School Newsletter – 26 May 2020

Term 2, Week 7 — School news

A Message from the Deputy Principals

Dear parents 

I would like to begin by thanking you for your support of the school and the protocols that we have implemented in order to manage the risks and keep us all safe. Together, we have accomplished a 99% return rate for our students back to school.

The Prime Minister announced yesterday some lessening of the Alert level 2 requirements. Accompanying this newsletter is our COVID 19 26th May update which will inform you of the changes that will occur at Kohimarama School next week. 

Paul Engles

Student Reflection

Several students shared their thoughts on life back at school and their time in lockdown. Here are some of the things they have to say…

  •    We are learning a new way of being
  •     I had a fun time with family in lockdown
  •     Glad to be with my friends again
  •     It feels different, a bit weird
  •     It feels relaxed and calm
  •     I found the slides clear and  easy to follow

  •     I preferred the videos with my teacher on them  
  • I like being able to meet up online because of the interaction
  •  I was nervous to come back about what it would look like but excited at the same time

  •       It was sort of like a holiday but we did work
  •       I don’t mind restrictions for now but I don’t want them for too long
  •       I like learning at school more – there are more materials
  •       I was surprised so many came back

Debbie Ellery

Kiri Team  –  Cooper, Emilia, Ben, Sasha and Jack
  • During Lockdown we built a park at home, face timed my friends, went bike riding, ate ice cream, had spas at night, roasted marshmallows and watched movies
  • It was so good coming back to school to see our friends, play on the playground and UNO
  • Best thing about not doing work on the computer and all those activities we had to do is my lovely teacher, her personality and how good Mrs Bradley is at teaching maths

Hillary Team  –  Yr 4 – Bella, Jasmine and Harley
  • Best thing about Lockdown was spending time with our families
  • It was so good coming back to school to see our friends
  • We didn’t really like working online, having a teacher is much better, when you need help you can ask and they help you straight away.  At home my little brother got more of my mum’s time and I was working long hours

Hillary Team  –  Yr 5 – Coco, Mia, Angus and Flynn
  • Best thing about Lockdown was spending time with our families.  Also George my dog, I could write so much about him.  It was great not being so busy with all the usual sport I do.  The best thing was Dad got so bored we bought a family dog!
  • It was great coming back to see our friends and having a real teacher and getting out of the house
  • It was hard being independent at home with my learning and not having the teacher there to ask for help when I needed it.  I am looking forward to doing more sport.  I learnt how to tell analogue time

Meegan Hill

Questions and Answers

Q:    How can you keep your children safe online?

A:    We as a school use Family Zone to protect your children while learning online at school. If you would like more information on what Family zone can offer you at home to protect your children online, click on Family Zone. On this page you can also access different cyber news and parenting videos.

The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

Friendliness keeps you and others from feeling lonely or left out.  It helps people feel that they belong.  When something good or bad happens, it feels good to share it with a friend.  Friendships don’t just happen – they are made by people who are willing to be themselves with each other.


Parent help needed for Road Patrol on Kohimarama Road – Thursday morning

We are looking for a parent to support our students and their families in crossing the road safely on Thursday morning.  Duty starts at 8.25 am, you meet the Road Patrollers in the sickbay and then supervise them for their duty which finishes at 8.55 am when the school bell rings.  If you are able to help weekly or fortnightly we would be very keen to hear from you, please contact Meegan Hill

If you have a child staying home for any reason please contact the school office by email or phone the absentee line 09 930 9826. Childs name, room number and reason for absence must be provided. If no reason for absence is given your child will be marked with an unjustified absence.

Teacher Only Day Cancelled
The teacher only day for Tuesday 2nd June has been cancelled.

Wednesday Sushi and Ice block/pizza Friday – on hold
With the return to school please note we initially won’t be having sushi lunch on Wednesday or Friday ice blocks/Pizza at big break. We will update you when these will recommence.

Community Notices