Board of Trustees Newsletter – Term 2 2020

4 June 2020

Dear parents and caregivers,

As some of the restrictions have been eased over the last weeks it has been great to see Kohimarama School re-open and our learners coming back into the school.

We wanted to provide you a short update on what is going on at the school.

The Board of Trustees met recently, and reviewed the steps that have been put in place by the school staff to keep everyone safe as the school re-opened. We have been impressed and grateful for the care and work that has gone into the response, from the practical steps in the class room to the communications with our community. 

As well as pandemic related issues, the Board discussed several other items including student achievement, property matters related to the significant growth in the roll, and planning for the school’s 100th jubilee. While we are all dealing with the major issues to do with the pandemic we agreed that it’s also important to keep the school moving forward.

The Board also looked at the annual plan and what adjustments we will need to make to accommodate the challenges from the COVID-19. As a reminder, earlier this year the Board circulated the updated strategic plan, including a refreshed vision, purpose and strategy for the school. These are linked below. This refreshed strategic plan for the school was built based on feedback from parents and caregivers, from staff and from students, and will guide how the school prioritises its efforts and resources in each year’s strategic plan.

Lastly, the Board wanted to pass on a big thanks to the staff at Kohimarama School for their hard work and innovation in managing the last few months, to the community of parents and care givers who have stepped up and supported home learning while juggling other challenges, and to the students themselves for adapting to the change. It has been heartening to see the community pull together.

Kind regards,

The Board of Trustees


Kohimarama School – Vision, Purpose, Strategy

Kohimarama School – Annual Plan