Online Learning – Kiri Team

Hi Everyone,
We are sending this email to you to inform you how learning will be taking place during this time. Logging on to SchoolTalk is how you can access your child’s learning. When you log on to SchoolTalk you will see your child’s
schedule for each day. This can be as flexible as your family needs it to be.

An email will be sent home today that will explain how to log into SchoolTalk.

If you have any difficulties please email your classroom teacher.

Reading: We are using Epic to access readers. Your child’s teacher will have sent you an invite to access their books. Storyline Online is another website to support reading ( ) .

Phonics: On SchoolTalk you will find a modelling book under Phonics. Click and follow the letter of the day.

Writing: We have been working with the class on their picture plans. Getting them to talk about what they want to write and then draw a picture. Students can continue to do this and write a story, sounding out letters they hear and using the alphabet word cards. Another alternative is using sentence starters. These you can find on SchoolTalk under Writing.

Handwriting: Please use your handwriting books as a model for what is on SchoolTalk.

Maths: We will be focusing on number knowledge. Log on to SchoolTalk and find the daily activity.

Please check your emails as your classroom teacher will be keeping in touch over this time.
Thank you for your understanding.

Kiri Team