School Newsletter – 3 March 2020

Term 1, Week 5 — School news, upcoming dates and notices

Upcoming Events

Kapa Haka 7.50-8.40Wed, 4 Mar
Swimming SportsThu, 5 Mar
Snell Year 6 - Auckland MuseumTue, 10 Mar
Hillary Year 4 - Auckland MuseumTue, 10 Mar
Kapa Haka 7.50-8.40Wed, 11 Mar
Kapa HakaWed, 18 Mar
Cowley Exploration DayWed, 25 Mar
Kapa HakaWed, 25 Mar
Student FundraiserFri, 27 Mar
SCHOOL HOLIDAYSMon, 30 MarTue, 14 Apr
Admin mtgFri, 10 Apr, 8:00am
START TERM 2Wed, 15 Apr
ANZAC DAYMon, 27 Apr
Y7/8 Immunisation Consent TalksMon, 25 May
If you have a Google calendar you can add events directly to it via the Calendar page. For more events go to the Full Calendar List.

A Message from the Deputy Principals

“The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.”  John Wooden
Congratulations to the students in Snell Team who backed themselves and showed courage applying for the leadership roles available at Kohimarama school for 2020.
Student Leaders L-R (back row) – Saheshin, Carlos, Luke, Neve, Sofia, Quynn L-R (front row) – Elden, Reuben,Emma, Trixie, Ishani, Margo
House Captains L-R (back row) – Harry, Sebastian, Icey, Asher L-R (middle row) –  Jacob, Cooper, Thomas, Charlie, Tilly, Georgia, Luke L-R (front row) – Tim, Matt, Jezzabella, George, Lucy
Ambassadors L-R (back row) – Daini,Enya, Delilah, Mischa,Ella, Beatrix, Matthew L-R (front row) -Scarlett,Lucas,Freya,Nina,Frida
Peer Mediators Year 8 – Madison P, Connor, Madison T, Barney Year 7 – Theo, Zoe, Philipp, Beau, Henry, Dheer Year 6 – Millie, Oliva, Isla, Zach, Mya, Summer, Alexander, Emma, Zephyr, Cohen, Hunter, Phoebe, Luke, Molly, Siena, Imogen, Kaylah, Alyssa, Blake, Farrah, Maddie, Darcy In Training – Beau, Adina, Lilou
Road Patrollers Year 6 – Kaylah, Cohen, Isla, Max, Phoebe, Maya, Cooper, Darcy, Maddy, Melanie, Luke, Samantha, Summer, Lola, Andrew, Scarlett, Max, Imogen, Mya, Mischa, Farrah, Molly, Gemma, Nina, Hunter, Frida, Ella, Camryn, Alyssa, Catelin, Sam, Madeleine, Zephyr, Daini, Matthew, Blake, Lucas Year 7 Johnathin, Icey, Alessa, Georgia
Librarians L-R (back row) – Zoe, Sebastian, Lachie, Theo L-R (middle row) -Emma, Maya, Daniil, Daniel, Esme L-R (front row) – Gemma, Isla, Beau, Andrew, Sienna, Molly

Questions and Answers


How can I find out more about what my child is learning about?


You will have seen that each of the teams have distributed a newsletter that describes the learning coming up over the next 5 weeks. It gives an overview of the learning to take place in Maths and Literacy and the other subject, important dates and the Kohimarama Way in focus. It includes the names of the Learning Assistants working in the team.


Along with regular communications sent by your child’s teacher, another great way to see what’s happening is to look at the calendar in SchoolTalk. Here you’ll be able to see what activities are scheduled for the class each day. Often when you drill down into an activity you can see presentations and other resources being used with the class, which is a great way to inform conversations you are having with your child about their learning. Find out more about using School Talk by clicking here




The Kohimarama Way – Commitment

“Commitment is not something that just happens by chance.  Commitment is a capacity, and it grows as a muscle grows, by being exercised.” Charlotte Jollo Beck


Student Achievement Discussions – Wednesday 1st April and Thursday 2nd April

Put these important dates in your diary.  Interview times will be 1.30pm-6pm on Wednesday 1st April and. 3.30pm-8pm Thursday 2nd April.

Note that the regular school programme finishes at 1pm on Wednesday 1st April.  Children are to be collected from school at that time.

Interview bookings will be available next week.  Details in the next newsletter.

Why the change to the blocks of time scheduled for Student Achievement Discussions? We have made a change to the blocks of time on Wednesday and Thursday to even out the numbers of slots in each session. Previously Thursday operated from 1-.30pm until 8.00pm which placed huge stress on all teaching staff. The new times allow for blocks of 2 hours before a break with even distribution across both days. We believe that this will support our teacher wellbeing.

Phone Permission

We do not recommend that students bring cellphones to school. Cellphones are not necessary to have during the day. However, we understand that some parents like their children to have a phone to communicate with them after school. Cell phones may be confiscated if a child does not have permission to have the device at school or if they are not following the school guidelines. To complete the phone permission form, please click here.

Senior School Swimming Sport (Years 5-8) Thursday 5th March

We warmly welcome you to come and support our first sporting event for 2020. Our swimming sports will be held at Sacred Heart indoor pool (244 West Tāmaki Rd, Glen Innes).

Students will need to be at school no later than 8.20am on Thursday 5 March. We will then depart Kohimarama School at 8.30am via buses. Students are expected to travel to and from our swimming sports by bus and remain at school till 3pm as usual. Cones will be placed along Rāwhitiroa Road so the buses are able to park.

Swim Races 9.00am—1.30pm-ish. Please find the order of events listed below. We are unable to give you accurate times for each event.

    • Medley – Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, Freestyle
    • Open Year 5/6 Girls
    • Open Year 5/6 Boys
    • Year 7/8 Boys
    • Freestyle
    • Year 5 Girls/Boys 25m
    • Year 6 Girls/Boys 25m
    • Year 7/8 Girls/Boys 50m
    • Year 7 Girls/Boys 100m
    • Year 8 Boys 100m
    • Backstroke
    • Year 5/6 Girls/Boys 25m
    • Year 7 Girls/Boys 50m
    • Year 8 Boys 50m
    • Breaststroke
    • Year 5/6 Girls/Boys 25m
    • Year 7 Girls/Boys 50m
    • Year 8 Boys 50m
    • Butterfly
    • Open Year 5/6 Girls/Boys 25m
    • Open Year 7 & 8 Boys 50m
    • Teachers vs Students
    • Freestyle Dress-up Relay 4 x 25m



Kohimarama School – Sports Co-Ordinator – Opportunity

After many years at Kohimarama School and most recently in the role of Sports Coordinator, Anna-Lena Lockie is leaving to take up a position at Ellerslie School.  We wish her well with her new challenges and thank her for her time at Kohimarama School.

This creates a vacancy for a Sports Coordinator.

This role is 12.5 hours per week worked Tuesday-Thursday term time only.  We do require some flexibility in hours.

You will be responsible for providing support for school sport including:

To assist in leading, managing and enhancing the school’s sport so that; 

  • the school’s sport is well managed and meets the needs of our students 
  • student participation is maintained or increased.

A job description is available from for this role.

Our ideal candidate will have a keen interest in sport, strong administration and communication skills and having a teaching background would be an advantage.

Please send your current CV and details of 2 verbal referees to  :

Year 3-5 Basketball Trials – with Coach Stu

The Year 3-5 Basketball Trials will be happening on Wednesday 11th March 9-10.30am.  Coach Stu will start with the Year 5’s at 9am and then call for the rest via the intercom.



Sports Results

Flippa Ball Results

Year 3/4 Kinas
Draw 1-1
POD: Katelyn K
Year 5/6 Jellyfish
Win 7-0
POD: Jacob R

Community Notices