COVID19 – 1 May 2020

1 May 2020

Dear Parents

As we approach the end of our first week in Alert Level Three I want to acknowledge the learning at home. Thank you parents for the enormous efforts that you are putting into this.

Our observations and monitoring of students shows us that there is a great deal of enthusiasm, opportunities for students to lead their learning, working collaboratively and managing their time. They have been supporting each other by answering each other’s questions, sharing and exploring new ideas. All of this is possible with staff, students and parents working together.

New Zealand is still at Alert Level 3, and the Cabinet will review this alert level on 11 May. Please note that this a review of the current alert level. Announcements will be made when schools move from this alert level and there will likely be a lead in time for this to happen. I will inform you of these dates as and when they become available.

Partial Opening of Kohimarama School
Our school partially opened on Wednesday 29 April for a very small number of students, (1.4%). The vast majority of our students are learning from home (98.6%). Before we could open, a plan was drawn up in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health guidelines. Alongside this a COVID 19 Safety Plan was drawn up in line with Worksafe New Zealand. We are working to strict protocols which have been shared with those families returning to school. Our site has restricted access, distance keeping, and bubble supervision measures in place. Thank you to staff who are onsite to support each other and our students.

Stay home, stay learning
Reminder; Physical distancing and limiting contact to people within your extended bubble are still needed as part of our public health response to Covid-19. Under Alert Level 3 children and their parents are expected to work and learn from home.

Our teachers will continue to lead learning, and you are your child’s partner in learning from home. Your children will continue to get the support they need if teachers find gaps in their learning. Stay connected with your teachers and let them know if you have concerns.

Check the Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV schedules. Note the times of segments that may interest your child. The channel is free to air, on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502. The Ministry of Education website is Information on distance learning.

Where possible, plan your day or week with your child and whānau. Consider:
● Your family routine
● what everyone will do together, or do on their own.

If your circumstances change
As I stated ahead of our partial re-opening, your circumstances may change and your child(ren) may now need to return to school. This occurs where all adults in the household are required to return to work and or you are both essential workers. The government has continued its support of essential workers in the interim, however this could change.

Please contact us a few days ahead to allow us to plan for and implement the changes required to add additional students to the school bubbles. Please email either or to inform us of your change in circumstance. Thank you in advance.

We acknowledge that this has been challenging for all of us. We will get through this together. Stay connected, and be kind to yourself and others.

Kind regards

Paul Engles