School Newsletter – 24 March 2020

Term 1, Week 8 — School news

A Message from Cowley Team

Cowley Team has been Exploring!

Each Term Cowley Team has an Exploration Day where we explore our interests and passions, different activities, and different curriculum areas.

This year we have added to our Exploration Days by having Exploration Time! Exploration Time happens in both Year 2 and Year 3, in our classes. The children get to explore things that are of interest to them and  be involved in different experiences that the teachers have prepared to extend their learning. 

So far we have explored Space, Animals, Sea Week, and Plants. We have also been super creative and constructed all types of things with lego, playdough, cardboard and blocks  – just to name a few. Some parents have helped us immensely by supporting our topics with interesting objects from home. Thank you!

Check out the photos to see what we’ve been up to…

Questions and Answers

Q: How will I know when school reopens?

A: The best way to keep informed is to listen to the Ministry of Health updates regarding the Alert Levels. The school will continue to keep you informed via Etap notices (emails).

Q: Have the School Holidays changed?

A: The Ministry has moved the school holidays forward. The school holidays are now dated from Monday 30th March – Tuesday 14th April inclusive (a reminder that the Tuesday after Easter Monday is always a closed day for schools).

Q: When can we expect to receive work to support our children?

A: From Wednesday 15th April Kohimarama School will have work available for students. Teachers/Team leaders will email you information on what learning will be available closer to the time.

Stay calm, stay safe and unite against Covid 19


Student Achievement Discussions – Cancelled

Student Achievement Discussions have been cancelled.

Sports Cancelled till further Notice

All sports including Basketball and Netball are suspended/cancelled until further notice. We will no longer take payments for either.  Refunds will not be issued until it is confirmed that it is cancelled for 2020.

Class Certificates

Congratulations to these outstanding students:

    • Room 1 – Estelle L, Sasha M
    • Room 2 – Lillian T
    • Room 4 – Ambra K
    • Room 5 – Emma S
    • Room 6 – Harriet W, Franklin O
    • Room 7 – Billy L
    • Room 8 – Victoria E
    • Room 9 – Oscar H
    • Room 10 – Caitlin M
    • Room 11 – Abigail J, Leo M
    • Room 12 – Lily R
    • Room 13 – Angus B
    • Room 14 – Lalita Z
    • Room 15 – Xavier Hen
    • Room 16 – Lucia M
    • Room 17 – Emma K
    • Room 18 – Jerry C, Noah P
    • Room 19 – Rory T, Quynn T
    • Room 20 – Zak Z, Margo R
    • Room 21 – Keitaro Y
    • Room 22 – Gemma M
    • Room 23 – Mathew G

Walking School Bus

Harry B, Tiffany Q, Olivia R, Lochie S

Road Patrollers of the Fortnight

Thank you to our Road Patrollers and supervising adults for keeping our community safe when crossing Rawhitiroa Road and Kohimarama Road.  If you use the designated crossings you know you and your child/ren will be safe.
Congratulations to our fabulous Road Patrollers:
Maddie H        Rm 23
Darcy A   Rm 21

Caught being Good – Greenies

Congratulations to our winners:
Enrico           Rm 10          for friendliness            Selwyn
Ollie           Rm 10        for respect            Selwyn
Cleveland               Rm 10        for friendliness          Selwyn