School Newsletter – 21 July 2020

Term 3, Week 1 — School news

Upcoming Events

BoT MeetingMon, 27 Jul
Family Zone/Cyber Safety Parent Information Evening - 7pmTue, 28 Jul
Eastern Zones NetballThu, 30 Jul
Yr 7/8 Camp Parent MeetingMon, 3 Aug
Cross CountryWed, 5 Aug
Art Gallery - Rms 12 & 13Thu, 6 Aug
Kiri Trip - Howick Historical VillageTue, 11 Aug
Art Gallery - Rms 14 & 17Tue, 11 Aug
EZ Basketball GirlsTue, 11 Aug
Howick Historical Village Y2Wed, 12 Aug
Howick Historical Village Y3Thu, 13 Aug
Art Gallery - Rms 15 & 16Thu, 13 Aug
EZ Basketball BoysThu, 13 Aug
School DiscoFri, 14 Aug
Cheerleading - Olympia Cheerbrandz CompetitionSun, 16 Aug
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A Message from the Principals

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Welcome back to Kohimarama School for term Three. Welcome to all our new families.

As we start this term we will need to ensure that our important learning routines and high expectations of achievement are the goals that we set for our learners. With a disrupted first half of the year it is now most important to focus on each of our students and their next steps as identified in our Student Achievement Discussions last term. We support our students by working alongside our fantastic teachers. After a well deserved break they have started with energy and enthusiasm. 

Respect is the Kohimarama Value that we are focusing on this term. Whakauti supports us in managing ourselves and is, but not limited to;

  • Appropriate tone and level of voice
  • Appropriate language
  • Take turns to speak
  • Be aware of other’s personal space
  • Look after our environment
  • Focus on the speaker

Kohimarama School continues to grow with 580 pupils on the roll by the end of this month. This upward trend continues to put pressure on the school infrastructure. Kohimarama School continues to work with the Ministry of Education to provide the much needed resources for our school. In the meantime we manage the shortfall as best as we can, but always look to the needs of the students and their learning in designing our way forward.

Family Zone meeting

As a part of our ongoing commitment to educational excellence and our legal responsibility, duty of care, to ensure our students’ safety and well-being by providing a safe physical and emotional environment for our students, Kohimarama School has partnered with Family Zone.

Family Zone continues to provide a broad suite of cyber safety services which help the school to keep students safe online. They provide tools for both the school and families to use to gain visibility and management over children’s internet access, regardless of internet connection. Their unique ecosystem allows school communities to work collaboratively so students are safe online on all devices and all networks, at all times. 

Please note the meeting time below in your diary.

Family Zone and Cyber Safety Information Evening
A Parent and School Partnership
Tuesday  28 July at 7 pm – 8 pm in Snell Team, Rm 19&20

Parents and Schools need to work together to ensure that students are educated and protected while using devices on the internet. Together we can provide a joint approach to supporting students to understand the place of this technology in their learning.

We are committed to ensuring our students get the very best education and in today’s fast moving times, technology is a tool that supports future focused learning. However, it’s abundantly clear to all, that technology can expose our children to risks. Our school is choosing to step-up to these challenges and we do so in full confidence that we’ll receive the support of our fantastic school community

School Policies and Procedures

School Docs is our portal for our schools policies and procedures.
We invite you to visit the site at
Username: kohimarama
Password: kohi
I encourage you to search for the information here and on our school website in the first instance.


Questions and Answers

Q: What is the school doing to ensure the well-being of the students and staff particularly during COVID 19?

A: This year the school planned and taught Health units centred on student wellbeing once school reopened after lockdown. These units were planned by our teachers to ensure we dealt with local concerns and anxiety. They were designed to ease students back into school and a structured environment. We noticed that students were able to reforge their relationships after being away for some time. Further they were able to acknowledge their need for support early in order to seek support. 

Staff were supported by acknowledging their individual needs and addressing their concerns promptly. Staff who needed to be away from school were supported to do so. Zoom catch up sessions for all staff was held throughout the lockdown period.  

If you have a question or need online support, please feel free to email and someone will be in touch shortly.

The Kohimarama Way – Respect

Respect is an attitude of caring about people and treating them with dignity.  Respect is valuing ourselves and others.  We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy.  When we are respectful we treat others as we want to be treated.  Respect includes honoring the rules of our family and school, which make life more orderly and peaceful.  It is knowing that every man, woman, and child deserves respect, including you.


Family Zone/Cybersafety Parent Information Meeting

Tuesday 28th July, 7pm, Snell Team Classroom
We invite you to join us for a Parent Conversation with Saunil from Family Zone around cybersafety and the use of Family Zone to keep your family safe online.
If you have general questions regarding Family Zone please contact our IT Help email

Road Patrol  –  Help needed are you able to support?

We need a parent supervisor for our Road Patrollers on Tuesday mornings this term from 8.25 – 8.55 am on Kohimarama Road and Rawhitiroa Road.  Are you able to support our Road Patrollers as they keep our students safe when crossing the road?  If so please contact me (Meegan)   Your support is much appreciated, thank you.

School Disco  –  Friday 14th August

We are having our School Disco this term, yipee!  Tickets will be on sale next week, outside the school hall at 8.30 – 8.55 am each morning and 3.00-3.15pm each afternoon.  Tickets cost $5 per student, this entitles students to a snack and a drink as well as paying for our DJ and prizes that are won on the night.
Junior Disco  Years 0-4  5.00-6.00 pm
Senior Disco Years 5-8  6.30 – 8.00

Donated library Books

A big thank you to the Sutherland family for their donation of many wonderful book to the school library. Some being children favorites like Dr Seuss.

Latest Sports Update


All netball grading games start next week:
Y7&8 Tuesday 28th July
Y3-6 Thursday 30th July
Good luck for your season


Auckland City League (St Kents Prep) – all teams registered in this league good luck for the term. Game bags went out 20/07. Team singlets will be handed out this Friday.

Cross Country

Wednesday August 5th at Madills Farm
These are approximate race times so please allow time on either side of the race if you are coming to watch your child.
Approximate times as follows:

10.00am Year 7/8 Snell Team
Year 7/8 Girls
Year 7/8 Boys

10.30am Kiri Team
Year 0 Girls
Year 0 Boys
Year 1 Girls
Year 1 Boys

11.00am Year 2 Cowley Team
Year 2 Girls
Year 2 Boys

11.30am Year 3 Cowley Team
Year 3 Girls
Year 3 Boys
(Kiri team + Year 3 depart)

12.00pm Year 4 Hillary Team
Year 4 Girls
Year 4 Boys

12.30pm Year 5 Hillary Team
Year 5 Girls
Year 5 Boys

1.00pm Year 6 Snell Team
Year 6 Girls
Year 6 Boys

If the weather is very bad the cross-country event will be run from Kohimarama School on the practice course for Years 5 to 8 starting at approximately 9.30 am. The event for Years 1-4 will be rescheduled to a later date.

Sonia-Jane Drefers
Sports Co-ordinator

Community Notices