School Newsletter – 19 May 2020

Term 2, Week 6 — School news

A Message from the Principal

Dear Parents

It is wonderful to see the students back at school enjoying reconnecting with their teachers and friends. We have enjoyed the sound of students playing and the engaged, focused discussions and activities in classes. 

As we start the term we are mindful of the different experiences that students will have had while in lockdown. In the first two weeks our focus is not only on learning but on students as a whole including their responses to the last 7 weeks in various stages of lockdown. Teachers have been supported in this work during our preparation days and have a variety of resources available to use across different curricula. The focus is on wellbeing and to reduce any anxiety and support them back to the new normal. This will help us to identify the implications for learning. 

As a school we have been wondering and reflecting on how COVID 19 has changed learning. We are asking  What went well? (Benefits) What has been difficult (Barriers) What will we do differently to create our ‘new normal’ as we return to school? (Beyond today). 

So on reflection, our entire Learning Community have been learners during this time; teachers in developing online practice using a variety of tools, students being immersed fully in using SchoolTalk and other tools and parents in supporting the learning at home, coming to understand how programmes such as SchoolTalk are used. Of course starting on this journey did present some challenges where we needed to be agile and put fixes in place to have everyone connect. Thank you for supporting us and for being participants in your child’s learning. You did a great job. 

We are now looking to consolidate the gains made and use our school vision; We Dream, We Inspire, We Create, We Empower to lead us forward.

Again, thank you for your continued support for the school and for our staff. The Health and Safety of all in our Kohimarama School community is a high priority for us and we are doing our very best to ensure that risks are controlled.

Paul Engles

Questions and Answers

Q:    How long will the school be working to staggered entry and exit and staggered break times?

A:    While we are in Alert level 2 we will continue to do what is required of us, namely; Track all visitors to our site, provide separation across the school so as to keep groups to around 100. (based on our school Year groups e.g. Year 2, Year 4 etc)

Q:    Can my child bring hand sanitiser to school?

A:    Yes, your child is welcome to bring their own hand sanitiser to school. All classes have hand sanitiser for all students entering and exiting throughout the day. We also have pump soap in classes and wipes and spray for surfaces.

The Kohimarama Way – Friendliness

Friendliness is being a friend.  It is taking an interest in other people.  It is going out of your way to make others feel welcome or to make a stranger feel at home.  When you are friendly, you happily share your, time, ideas and feelings.  You share the good times and the bad times together.  Friendliness is the best cure for loneliness.


If you have a child staying home for any reason please contact the school office by email or phone the absentee line 09 930 9826. Childs name, room number and reason for absence must be provided. If no reason for absence is given your child will be marked with an unjustified absence.

Teacher Only Day Cancelled
The teacher only day for Tuesday 2nd June has been cancelled.

Wednesday Sushi and Ice block/pizza Friday – on hold
With the return to school please note we initially won’t be having sushi lunch on Wednesday or Friday ice blocks/Pizza at big break. We will update you when these will recommence.

House Points Update

During Lockdown the staff at Kohimarama School have been locked in a House Challenge – General Knowledge Quiz twice a week.   Correct answers scored 10 points, as well as bonus questions that if answered correctly, scored 100 points.  After a ferocious competition here are the final totals:
1st = Patteson    2nd = Selwyn  3rd = Colenso  4th = Atkin
Congratulations Patteson!

School Sports Latest information

For the remainder of 2020 Sonia-Jane will be our School Sports Co-ordinator so please contact her directly at; if you have any queries.

School Sports Equipment

During level two school sports equipment is unable to be used.

Hillary Team Swimming Lessons

Hillary Team swimming lessons were due to happen at the beginning term 2. These will be rescheduled for later in the year. We will update you once a date is confirmed.

Aims Games

Definitive decision will be made by the end of May 2020 as to whether the September Aims Games will go ahead.

Zone and Interzone School Events – AAIMS

(Which oversees all year 7 & 8 sports)
Has advised all Term 2 zone and interzone events have been cancelled.

Bay Suburbs 

(Which oversees all year 5 & 6 sports)
Is likely to follow the advice of AAIMS

Netball New Zealand

Will implement a three phased approach.
Phase 1 – No netball activity (currently in)
Phase 2 – Training’s permitted
Phase 3 – Return to play
At this stage there are no timings in regards to when we will move to phase 2 or 3.

Basketball New Zealand

Has yet to advise.

Sonia-Jane Drefers