Online Learning – Snell Team

Snell Homebased learning plan

In Snell our intention is to support your child to maintain some sense of normality and connection to school life. We will do this via a range of activities as set out in SchoolTalk. Students will be able to contact teachers via email between 9-12 daily if they require extra support, feedback or clarification. As a part of maintaining normality we intend to share a set of slides to support our usual Thursday structure. We are calling this Thursday’s Homeplugged and you will see the slides appear in SchoolTalk for this Thursday – this will be an evolving document and we encourage students not to make their own copy but to check in each week and see new activities and challenges. In addition to this within students daily fitness event there will be links to fun, at home physical activities.

Year 6
Maths – Students will continue the use of Math-Whizz, focusing both on the weekly 90 minutes of tutor time and the topic challenges for maintaining learnt skills. If your child does not have their login please email their homeroom teacher. There will also be targeted work set by the students current maths teacher. This will be a variety of video links, digital learning, and tasks to be completed with pencil and paper.
Reading – Targeted stories will be set by students current reading teacher. These tasks are aimed at maintaining current reading comprehension levels and goals. These tasks will continue our focus on Myths and Legends.
Writing – The Hero’s Journey writing booklet. Students have access to a booklet that supports them through the creation of their own Hero’s Journey Story. This resource is on Schooltalk and includes links to supporting material. This task is expected to take most ofthe rest of the term to complete once learners have worked through the full writing process. Ways to publish this story will be put on Schooltalk next week.
Inquiry – Moana film study. In Schooltalk students have access to a set of slides that have a multitude of Inquiry based activities about the Moana Movie. These tasks are research based and require students to use a variety of media, presentation tools and creativity.

Year 7 and 8
Maths – targeted work will be set via Maths Buddy. This resource has video lessons as well as follow up tasks to practice skills taught. If your child does not have their login please email their homeroom teacher.
Reading – Targeted reading activities will be assigned via SchoolTalk. These tasks will be aimed at maintaining current reading and comprehension levels and goals.
Writing – Students were introduced on Monday to a preplanned writing task that brings together much of our learning from this term. This task is expected to take most of the rest of the term to complete once learners have worked through the full writing process. Teachers will create a series of video tutorials to support this writing over the next few weeks and these will be loaded to SchoolTalk in due course.
Inquiry – Students are currently working on an independent inquiry on an aspect of Early New Zealand history. They will have completed some or all of their research and be beginning to work on creating an artifact to share their learning. More information will be added to these slides in SchoolTalk to support learners working on this independently. This additional detail will be added to the slides by Wednesday afternoon.