents and our parents came to watch our race and take photos. It was a very special day and lots of memories were made. 

By Hannah and Imogen (Room 8)

We had a big day at Cross Country on Wednesday. Everyone tried their best and even if we fell over, we would keep going and going. It was a very long track and people started getting stitches but they kept running. Joshua in Room 6 was very fast, people couldn’t believe how quickly he could run and he came first in the Year 2 boys. Agnes in Room 6 was a surprise winner in the Year 2 girls, she must have been practising! We can’t wait for Cross Country next year! 

By Tangaroa, Franklin and Aston (Room 6) 

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Year 3

On Wednesday it was… the cross country! It was hard to run with the wind in my face but I got there in the end. By James

On Wednesday Kohimarama went to Madills farm to do the real cross country. At first Year 7-8 ran and then Year 6 ran and we cheered for them. I was feeling nervous and worried but when it was our turn I got butterflies in my stomach! When I ran people cheered for us, my butterflies ran away and I got energy but I was still huffing and puffing. But I tried to keep running.It was very tiring.We had such a fun day! 

By Seerat

Last Wednesday was cross country day. I felt excited. We went to madills farm for the race. There was a heap of cute dogs there. There was a golden retriever there as well. The Year 7-8 went first then it was the year 0/1s then the year 2s and then it was finally our turn. Everyone did so well! 

By Ashlee

Cross country!

It was on wednesday August 5th. I had butterflies in my stomach. I was worried what place I would get but I knew just to try. I loved Madills farm because there were a bunch of cute dogs. I was nervous and excited. The Year 7-8 went first then the year 0/1 went second, then finally year 3/4 went. it was a nice day to run.  madills farm is a BIG field.

By Sohana 

It was finally Wednesday or shall I say Cross country! We all got into pairs. We all walked down to Madills farm. Then we all got into houses. Next we watched Snell team. Then Year 0, then Year 1, then Year 2 and after a long time of cheering it was the Year three’s. That was us! We walked over to the starting line.We were ten mins early. So we told some jokes we think Lydia’s was the best. After that we did warm up stretches and then lined up to do our race. Bang the hooter went off we started to sprint off. We ran one and a half laps. After we were pooped we had something to eat and then we walked back to school. What a fun day!

By Teagan

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The Kohimarama Way – Respect

“Take care of your reputation.  It’s your most valuable asset.”  Annonymous.  “There is a longing among all people to have a sense of purpose and worth.  To satisfy that common longing in all of us we must respect each other.”  Chief Dan George


School Disco  –  this Friday, no door sales

A reminder that our school Disco is this week, our theme is Neon, so any bright colour will do.
Junior Disco = 5.00 – 6.00 pm
Senior Disco = 6.30 – 8.00 pm
Staff will be there for the night, it is important that students are picked up from inside the hall at the conclusion of the assembly, to keep everyone safe, thank you for your support.  Tickets are still on sale $5 before and after school outside the hall.  A reminder no door sales on the night.

Photolife – Tuesday 18th August

Photolife will be visiting the school on this date to take school groups and team photos.  They will also take new student and sibling photos.
If you wish your family to have a sibling photo taken, please complete a sibling request form from the office.


If you have a child staying home for any reason please contact the school office by email, or phone the absentee line 09 930 9826. Childs name, room number and reason for absence must be provided. If no reason for absence is given your child will be marked with an unjustified absence.

We have now set up an absence form on the school website. This can be located on the front page.

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

    • Room 1 – Sam M
    • Room 2 – Declan F
    • Room 3 – Rory G, Sebastian M
    • Room 4 – Sofia P, Elsie C
    • Room 5 – Ben E
    • Room 6 – Theo M, Imogen P
    • Room 7 – Harry B
    • Room 8 – Charlotte B, BaiYan C
    • Room 9 – Ashlee J, Hugo T
    • Room 10 – Nicholas BJ, Indiana P
    • Room 11 – Keddy W, Rory W
    • Room 12 – Demi C, Asher P
    • Room 13 – Kroum L, Emmett F
    • Room 14 – Uliana D, Olivia C
    • Room 15 – Enshi L
    • Room 16 – Isabella P, Henry N
    • Room 17 – Micaela R, Harley S
    • Room 18 – Adina P, Lucy H
    • Room 19 – Tim C, Simi F
    • Room 20 – Harry E, Natasha D, Joao DWL
    • Room 21 – Isla M
    • Room 22 – Molly C
    • Room 23 – Aura H, Sienna D
    • Room 24 – Benjamin B

Walking School Bus Certificates

Lucas F, Flora SO, Austin R, Jenson P

Caught Being Good – “Greenies”

Congratulations to our fortunate winners this fortnight:
Sophia             Rm 5          for Respect        Patteson
Scarlett            Rm 10        for Respect        Atkin
Alexa               Rm 12        for Friendliness  Selwyn

Road Patrollers

Thank you for another week of keeping everyone safe on the road.  Our winners for this fortnight:
Icy and Darcy, a job well done, thank you.

Latest Sports Update

Netball, Basketball, Hockey and Flippa Ball

If coaches or managers would like the results of Netball, Basketball, Hockey or Flippaball games published in the school newsletter they should email the by Friday evening each week,  with the following information: Team name and sport, opposition name and result.

Cross Country Results

Kiri Team Year 0 Kiri Team Year 1
Girls  Boys Girls Boys
1. Chloe G 1. Nayan J 1. Lilian T 1. Willem W
1. Phoebe V 2. Andy SC 2. Sophia K 2. Savelii N
2. Anna S 3. Alex B-J 3. Olivia D 3. Ben M
Cowley Team Year 2/3
Year 2 Girls Year 2 Boys Year 3 Girls Year 3 Boys
1. Agnes C 1. Joshua O 1. Indiana P 1. Miles W
2. Felicity L 2. George C 2. Milandri K 2. Grayson G
3. Alexandra V 3. Theo R 3. Juliet Q 3. Harry H 
Hillary Team Year 4/5
Year 4 Girls Year 4 Boys Year 5 Girls Year 5 Boys
1. Bella P 1. Jenson P 1. Eden M 1. Leo P
2. Ester C 2. Alex G 2. Isabel O 2. Ben L
3. Stephanie G 3. James G 3. Liz Z 3. Conrad C
Snell Team Year 6/7/8
Year 6 Girls Year 6 Boys Year 7 Girls Year 7 Boys
1. Millie B 1. Leon L 1. Amy C 1. Noah P
2. Mischa M 2. Hunter D 2. Isabelle G 2. Philipp K
3. Isla M 3. Keitaro Y 3. Annabelle W 3. Zachary B
Year 8 Girls Year 8 Boys
1. Margo R 1. Luke T
2. Lucy H 2. Matt W
3. Sofia M-R 3. Cooper F

Cross Country Certificates will be handed out at Week 5 assembly (1st, 2nd and 3rd place)

Bay Suburbs and Eastern Zones Cross Country

Bay Suburbs & Eastern Zone Cross Country will be held at Churchill Park School on Wednesday 26th August. Approximate running times are as follows;

Y7 Girls 9.45
Y7 Boys 10.10
Y8 Girls 10.35
Y8 Boys 11.00
Y4 Girls 12.55
Y4 Boys 1:05
Y5 Girls 1:15
Y5 Boys 1:25
Y6 Girls 1:35
Y6 Boys 1:50

Sonia-Jane Drefers
Sports Co-ordinator

Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results

Year 3/4 Blue Bottles
Loss 3-7
POD: Jasmin H
Year 3/4 Kinas
Loss 0-2
POD: Claudia B
Year 5/6 Jellyfish
Win 4-2
POD: Conrad C

Netball Results

Year 6 Emeralds
Win 8-3
POD Esme

Basketball Results

Year 5 Hawkes
Win 60-2
POD: Ethan P
Year 6 Pistons
Win 25-8
POD: Andrew F
Year 6 Suns
Loss 6-16
POD: Cohen E
Year 7/8 Hornets
POD: Charlie B

Community Notices

Kia ora,

The Auckland Whanau Special Needs Group is a support group for families of children with special needs and disabilities. If you have families within your school community that might benefit from our service and all that our support our group offers, please share this information as we would love for them to join us.

Here’s what we provide our members:

  • A community of 1,450 members
  •       Facebook page (closed group)
  • Monthly brunches/dinners in different locations throughout the Auckland region
  • Annual Conference & Dinner  for parents / caregivers
  • Children’s Christmas Party
  • Discos
  • Movie events
  • Tickets to live shows (that we are given tickets to).
  • Equipment loan pool
  • An inclusive, safe, non-judgmental environment

Our support network is a place to:

  • Make new friends
  • Ask for suggestions
  • Share successes, achievements, losses, and frustrations with others that understand
  • Support one another

Marlene Green is well known and respected founder of the group and be contacted

email: I mobile: 021 120 3235 I I Facebook


Megan Walker- Timu

Committee Member

Auckland Whanau Special Needs Group Inc.